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  1. Well, if you can get a plug onto the thread that would be a first!
  2. That's the ticket!
  3. Anybody have any? Looking for pics of Gibbs, SS or even Tiger and Hahns. Thanks
  4. I am sorry to hear about your loss. May Vin rest in peace eternally. God bless your family at this time of sorrow
  5. Prolly just taken for granted. Most guys use bought plugs and customs and assume the plug is set up properly to fish. I make my own and set them up with loops I can tie a loop knot to or a Rapala knot.
  6. A lot of stuff just doesn't bother me, people are gonna make poor decisions. But this really grinds my gears, when a mom, maybe struggling already, has to deal with this mess. It just shouldn't be!!!
  7. Prior to Similac and then Enfamil, mothers concocted their own baby formula. But to reply to the op, to me it's bad business when mom's have to struggle to get formula to feed the children. Messing with the kids is evil business.
  8. Tilapia. If folks who ate them found out where they were spawned and raised, these folks would not touch 'em
  9. The oil companies just want to see profits. Get it while you can!
  10. It had no firm foundation.
  11. Take the message, not the messenger
  12. It's funny how ego's get in the way of living a good life. Folks that follow false doctrine will always be self centered, self absorbed and selfish. It is what it is
  13. If D1 passes, I'll take it
  14. The liberal pacifists fell right into this trap