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  1. Sick real. Glws love mine
  2. Sounds good thanks
  3. Southern ct near new haven
  4. Bump 560 shipped
  5. It's still happens. But I've found its either extremely hit or miss. I grew up in holyoke. Live in southern ct now though. Lots of access to the river in the hartford area. Try pencils or metal lip swimmers. Large April it may not be going on though depending on the weather
  6. Hey Bruce. Hope all is well. Nice plugs. Lots of history there
  7. I'll take these for asking if there available
  8. Used daiwa saltiga dogfight 6500h. Just came back from service at daiwa. No box or papers. 575 takes it. Perfect reel for the canal and chasing tuna
  9. Lots of heads are gonna spin soon
  10. Yes one patina
  11. You got it
  12. I have a dogfight 6500h just got back from service. If your chasing tuna that's the reel you want
  13. Sure why not
  14. You got it. PM coming
  15. You got it. PM coming