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  1. Yeah - it's spelt with a capital T
  2. I don't do a lot of slippery seaweed covered rock fishing... but do sometimes go on the end of slippery jetties; A few 1/4 inch hex screws in an old pair of any boot with a thick sole works well. Saw it in an Aussie article a few years back.. I decide before I go on the beach if it's a wader day (usually lower tide) or a shore and rocks day (high tide)
  3. Caravans of people stampeding on NJ beaches?...and lotsa boat people too?... and ICE on its way...!!!
  4. Thanks guys - lots of good info - will check those other threads. Will try to check out those backbay land spots - boat fell through for now - may be back late spring when fishing supposedly better out front and snook not far upriver. Been golfing our asses off - i know - what a waste . Did try wiggins park inlet but nobody getting much there. Did hook sumtin in venetian village after a meal where we shouldn’t have even been fishing & it broke the line on buddy’s rod We are in Naples Park - thanks again - will use this now and next time.
  5. Going to Naples FLA for a week - have never fished down there. Any info or tips appreciated - considering anything from early dawn beach fishing to back bays and even up river. Have access to a small boat. Thx
  6. He's probably one of those job creators who'll be getting a nice big tax cut....expect to see a few more Iguanas on the beach next year.
  7. First trip this Fall; got the gear out - 3 shorts - MoCo - all on home made teaser fished in front of a bucktail.
  8. Catholics... However, Vincible Ignorance is a much more interesting term, and one that could get a lot of use...
  9. MoCo - 12 yesterday afternoon - most small, two were close to slots and fat, biggest was 29in. mix of small shad and teaser, one on a chartreuse bucktail. lots were in very close; missed a few at edge on teaser. Water was flat but dirty.
  10. wind forecast for next 10 days looks to be W or NW; so looking like flat water and colder temps... and if DaveS has to go all the way back to 1992 for inspiration, I think I'm probably done...
  11. In NJ, Catering to hookers doesn't mean fishermen... Just so ya know...
  12. 4 dinks and 2 slots today, MoCo 2:30 - 6pm. Light rod - dinks took teaser, slots took bucktail. Most in close. Way more fun than 65F chasing peanuts with the jeans brigade
  13. Looks like they got him in that pizzeria place....
  14. I live too far away to just pop out for a few cams show flat ocean, and wind looks to be turning to NW for Sat, without the peanut infestation guessing today would usually suck...will prob have sporadic blitzes here and there, and will hear about it cause sooo many fishing....but guessing weekend better, and if enough chop can find less crowded spots...Reports help right now to know where to consider avoiding...where the deplorables are invading beaches in force! If you are ever lonely in November, IBSP is a good place to hang out!
  15. 4 today, was there before the madnes started. Some on shads, one on popper.