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  1. Good morning SOL, I hope everyone had a good night. If ya didn't than this ones for you. Let's keep Tim and Kevin/family lifted up. I always say, "ya gotta be in it to win it" . To me having faith in a power greater than myself is a blessing in itself. Understanding that i'm not in control empowers me. I never feel lost or with the light at the end of the tunnel. Father there is too much hate in our country. Bless us with love, you're love. Heal the broken hearts, the angry mob and protect all from the evil desires to harm. Heal the victims of the virus. Bless our nation with all that is good. Put a hedge of protection around the healers and never let them get tired. We aqsk this through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen
  2. Do you feel insulted by me? Why? You believe in what you believe, atheism. Don't be insulted, be proud! Claim it! If you feel insulted my friend, that's you.
  3. I understand how you see my way of thinking. If I come across as hard headed and stubborn it's because of what I believe. If you want to be right, then be right. Believe what you feel in your heart, own it! My faith in God tells me to love my neighbor, and I do. But I'm not going to condone atheism when I feel in my heart it's not a good way to be.
  4. Chartreuse Pink Pearl
  5. That's a Hurricane lure. Called a Wake Walker
  6. Humans can do good and evil. Good is good period. Good is learned, evil is inherit. See, folks who don't believe, the atheists, can't understand this. What is good to a non believer could be sin in the eyes of a believer.
  7. People do good, act good and have a good heart. But they are not the foundation of "good"
  8. I understand my firm foundation in God. And the good I know, do and use is pleasing to God. I don't need self gratification by someone saying, "good job" . I know my efforts are to do God's will. If that confuses you or if you say I don't understand, that's you. I don't have to understand your foundationless ways. lol I'm having a BLAST!
  9. Good morning SOL, I missed yesterday's prayer. I guess no one noticed. lol I hope all are well. Let's keep Tim and all those who need prayer lifted up. Heavenly Father we need you. This country is being bombarded with bad intentions and hatred and anger against other human beings. Heal our country Lord, heal the hearts and minds of those who are backsliding or filled with hate. Father end this virus and protect all the good doing good works. Remove the evil Lord We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ, amen
  10. It's a positive message, but the use of words as "plot" and "beat up" are dangerous words to use in this point of time. It sounds as if this guy wants to stage a war on all the bad law enforcement and prosecutors. I despise corrupt police and those prosecutors who do not do the right thing. That is evil posed as something that is supposed to be just and fair.
  11. Thanks to all who took the time to get involved in this thread, it's been a BLAST! BTW, good comes from God
  12. History does repeat itself. Nothing is new my friend. All has been done before
  13. Lol, I respect everyone who tries his/her best. I respect folks who help and encourage others
  14. I got it my friend. I understand
  15. You guys saying i'm wrong doesn't hold water. You guys have no firm foundation to stand on