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  1. It's a kid for crying out loud. Kids get hurt and parents/adults need to make sure the kids are ok.
  2. There was the Ukrainian National home on 2nd ave. There was country western bar on 15th and 1st that had live bands on Fridays and Sat's. My Uncle graduated from Cooper Union many moons ago My dad friend Peppy was the mngr at McSorleys years ago. My sister went to St. Georges academy on 6th and Hall Plc
  3. Sure, I remember how the LES burned
  4. Yeah, the water. But it's almost like something big is gonna happen.
  5. Many of us have multiple rods and reels for different conditions and spots. Not every rod is suitable for every spot
  6. Yeah, definitely weird. It's almost like somethings missing.
  7. Good morning SOL and a happy Mothers day to all. Mom's are blessed by the Lord. What a blessing it is to have a good, loving mom. God knew what he was doing when He created mom's. God incarnate, Jesus, had a mom too. God bless all the mom and may their lives be fruitful. Lord, thank you for our mom's. Thank you for SOL, bless Tim and Carole and all here. Bless Jim G. Jetty Guy, Low End and all who need healing. Bless our Dr's and nurses. Bless the police, firefighters and the military. Heal our nation, guide Mr. Biden and congress. Protect the children. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen
  8. yeah my friend, it was a bit nippy this morning as it was other mornings this past month. It's a different season for sure. Every year i look for the Ct. river to flood, not in a bad way, but it is the turning point for this thing we do. I've yet to see the river at a high, high this year. I saw Wethersfield cove under the water, but not high, high like other years. Which has me thinking the water hasn't flowed down from the north or there will be no super flood stage this year. I'm opting for the latter since it's already May and the bass are in the river.
  9. BTW, I have been there in my younger days. But the neighborhood guys like me frequented joints closer to First ave. and ave. A. St. Marks plc was like the Bowery. neighborhood guys and gals stayed away from the bad areas.
  10. It was near the Dom, a Polish Nightclub, which later became the Electric Circus. When St. marks got crazy he moved to 1st ave.
  11. No my friend. Back then the city was normal. My mom's apt was rent controlled. She was paying less then 300.00 a month in 1980. Store rents were cheap too
  12. The idea is good, and your goal was achieved, good work my friend. But it's a good thing that camera gizmo didn't get hung up
  13. The cost to operate would be sky high. More government subsidies?
  14. When I was a lad, my dad had a store front at 8 St. marks place.