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  1. and anyone who can prove they are not crazy can ignore all the restrictions... you can apply for a 'I'm not crazy' certificate at your local post office (if it's open)... note that applying means you're crazy and you will be denied a certificate.... Regulation Catch-19, NJ
  2. Very basic math points to about 1 million to 2 million deaths if we DON'T isolate; and Flu like deaths - 100,000 or less - if we DO isolate....
  3. OK Boomer (LOL)... which is the 'me' generation? We continue to pollute the air and the oceans that will be handed down to them... and rack up enormous national debt... It's kind of ironic that now some of them are giving the older generation the bird when we ask them to stop doing things that hurt the older generation...
  4. I’m 1 hr and 20 min from surf. Always check a cam - belmar on surfline app - before i go.. years ago would arrive to a flat ocean or conditions I hadn’t planned for; rarely ever now. Also use windfinder app and tidesnearme. What you learn by accident is they still bite in conditions you’d never have believed. One time the only thing i could fling out into what felt like a nor’easter was a diamond jig - and a bass took the small white teaser... how the hell it saw it in those conditions is beyond me - maybe their stripes can sense tiny movement
  5. MOCO 11-1pm & 3-6pm.. got two in first hour then nothing; back after lunch and another 8. Most on teaser and vision eel; one on a shad rap after dark.. was using it more to control the teaser, but fish took it. Saw very few people out.. nice conditions
  6. MoCO - fished mid morning for about 90 min - not a tap...
  7. MoCo mid morning to lunchtime yesterday - about 20 shorts and missed another 20... most took small shad, maybe 4 on sandeel teaser... one double header. more at end of cast this side of outer bar than in close
  8. MOCO - slow going initially - 2 shorts from about 1 to 3pm - then about 12 between 3pm and dusk. Most in close on sandeel teaser; none surprisingly on vision eel used most of day, but a few on small shad at dusk.
  9. Sciencedaily article on marine species in general - "Contrary to prevailing dogma, plus-sized female fish invest disproportionately more in making eggs than smaller females. Therefore, taking a single big fish has a bigger impact on the fish population than taking multiple small ones".... So if allowed to take fish, the slot makes a lot of sense and limit it to one.... and also screw the bonus fish BS... that's looking like a loophole for the party boats... The last thing we should be taking are the larger fish... (and the smaller ones taste better anyway... and less toxins...) for the nerds... "An estimate of mass scaling of fecundity in the commercially important Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) illustrates these scaling effects. If fecundity scaled isometrically with mass, then 15 2-kg female cod would produce the same number of eggs as 1 30-kg female. Instead, we find that a single 30-kg female produces more eggs than ~28 2-kg females (weighing a total of 56 kg). Further, because egg volume and egg energy content also increase with female size, a 30-kg female actually spawns a batch of eggs with a total energy content ~37 times as high as that of a batch of eggs from a single 2-kg female.." so... ironically maybe... but a googan taking a few dinks every time he fishes may be doing a lot less damage than the sharpie that takes a 43" fish.
  10. Yeah - it's spelt with a capital T
  11. I don't do a lot of slippery seaweed covered rock fishing... but do sometimes go on the end of slippery jetties; A few 1/4 inch hex screws in an old pair of any boot with a thick sole works well. Saw it in an Aussie article a few years back.. I decide before I go on the beach if it's a wader day (usually lower tide) or a shore and rocks day (high tide)
  12. Caravans of people stampeding on NJ beaches?...and lotsa boat people too?... and ICE on its way...!!!
  13. Thanks guys - lots of good info - will check those other threads. Will try to check out those backbay land spots - boat fell through for now - may be back late spring when fishing supposedly better out front and snook not far upriver. Been golfing our asses off - i know - what a waste . Did try wiggins park inlet but nobody getting much there. Did hook sumtin in venetian village after a meal where we shouldn’t have even been fishing & it broke the line on buddy’s rod We are in Naples Park - thanks again - will use this now and next time.
  14. Going to Naples FLA for a week - have never fished down there. Any info or tips appreciated - considering anything from early dawn beach fishing to back bays and even up river. Have access to a small boat. Thx