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  1. Great plug those non slope heads. Swim unbelievable on top
  2. Wtb bm cowboys. Looking for black,yellow or white. Thanks new or used
  3. 33for the cowboy??
  4. Wanna trade something for that orange??
  5. Absolutely I actually packed them up for you this morning finally lol
  6. You gonna go to the c.s.a show Tommy. I'll make sure to bring my wallet.
  7. Really nice Tommy those look great.
  8. You taking a ride. Few of us are gonna go get some food if you wanna go. Lennys about 10 mins down the road. Really good spot
  9. Your in farmington? I got some rods that need attention.
  10. You can cut me kid. I don't really need it. I don't have the time
  11. How much are you asking? I'm in farmington
  12. Make me an offer. Don't really need to sell it but won't mind selling it either
  13. Yes brand new. I know he only made a couple.