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  1. Who does she want to take on with her European Military? She expecting some invasion? Aliens perhaps?
  2. When there is chaos and confusion, ya can bet dollars to donuts someone is doing the work of the evil one. Doing good begets good all the time.
  3. Anyone remember Al Capone's vault's?
  4. Folks don't know what they are because they don't know about God
  5. It's like this, does anyone really believe any President is in full control? If you're gonna ask about 9/11 , than ya need to ask about all wars!
  6. I like the Chaos 60. For the money I paid it's worth every penny. And ya can't blow the reel up. And i tried! lol
  7. A wall won't help with their invasion
  8. Wow, she has a guardian angel.
  9. I am sorry to hear this sad news. God be with you and the family at this time of sorrow. It's been said that we are as sick as our secrets. We never really know what is going on in another person's mind. Sad business my friend.
  10. Thank God your child is ok. That is good news
  11. May these young ones rest in peace. God be with the families of the deceased. The evil one kills. But this evil is not done without the use of ones with demons. I keep my focus on the good Lord. I believe in a firm foundation in good. There is too much of this evil in our country today. What keeps someone from doing evil if all they feel in their hearts is hate, anger and resentments. Good begets good, always
  12. Thanks for sharing. Seems the seasons go by too quickly.
  13. It seems like your accts are synced up.
  14. They all have their own agenda. When it comes it comes to loyalty, they are only as loyal as their ego will let them be. They all need a reality check in humility.
  15. Abec 5's are a good choice. I use them as well as Abec 7's