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  1. Not sure if your interested but I have a dogfight 6500h. Just got back from service
  2. Looking for a triple jointed giant beachmaster pikie. I know it's a long shot but ya never know. Thanks
  3. That works. Sending pm
  4. Mike's jointed big Ben's all new never used. Custom color. 48 each shipped take all 3 for 135.
  5. New or used preferably ones from years ago I know I can get them in the store
  6. 2 Mike's big Ben's. One jointed one solid. Custom colors. Great plugs I just have so much I'm trying to thin down. Both new never used. 53 for the jointed 43 for the solid
  7. Bump 600 shipped
  8. Great plugs
  9. 23 each shipped 4th down not available
  10. Mikes pikies. White new 28 Searobin used 21 Silver white used 26
  11. Custom colors. Never used. 58 each shipped.
  12. 15 assorted sized swimmers. 50 shipped. Not splitting. Not looking for trades. Thanks
  13. 25 each. Green load campo bombers.
  14. Used. Just got back from service from daiwa. I haven't used it in two years. Its seen bluefin tuna and bass on the canal. These reels are bulletproof. Not much swims that they cant stop. 650 shipped. Price is firm. Not looking for trades