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  1. I don't believe they are old, because I still make some with copper wire. But I do believe they are the product of ones labor.
  2. Different lure for different conditions. Ones a swimmer and the other a darter. Both work well if used where needed. But they are not the same
  3. Sounds like something not true
  4. or have a bigger junk pile than he already has.
  5. Thanks for sharing the full clip. I still say let the old Indian beat his tom tom. Seems like the narrator was MAGA hater too. So after seeing the full clip the Indian is a hater and the narrator is a hater. And we all know hate is evil! God bless those young men who want to see Mr Trump MAGA Those haters need to be expelled from our country! Kick 'em out to kingdom come!
  6. Don't send a woman to do a man's job. Pelosi is there because the Dem. men want her there. Just like all these Dem, women as of late. They are going to ruin you! Think not, follow their lead and see where they take you.
  7. Let the old Indian beat his tom tom in peace for crying out loud
  8. I don't see anything wrong with him
  9. Out of the 300 you bought, how many were good?
  10. what I saw is some smart aleck kid up in the Indians face with a grin. That kid had no business being it the Indians face. If that was my kid I'd teach him some respect for his elders! And BTW, I'm the last one who falls for any media crap.
  11. Snot nosed kids, still wet behind the ears need their comeuppance. Then they need to appologize.
  12. Can you imagine if ya out there at night and into fish, using that lure. No thanks, lol
  13. and whom might they be?
  14. Pelosi as president= One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest, on steroids.
  15. I doubt it. She is just a do nothing show boat who is the leader of minorities. I don't she will fit the ticket.