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  1. If it's worth a million dollars I want a cut hahaha
  2. I'll take them if audatkins doesnt want them
  3. I have one. Will post pics for you 550 shipped
  4. If you need up splitting I would like the brown over white. Thanks
  5. I used to have this plug long time ago. I gave it to rob koch about 8 years ago maybe longer
  6. Interested in the giant if you split
  7. That's a really nice sink. I'm a plumber. We install a lot of these. I have one outside on the side of my shed. Youd be surprised how much use you can have for these
  8. Is this still available
  9. Long gone sorry guys
  10. Slimmer cowboy single belly hook. Swam one the other day. Great action
  11. No biggie good luck and tight lines
  12. I have a used 275. Just serviced in the fall of 2019. Have the box and papers can post more pics if you want. 565 shipped