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  1. Mark you center hole for say the belly hook or a chin weight. Take a piece of painter tape and wrap around plug body covering most of the center mark you just made leave a touch of the pencil mark visible. Now turn plug 90 degrees to where you want your eyes and make another mark, remove tape, measure from first center Mark to new eye mark, transfer same measurement to opposite eye. mark center on next plug , stick tape on lining up center marks, Mark spots with an awl or finish nail.
  2. New , empty paint can from home creepot. Don’t forget to get lid with it.
  3. GILZ masks lookem up very good
  4. I have a used two pc mojo surfrod MSC106MHMF2 Rated 2-6oz Line rated 12-25 26” from butt to middle of reel seat. $140.00 cash, money order or a check. I can meet on cape cod or at RISSA show on Saturday morning. Don’t want to ship. No trades please. Thanks. scott
  5. Bring the rod to your local B&T and test it out.
  6. Negative. Pulled the hook. We did get to see it during the first 20 minutes of so not a total loss. She was just out of harpoon range. It hit a sebile stick shad. I have a whole new respect for those plugs now too.
  7. Big fan of the Gosa. I have one that pulls double duty between boat and beach. Took a tuna charter 2 yrs ago and fought a huge fish for 3.5 hours on a 20000 Gosa. The Gosa line up is tough to beat.
  8. Only thing that would change is keeping a bass for dinner. Wouldn’t bother me at all if they shut it down. As a matter of fact, I encourage it.
  9. Awesome job!
  10. you bring it back here I’d take it for $140.
  11. I’ve used shimano several times for service and for repairs (my fault). Nothing but excellent service from shimano.
  12. BAll rasp is the way to go. Just get a rasp that’s similar to the diameter of the popper face your making.
  13. I’ve had both. SOld the VS200 to get the ZB25and haven’t regretted it. I didn’t sell the VS because I was unhappy with it but because a good friend of mine wanted a VS real bad. So I sold it to him and got the ZB. very happy with performance and service from ZB.
  14. Wonder if they geared towards big game topwater. GT’s and tuners