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    I'm havin' a BLAST!
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    God, family, surf and jetty fishing. (stripers)
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    Truck driver

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  1. Those Taiwan reels are made by Omoto, who also makes the Akios line. I remember years ago when folks knocked theses reels
  2. Didn't have service until 12:30 this afternoon. My only concern was if I broke down on the highway early in the AM.
  3. A bunch of us were doing the rotation thing one night years ago at Qounny. Two old guys, in their late 60's come in full bore and landed on the rocks to the left of the hard side jetty. They said they saw the headlamps and thought the lamps were on the soft side. These two guys could walk away but were shaken up. Crazy stuff.
  4. In my warehouse work boots, preferably steel toes or composite
  5. I'[ve seen guys going out through a Breachway in RI, during the ebb. Now, this breachway has underwater rocks straight out, ya hafta bear to the soft side wall to miss these rocks. I've seen boats bumping the underwater rocks. Tough on the hull I would think
  6. That can't be real. Normal people don't act that way. And, what was he shooting at? The tree? Down the street? That guy is bad news
  7. I'm partial to a good Reuben sandwich.
  8. Jesus has more sense than to do that.
  9. Try doing your walk around and kicking your tire in flip flops. Lol
  10. Try running in flip flops. Beach wear imo. I see truck drivers wearing them too. I just shake my head.
  11. I believe in today's standards, one really has to eyeball what they want. Unless they go with a specific brand they are familiar with.
  12. I second the angle grinder. That's what a locksmith would use
  13. Being a professional CDL driver, l learned the four second following distance and to always leave yourself an out Lead footers
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