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  1. Those poor people who make that choice. Sad stuff
  2. Folks that don't believe in a God given life will have no qualms with ending a life or allowing a life to exist. Folks need to ask, what is the foundation of life. Life is good, correct? If life is good and God given, then why end a "good" , God given life.
  3. I would say life, God given life, is really the only natural right. If you think about it, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are derived from life.
  4. In God we trust and God bless America God is in charge, religion is man made with God as the foundation of most religions. Folks believe in God and worship God but there are too many religions for our government to be a theocracy. Unlike the ME countries where everything revolves around Islam.
  5. Me too. Another my mom used was nudnik.
  6. I haven't heard about an Alvey reel in a long, long time. There used to be discussions about them year's ago. Maybe do a search here at SOL
  7. Folks just need to live their lives
  8. I'll give ya this one. Too much attention and focus. Maybe it's the media, but if there wasn't a LGBTQ group than there wouldn't be so much media coverage, right?
  9. Let me help ya out son. See, growing up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan was a melting pot. I grew up with a lot of different nationalities. Some of the older Jewish folks used to call guys like you a "nudge". It was a nice way of calling some a nuisance, or a bothersome person. I see things the way I see them, I call it how I see it as well. If I tell ya to move on, then it means enough already with the nonsense. Capish?
  10. no, it's walking down the beach minding ya own business
  11. I see it's that time, again. Move on son!
  12. If that's what they choose to do, then let them just live their lives. Folks want to get married? Then that's on them and the whole world doesn't need to know what the LGBTQ folks do or how they want to live. It's real simple and not complicated son. Folks just need to live their lives and refrain from bringing their business to the world.