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  1. Couldn't really fish the since herring came and went and decided to make a bamboo Rod for some pan fishes this coming spring. It's a bit rough but should be able to handle a few crappies, just hope no catfish takes my line.
  2. I found the Storm 360GT in 3" and 5" is a great search bait. Catch bass and picks when nothing works for me.
  3. Thanks all. It was fun learning to work that piece of work and I do hope the fish would gulp that down. Will def. post photo when I get a chance .
  4. The weather hasn't been cooperating in awhile now, so decided to pick up lure making. Specifically wooden lure since there are plenty of guides out there. Here is my first end result. It's a mini jump frog lure targeting snakehead.
  5. Will be prospecting the area this Saturday morning, anyone have any tips for the area? Not looking for spots just info on depth, baits and lures to use etc. I'll be targeting togs amongst the pilings, rock piles and docks but open to some schoolies if they show up. Thanks
  6. I see alot people using spinning or conventional reels for togs-. What about small profile baitcaster, anyone using them for tog? I'm slowly gravitating toward them, they are light and got enough drags for tog. Anyone else using them?
  7. I used jig, hook and sinker on kayak. They each have their places like Tim said. Heavy current and deep will required sinker to hold bottom. Shallow and calm will bring out the jig. With that said, jig is more fun. I also don't use tog jigs - I use butterfly jig and yes it's weird.
  8. I do this as well and I find it great fun with light rod. Here is a video of me jigging up some porgies.
  9. No info here but that place looks like it should hold some decent size fishes. Curious to know what you'll get at the end of your line.
  10. Nice catches. Clam works great but messy. Might want to try jigging with a micro jig with assist hook(s). Alot of fun and no mess.
  11. Never had dogfish before - didn't even know people eat them. I'm gonna have to try it. Isn't blowfish poisonous?
  12. Its very tasty. You def. should give it a try.
  13. I'm sure. From my trip abroad and stopping by the fish markets, these cost pretty pennies to buy.
  14. I wouldn't say masking; I'm more incline to say it enhance the
  15. Sea robin! the trash fish that nobody wants. Does it deserve the negative connotation for this fish? I recently went out fluking and decided to take a couple of searobins home to try it out. Lets just say the fish is underrated. What do you guys think for those that had it before. Here is a quick vid of my searobin dinner. Cheers