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  1. Sure, as I get older the feeling is more prevalent. It's all part of what we know doing this thing we do.
  2. a reporter. True or not this is how folks see these types, the reporters, the media, etc. The people see them as deceitful, dishonest mongers of distraction. Does anyone really take heed to what a reporter states these days? What a sad lot they have become.
  3. This gal speaks with wisdom. Joe Biden needs to go home and get his shine box!, lol Do folks really think this Biden guy has a chance? What does he bring with hin? Clarity? Truth? or just a bunch of idle talk. American's want results, the Dems need to be proactive. That nit picking/slanderous/false news stuff they do is not what the regular people want. That's their thing, that's their mess, and frankly most are tired of it.
  4. The Press, lol, they became the laughing stock of America. Folks want honesty, real people deserve real news.
  5. Blame, blame, blame. If you are human in todays world, I'm sure all have contributed in some way to a filthy world. It's ridiculous, to say the least.
  6. AOC could learn a lot from Candace Owens
  7. Shame on joe Biden for being who he has become. I'm sure when he went into politics his motives were somewhat genuine. Sad Joe Biden. No one wants a Presidents who gets hammered!
  8. Science investigates - religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power. Religion gives man wisdom which is control. - Martin Luther King Jr.
  9. Yeah, I could imagine. A real problem is she was into axes and anger.
  10. lol, go for it dude! Let the force be with you!
  11. I didn't, but kinda figured it though.
  12. I understand that but how many other countries who rely on that oil have sent troops and/or support. These bananas in Iran can't fight the whole world, or can they
  13. Maybe he needs a good woman.
  14. Silver spooners don't like to get there hands dirty.
  15. Let them sort out their own mess. I'll bet dollars to donuts most Americans feel this way. But there is always a reason and more will be revealed, always.