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  1. Late june
  2. Left row all hawg hunters used and repaints 16 each for pencils 12 for Polaris Right row Gibbs 11 Guppy 15 Gags 12 Big ed 21 All prices include shipping. Thanks
  3. I'll take the pencil
  4. Tom, if you wanna split I'll take that bottledarter
  5. Beautiful dog. Steal at that price too. I wish I had the time for it
  6. I will take the darters. Thank you
  7. Sorry I must of got rid of it. I have an o.t.i rod if your interested.
  8. Yes loaded with mercury
  9. Yup the old ones are way better. Good luck in.your search
  10. He used colors to identify the loads
  11. Used. This reel needs no introduction. The best canal reel ever made. 650 shipped
  12. Van staal 275. Used for one season. Just got back from service at rivers end has 50 pound suffix 832 on it. 585 shipped.
  13. Darter new 21 shipped Needle used once 18 shipped
  14. BMs

    Cowboys used 25 each shipped Big Danny's new 35 each shipped Small danny new 29 shipped