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  1. Just go fishing and let the cooks worry about the heat, and/or the sinners! lol
  2. I will pray that God will take away all infirmities. God be with you and the doctors and the family
  3. I used to do this from time to time and believe in giving, it's good for the soul! Here's the deal, I'm giving away one of Dan Tinman's bucktail packages # 16, here's the link:https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/767777-specials-one-time-onlymaybe/#comment-14335204 Dan makes good quality items and they even catch bass! So, if you want, just post, I'm in, I love SOL, or even God is good. It doesn't matter as long as your in. I'll pick a random post number next Wed. Remember, ya gotta be in it to win it!
  4. With these Singnol reels. there are the metal frames and the graphite frame. The all metal is the way to go! The CT type, btw. I don't like their level wind type reels.
  5. I was just perusing YT and came across this. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey, mainly "The Rest of the Story". But I listened to this and felt compelled to share it with you fine folks.
  6. I'll take 16 for the give away I'm doing thanks Payment sent
  7. Gosh, that is sad news. God bless that young guy and may the good Lord comfort him. God be with the parents and family for they need His strength. Sad news
  8. I will never forget that day. God bless America May all the victims rest in peace eternally
  9. That's usually how it goes John, from my experiences. lol I get a kick out of hearing things like that.
  10. Hello old friend. Boy, you sure do some globe trotting. Didn't even know you got married. Hope all is well
  11. These LGBT folks are becoming a pest. What right do they have to interfere with a business. They need to cease forcing their gayness on those who don't belive in that.
  12. For some reason I can't see the Taliban at Camp David. This just doesn't even sound right, lol
  13. I wonder if these liberal/gayness folks realize that they look like the bad guys. They are being aggressive to the point where I would consider them bullies.
  14. Why are they forcing their gayness onto others? Some folks don't agree with gayness. They should get a sharp lawyer and sue the pants off of that LGBT group. Just on GP alone. Shame on those gay folks.
  15. I like the Daiwa Emcast 10' casting rod and an Omoto 6000csm. A 200 buck set up.
  16. Ya know what Tim, that's the reason why I'm always saying,; folks who haven't a firm foundation fall for anything. I wish more folks knew how to have faith and combat that fear. Folks can stand against that type of bullying, but they can't do it alone. They definitely need a higher power.
  17. Put em on a black list, then what? Bust their chops, stone em or publicly shame them? What a load of nonsense, lol. Maybe they want to make a movie
  18. When ya have no firm foundation ya fall for anything!
  19. I bought one of the Emcast 10' casting version. I bought it because it mirrors the older Sealine X rods that were very good years ago. Rated 2-6. like the older rod but I wouldn't do more than 2ozs for distance.
  20. But it didn't, this knucklehead messed with crucial controls. I've seen other situations, not as devious, done by disgruntled employees. I wonder who put him up to it, is my wonder.
  21. KM to me were a Bluefish tin, but can be used for bass. I like the Hopkins shorty with a dressed green tail, and I have even put on a curly tail and a small Sluggo on the end. I also like the tin squids, with a green tail, my preference,
  22. Beavertail has rocks like that, and I've been hit full bore by the breakers. I think we all have sense enough not to venture out onto the rocks if conditions were too bad. I wonder if that guy caught his breakfast, lol
  23. lol, do you? What he did was not what he intended. He just wasn't too bright. The plane wasn't going to be able to fly because of what he did.