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  1. No I was hoping it was a sr. Have a few jrs already. Good look with the sale those are great plugs
  2. How long is it?
  3. Jr ot sr?
  4. Hawg hunters 18 each Pro staff 20 Northbar 16 Gags 12 Prices include shipping
  5. Slope head
  6. They're out there
  7. Not much bass left to catch on the cape in general especially inside the 3 mile line. I wish I could buy back everyone I sold when I did it. Sad state of affairs we are in now especially out there. Seals don't help either.
  8. White or solid black
  9. Looking for 3 ounce bm darters in ice or gasoline. Any condition. Thanks
  10. gotta have clearance from the man himself. took me 16 years to get it
  11. Grundens sund 763 coat. And in the late fall a dricore
  12. Went to the lab today. Got mine heres.some of them. Cant wait to get em wet
  13. I'll take the guppies
  14. I'll take them. Message me whenever