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  1. Thanks George thanks exactly what I want. Your the man. Let me know how much and ill send PayPal right over
  2. Hey thanks man. Good to hear from you. All good here.
  3. Wtb bm blind cowboy sr in yellow. Also looking for non slopehead cowboys. Thanks
  4. White donny sr is maple. Black and silver i had in my jeep rolling around. Catching schoolies in December saw bigger splashes threw it out on a 7 foot rod. Got a 44 pounder next cast hooked and fought a fish came undone around the pilings. Never saw it
  5. Yes thats a round head do do brown
  6. Bottoms are a schoolie and his new "swimmer"
  7. Something like that. Smaller than "giant" though.
  9. Used saltiga 8000 dogfight. Never serviced no box or papers. Has 300 yards of 50 832 on it. Has not been used in 2 years. Has just been sitting in a box. Looking for a saltiga 4000 or 5000 any condition for a trade plus cash or will sell for 775 shipped. Thanks
  10. Nice plugs Paul. Hope all is well.
  11. I have a few I can get rid of. I sent you a pm