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  1. A prayer to the ones unemployed, legitimately. There are many out there who have lost a gig due to the virus. It isn't easy for them right now, especially right now. And a thank you Lord for the gainful employment we do have. It's a blessing to be eking out a living at this point in time. Remember, nothing is etched in stone my friends. Keep praying!
  2. God created the world and made it good. This virus is attacking the whole world, our world, God's world. This virus is Biblical and evil. We have the authority by God to combat this evil. With good works, our Dr's and Scientists, but we need to do work too. Intercessory prayer works my friends! We wanna win this battle? We all can help by praying for others, the world, family , whatever is on ours hearts. God hears all sincere prayers. Ya don't have to be a Christian, just post a concern and I'm sure there will be some who will lift up the concern too.
  3. Someone suggested the other day I start a thread as such. I know many believe and many choose not to believe, and the one who believe not to believe and then ya have the clueless. The latter are the ones who the disciples shared the word with. So, whatever floats ya boat, if ya believe if ya don't if ya spiritual, if your a Bible thumper or a death bed Christian this is the place to share about good old God!
  4. I had this happen in Middletown Ct, yesterday afternoon, and went home to no power. But it could have been a lot worse. I pray a lot and have Angels
  5. For some reason I don't think God is worried about Biden. I think God shows Biden grace and mercy for the person he has become.
  6. I still see some like that too. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like it's taking a long time to get the power back on in some areas. I heard W. Hartford will be fixed by Sunday.
  7. Good morning SOL. I hope all are feeling well. If not, this ones for you. Lord bless the ones not feeling well, struggling, or maybe feeling sorrowful. Comfort them Father, let them know you hear their cries, their moans. Bless Tim and the folks who don't drop bu anymore, bless them all. Protect the Dr's, care givers, police and firefighters. Bless our military. Bless all the hero's among us. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ ,amen
  8. Were these rookies?
  9. lol, me too
  10. Thanks Brother
  11. The truck had just two small dent on the seam. No biggie Don't get me started about CVS, lol. My wife gets her meds from CVS. She gets a text stating the meds are ready, I get there and nada, 50% of the time. I tell her, call to see it the text is correct. She doesn't, lol Sometimes they're out of one med and i have to go to North haven to get it. Another hassle. I ask the girl, how can a pharmacy run out of what folks need. She has that issue too about the Dr and the pharmacy and getting an ok and if it needs to be re-upped. I tell my wife, do I have to go through this ordeal again, lol
  12. It's easier to blame others. All power lines should have been set underground years ago. I 95 should have been widened years ago, or the Merit should have been wider for cars and leave 95 for trucks
  13. Exactly my thoughts too my friend
  14. Middletown Public Works came and cut it up. I didn't want to move the truck just in case.
  15. Good morning SOL. I hope all are doing well. It's stated, "we never get more than we can bear". Sometimes it seems like the burden is so heavy, the weight is too much. But this is the time when God is building our strength and testing us. I know I can overcome any obstacle, with the help of the lord. Father bless our Tim and all the others who need your help and guidance. Bless the Dr's, the healthcare workers, police, firefighters and the Military. Heal our country Lord, remove us from the evil dominion. Let us see the good, the light, your many blessings. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen
  16. Lol, no love for us It's a bad stop, no commercial loading zone. Actually though, I only block one spot, the rest of the truck blocks a no parking access.
  17. Ya know with this virus, and the summer doldrums with the bass, I needed some excitement in my life
  18. Thanks I pray a lot
  19. I saw a lot of that too making my way back to the barn yesterday
  20. I was in the box ready to step onto the tailboard. Rocked me good. But like i said, it could have been a lot worse. God has Angels around me.
  21. I hope all are doing well. No power yesterday and this morning. Keep praying folks and God bless you all
  22. A flukes mouth isn't very strong. The reason nets are used. Ya wanna set the hook but ya don't wanna pull the hook out of its mouth
  23. Good morning SOL, I hope all are doing well. Let's remember to keep Tim and all others lifted in prayer. My friends, sometimes we don't know what is thew truth in today's world. There are so many lies and conspiracies, that truth becomes hidden. I pray for clarity daily, and seek wisdom from the Proverbs. I remember to keep my friends close, but the enemy closer. Always be a step ahead of the evil ones. Don't fear them, but give them to God to handle. He will, because those that live in the dark can't see the light. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, if we believe, trust and obey. it's that simple! Lord bless the ones who have the virus and other infirmities, heal them. Bless the Dr's, health care workers, police, firefighters and the military. Bless our families and the children of this world. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen.
  24. Good morning SOL and a blessed Monday. I hope ya all slept well. Pray for Tim and all the others who need to be lifted in prayer. Let's try and focus on what is good and important. Helping the next guy is what we're about. It's not about us and selfish desires. Father, thank you for this day, thank you for the blessings and thank you for our families and friends. You give us so much and we are truly thankful. Lord bless the Dr's and healthcare workers. Bless the police, firefighters and first responders. protect and bless our military. Heal the ill and comfort the ones who need comfort. Protect the children. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen