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  1. I guess Al Quida has become a moron brigade
  2. Men shouldn't use foul language at a woman like that. Hey, I don't agree with Pelosi, I think she is mindless, but I would never talk down to her like that. It's wrong
  3. I had some decent action on live eels pre-dawn
  4. Don't tell me, I know this. You need to tell the powers that be. Take care of what concerns you my friend.
  5. We have them here too, some are very young. It saddens me that so many are out there. I know these types are users and I usually say a prayer for them, and tell them verbally, why don't you get off the junk. I won't give them my last dollar though. No, that would be enabling. Those need tough love!
  6. And once again, relax, calm down, lol It is stated on the Statue of Liberty. Maybe you need to ask the Statue, I didn't put that poem there. Someone stealing from you? Call the cops! They're your public servants.
  7. So, all those 25# bass were coming from that pond? Now I'm jealous!
  8. Don't get so wound up about it, lol, it not that serious. Me? I"d give my last dollar to someone if they really needed it. That's just how I roll. To me it's important to help those in need, especially women and children.
  9. Who said it? The Statue of liberty
  10. He will, but there is credence in what I said. I'll bet dollars to donuts that the ones who complain loudest about the poor treatment of the illegals would not want them in their towns and cities. Those are the true hypocrites in this matter.
  11. Maybe he sees how goofy his party has become and wants no part of the circus scene. I don't blame him for not campaigning any longer
  12. Why not put all the immigrants in the towns and cities of the ones whom think they are getting a raw deal. I'll bet Westport and Greenwich would love to have these poor souls.
  13. I saw this too, but ya know what? It is disrespectful but Jesus forgives the sinner, if they mean it. And the Bible says to be childlike with enthusiasm, not childish. lol
  14. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” The Statue of Liberty was erected as a symbol of our great nations stand on freedom for all. We are a diverse country, just take a look. In today's world, the Biblical quotes still stand true. We accept all, but our country has laws. What the illegals are doing is creating a chaotic situation, and this is not good. And, when the Israelites were in Egypt, they were slaves, right? Slavery has been abolished, there is no freedom in slavery. So, while we can and should accept the ones in need, the immigration process has to be done properly.