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  1. Fantastic travel rods are the Japanese firm Majorcraft range of Crostage 4 piece rods
  2. Never liked BassPro. They have huge buying power but pass nothing in value onto the buyer. I go when I am in Florida to look around but prefer buying in Walmart's and local tackle dealers. Now they have Cabelas they will ruin it into their likeness. Even the emails they send out ( I receive both) are advertising identical gear at identical prices. I hope the acquisition blows up into the BPS executives faces. Johnny Morris. Bah
  3. Thank you that's very kind. I've just returned from Holland so will post back a little more info in the next few days.
  4. Thanks for your detailed reply FishMortician. I fish in Florida when I come over from my home in the U.K. and keep a selection of tackle at my house in Davenport. I was thinking of bringing a long distance rod from here. However the conditions here are not as kind as in Florida, we have to deal with rough ground and 40 foot spring tides. I have brought a couple of rods from the U.K. but they proved over powerful in the sense that they are much stiffer than the conditions require. I have been considering purchasing a Carolina cast pro 13’ 3-6 when I am over there but it to have been around for a while and built from Im6 carbon whilst our latest rods are built using more advanced materials. 200yards with baited hooks is very long way to cast so at least I know that we are looking at cutting edge tackle. Maybe I should be looking at 14/15’ 3 piece EUROPEAN surf rods.
  5. Two really, on the east Coast the area from Daytona to New Smyrna\Apollo Beach and on the West Coast at St. Pete's.
  6. In a recent article I read a Florida pompano expert stated that at ntimes one need to make long casts to beyond the 3rd sandbar. Can anyone elucidate the average length of cast that is required to achieve this. Question is based on deciding the type of rod/reel/line combo needed.
  7. I agree with the Redbone recommendation but Hurricane have discontinued the series.
  8. Have a look at the TFO Professional Series (same blank as the former Signature series) for a 100 bucks and the Hurricane Calico Jack series for about 70/80 bucks.
  9. The Japanese make a whole series of very long casting plugs that swim shallow. Look at the offerings from Tackle House, Duo, Ima etc. Also consider weighted torpedo bubble floats, sbirolino's etc. as much cheaper than the specialist Jap lures. They will also need the hardware upgraded.
  10. It's a blank made for spinning reel but soft enough to use with a multiplier
  11. Hi. These are built on European carp fishing blanks, The optimum casting weight is normally 1/16 of the test curve. So the 1 3/4 lb tc rod will function best with a 1.75oz lead (or say 1.5 to 2oz approx.)
  12. No not on this site but one no longer operational. I thought that someone might have read it and could tell me what changes they made to an ugly stik rod to make it more suitable for sheepshead bashing. Thanks Belmo, agree with you but still need to know whar characteristics need to be built into the rod.
  13. Apparently a forum had a thread detailing how an ugly stik rod could be converted into a custom sheepshead fishing rod. Never found the thread and I think the forum on which it occurred is no longer online. Does anyone have any details on what the "customization" entailed. Thanks
  14. Hi. I am looking for some insight into pompano jigs and how they are most effectively fished from shore and piers. The jigs marketed as being for pompano are mostly "blocky" is shape so should they be fished by slowly dragging them along the bottom, What are effective colors and is it best to add some bait for extra attraction. Thanks for any information provided.
  15. Hi Can anyone help with a copy of the e-book "A Fishermans' Secrets To Successfully Catching Snook On Florida Fishing Piers" by John Montagnino Amazon lists it but states it is no longer available. Thanks for any help in locating a copy.