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  1. Memorial Day weekend
  2. Make a spinner box and install a light bulb in it will keep them nice and cozy til dry.
  3. Wow that’s a lot to chew on. Thanks for the info. The shine on that boat looks amazing! The oxidation on my boat is nothing like that.
  4. Sonny the small disposable extinguishers do meet the requirements. Just double check the label and verify that it says USCG approved. You’ll be good.
  5. Thanks guys. I don’t have anything heavy enough to require wet sanding. Love the idea of an all in one product. just thought to do it right I needed the go through the steps and feel the burn. have gift card for harbor freight so I’ll pick up a DA polisher and pads.
  6. Thanks jeff
  7. Wow awesome info. Love hearing info from people who have done it for a living . thank you! So the Rejex stuff is just a wax? Hopefully it has some UV protection to it ? Or is that just marketing?
  8. Thanks BBG, was in harbor frieght this morning looking at the polishers, pads etc. was surprised they actually had decent selection of meguiars polish, wax etc
  9. Bought a boat over the winter With a light blue hull. Very clean boat but has light oxidation and fender rash on the hull. Has any else gone down the rabbit hole from hell that is marine products for polishing and waxing the hull of a boat? I bet I get a huge yes. I live when someone recommends a product like 3M but won’t give specifics since there is appprox 100 different 3M “marine” products. anyone recommend a decent but common product to polish and wax this hull?
  10. This started out at 8” in length and about 4 oz. Swam like a turd. Trimmed down the tail section to 6” and repositioned the belly weight to 3.5-3.75 oz. Got it to swim well. Floats, but digs in quickly down to 3-5’. No lathe work on these
  11. Been I while since I stopped in figured I’d share some new stuff.
  12. Totally agree. Regs are not perfect by any stretch; more a of minimum Standard.
  13. The checklist generator is very accurate but like anything else, if you put crap in, your going to get crap out. Be realistic with where you’ll be commercially fishing. Answer to raft/ PFD question is yes. Those are “warm water months”. But does change when you have 3 or more POB in regards to type of raft. Also, the size of vessel comes into play with what type PFD is required. FLARES: <3nm you only need three flares. Either 3 handheld, 3 smoke, or 3 parachutes or signal flag(obviously not a good idea in low vis situations) Comm fishing >3nm- <50nm you need the “inside 50nm” flare kit. Greater than 50nm you need the >50nm flare kit. The offshore flare kit has the same quantity of flares but the hand held and smoke flares are more heavy duty. The Comm Fishing Vessel safety exam is now mandatory if you commercially fish outside 3nm from land. <3nm from land the safety program is voluntary.
  14. This is a black hole of rabbit holes.
  15. Pre made open pour molds by anglingAi. No injector needed. They have 4,5,6” molds along with many freshwater soft plastic lure molds.