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  1. I will pray for the missus. God be with her and bless the Dr's handling your wife.
  2. I am actually just getting into it. I've done meditation, but I do believe Yoga gets ya there deeper.
  3. Yoga works for spiritual awakening.
  4. Only Jesus is better!
  5. I wonder why this Raymark place was targeted. It makes ya wonder who is getting kick backs from a project like this. If their gonna clean up the CT waterways then do 'em all. Just makes ya wonder, especially with the state being in such a poor financial condition. Clean is good though. Also I see Raymark has a history of suits against them for asbestos.
  6. It's easy if you have a set of taps. Drill out and tap. Or you could try a penetrating catalyst like PB blaster. Hit it with that a few times and ya might be able to back it out.
  7. Mr. Trump does it like a boss! Now who is better then the boss!
  8. This inner city problem was created by the you know who's. I would move them all to where these ones who created this live. Let them put their money where their mouth is. I care about people, but I also believe if one want to eat and live, one has to eck out a living. I despise drugs and believe that those involved in drugs are doing the devils works! And if folks want to live like animals, then they need to live in a zoo. Good begets good, always!
  9. Something I've been working on while there aren't any more bass to use this on. It's just a test plug, so it isn't for looks. lol I made this a while ago, let it sit , and then got around to testing it. When I first cast it, and did a retrieve I said to myself, this ain't gonna work. But I used to use something like this years ago in plastic and liked the idea. So, I took it home and added more weight to the bottom and under the nose. Test two was that it sat better and retrieved better, but still not what I wanted. I saaid to myself , Jimmy, ya gotta make tha bass feel this thing, ya gotta make her want it more than a Bunker! So again, I lopped off the tail and rewired it. Kinda made me sad, because i originally had it wired with copper, and that's what I wanted in this plug and had no more on hand. So this is the what it will be, and if it does well, I will do more over the winter. It's hand carved and 9x3/4"s
  10. Getting rid of the drugs and education and employment for the lazy are the keys. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
  11. A very good story. Thanks for sharing
  12. Guns on aliens, yeah, that'll work, lol A better defense would be to use the Liberals. The aliens would be so confused by their chaos that the aliens would head for the hills or zoom home!
  13. The best to you both, congratulations and God bless your family
  14. Maybe one of those boats from Columbia doing it's dirty deeds
  15. From what i see, folks without a firm foundation in what is good, fall for all the rubbish these so called elected official, congress persons and any other DC elite have to hand out to those who are weak minded. Yes, the weak will fall for anything and jump on the anything bandwagon.