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  1. It's just another thing finks do. I'm glad I don't have people in my life that are finks. Shame on the liberals because they follow false doctrine, or some follow nothing!
  2. My friend, if my line breaks and I have to retie, I line up the tag end with the L/W guide. It's a simple fix and ya never out of sync.
  3. It's what these types do, they use/patronize others for their benefit. The best thing to do is not give the them the time of day anymore. Just ignore their antics, shun them like the plague, and maybe they will change their ways or cease the nonsense.
  4. Why get angry, give them cupcakes. I like that move, never let 'em see ya sweat! Good job Mrs. K
  5. Truth is good, all the rest misleading, chaotic, confusing and distracting. The same pattern in the political world, again and again and again. Does anyone really and truly believe any of this nonsense? Are there some that are just so naive and gullible?
  6. One important thing I've done over the years is to match my bearings. When I buy a sleeve of ten, I'll separate them and match them according to how they spin. The oil I use for my bearings is valve oil, a super light viscosity like that of water. Al Cass is one brand I've used over the years.
  7. My friend , just enjoy this thing we. Never let anyone take away the joy one gets from fishing. Every fish caught is a blessing, a gift if you may. Who is to say you can't enjoy what you're blessed with.
  8. I have a Penn 155 with an aluminum spool that I use every now and then. This reel is from the days when I first started fishing back in the early 70's. This reel, with bushings oiled, will get weight and bait on a heaver way out there.
  9. What normal person really cares about any of this nonsense? Next!
  10. All these schlubs deserve each other. They all get what their hand calls for, Next!
  11. filly
  12. So, we have more chaos and confusion. It's seems typical these days, the norm. And all involved and the audience can't see past this distraction.
  13. My friend, you can do this thing any way you see fit. Right handed, left handed, both hands, both feet. As long as it feels comfortable to you. There is no downside
  14. If it's interpretation, then it's projection. Unless one is an analyst. But we can make assessments based on hindsight.
  15. Are shortcomings mental health issues or just poor conditioning. I see many act out in various ways, but I would not say they are mentally ill.