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  1. And about Sen. McCain? If you feel strong about the man then so be it. If Mr. Trump is saying things about him that you don't like, then don't listen. It's pretty simple my friend, never let anyone take away your joy and/or rent space in your head. No one has that power, unless you let him. Carry on!
  2. My post didn't need fixing son. The media has always used sensationalism as a tool. Mr. Trump was pretty much just going about his business until he started his presidential campaign, then it was no holds barred with the MSM.
  3. I'll bet, the old timers from years ago were the best. Today all we have is the fond memories of days and good home cooking from a time long ago. My old parish, St. Stanislaus on east 7th st in Manhattan always had shindigs and dances and Kielbasy/beer parties. lol They were all a ton of fun for the neighborhood young folks and parishioners.
  4. I am feeling better. Still hurting a bit , but the hard part is over! Thanks for asking lol, I know 75 was a lot but i was a growing boy at the time
  5. I see collecting, not just plugs, but collecting anything, ( I used to be big on NYC Subway memorabilia and artifacts years ago). as a pastime, a hobby. It's different than just wanting a hoard of plugs. Thanks for sharing Bob
  6. It seems the Senegal guy was an Italian citizen, in his 40's working. So he wasn't homeless or destitute. I read where he has had prior trouble with the law. Drunk driving and sexual molestation of a minor. And this guys driving children? Unbelievable! Well this guy has more trouble now, with kidnapping and attempted murder.
  7. My mom, God rest her soul, made the best pirogies ever! I ate 75 of them one night many moons ago. With meat too, and the potato and sauerkraut . Real old world food. Her stuffed cabbage and stuffed peppers were to die for. Gosh, how I miss mom's cooking!
  8. I think by this time we all know the MSM has found Mr. Trump being daily headlines. Sensationalism has always been a shtick for the media. I choose to tune out the negativity. Smart, intelligent folks usually do the same, we discern what is true or false.
  9. What is a guy from a poor country like Senegal doing in italy? That doesn't make any sense to me. This Senegal guy clearly is lost, and has lost his mind. So now he get what? Jail? Deported back to his country? He was prolly homeless and destitute. I'm just glad the children are ok. Having folks migrate from poor countries with nothing is not a solution for the poor in these third world places.
  10. God be with the children as they recover. What he did was evil. Jesus loves the little children. He was troubled? We all have troubles but ya don't hurt others because of your troubles. We all need to count our blessings, always
  11. Just one? Usually it takes four.
  12. Dem bums! A bunch of lazy good for nothings! (and I don't mean the Bklyn Dodgers)
  13. I'd bounce all the characters already. Give them their walking papers! Modt of the folks I know are tired of these DC elite schlubs creating chaos and confusion among the ranks. 86 all those bums already, they're useless and evil doers, we don't want them and they serve no purpose for good! And don't let the door hit 'em on the way out! Next!
  14. Why doesn't the party, after the providing is done, deduct X amount of $'s from every working persons paycheck according to how much they make. Call it a medical deduction. One can use it with a card when swiped at a POS terminal at the Dr. or Hospital, which ever comes first.
  15. I guess they're still looking. lol Wake me when they find it! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz