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    Grew up as the fifth of nine children
    on a small rural ........

    Awww, forget it......
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    surf and boat fishing, hunting, written works, backpacking, my kids
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    small business owner, collector

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  1. ..they heard you were coming.... but it never hurts to get a jump on making up excuses.....:>)
  2. ..you might want to take a look at research conducted in Wisconsin, Pa and New York on the subject of winter kill ... Wisconsin had the worst winter ever recorded in 1995 and a record turkey harvest in the spring of 1996...wild turkeys are capable of roosting for 2 weeks with out feed in winter conditions and may loose up to 40% of their body mass before die-off occurs..so studies in all three states indicate that even one or two days of active feed every two weeks will allow flocks to avoid any significant die-off. I flock would have to loose 50-60 % of it's breeding population before it was affected given clutch size. The other variable to consider is topography and snow loading. In Mass we have a much more variated and proximate wetland pattern, so the myriad opportunities for forage that Mass presents precludes significant winter kill of wild turkeys.
  3. don't worry...NOAA will save the day...or is it DMF? isn't the silence from the professional stewards of this industry, and I emphasize INDUSTRY, deafening? a young fella at work HAD to try cod fishing this past coupla weeks.... he could not catch a keeper cod...not one..... so do not look for leadership from the powers at be anytime soon.... To answer the question, Adam Smith's "invisible hand" will take over....first the diehards will start releasing large and small bass; you won't see that from neophytes with other size issues.... then the googans will go away..when I had to catch a 36 inch fish to keep it it was pretty quiet out there.. and then the fish might come back, and the experts will take a bow... that is what they do best....listen and you can here the kisses....
  4. what have I done? "what if the light really did change Andy?....i mean, what would it change into?" (course we have a lot goin on here in Waquoit...(cut to crickets chirp audio...) caught a bass last nite.....he was lost.......
  5. ...did someone finally realize that there were just too many Gomers with no place to set a spell? Ernest T Bass : > )
  6. .yeah, frozen striper is really a treat...you are smart to stuff your freezer with all you can while they are there for the slaughter...I would buy a chest freezer, and one for your neighbor if you have somebody you can trust.. ..and a couple of years from now you can show your Facebook pictures to your friends ..."yeah, these are stripers....we used to catch them all the time back in the good old days...." why are there so many more horses asses than there are horses?
  7. ..I know you are but what am I? ...I am rubber and you are glue your words bounce off me and stick to you... (just some stuff to make BobG feel at home....) luke p.s. the fluke took Bob's jig out of professional courtesy....
  8. ..these guys where responsible for some surprise bluefish and one very big fluke as well..I am gonna be re-rigging that purple with a tandem stinger for a whole squid presentation...lookout doormats! Thank you Bernie for the help..it was uncanny how these things produced..for most of the morning we were able to watch our companions in other boats and we were doing favorably, to put it mildly.. I think that we need to get these and the Zelly on the shelf at the shop... luke
  9. ..I started my saltwater logs in the late 1960's....have some holes in them, but am continuously astonished by how much observation we seem to have abandoned in our new and better world.. hell, now we have cell phones and gps....game over, dude! ..back in the early 1970's it wasn't uncommon to go back and "work" a fish day after day..in reality it wasn't the same exact fish, but we approached the experience with LOTS more care and preparation than I see today... also, I think that fisherman back in the day better understood the importance of fishing instead of catching.....what you used and how much it cost played second fiddle to what you learned and how you shared it..or didn't. ..when we had to produce a 36 inch fish to have a "keeper" it was a different game..... the idea of fishing alone wasn't such an anomaly....
  10. ....Pochet Hole.... and I ain't talkin Nauset Beach, either.....
  11. ..try WorcBoy's basement.....it is a combination of the Fair, Dicks Tackle, Lew Hortons and the end of the rainbow..be nice to the leprechaun .....he bites... : ):D:D
  12. Is anyone else concerned that we might see a drop in bass numbers...besides the very very slow start to this year, I am continuing to see a mix of stock that I noticed to be dramatic last year, namely twinkie sized fish mixed in with 33plus inch fish...last time this was evident was right before the crash of striper stocks in the early 80's...
  13. I have about 100 pounds of ingot lead in my basement.... I will sell it for one dollar a pound...this is not misc lead, it is in ingot form and 99 % pure. one dollar a pound. Delivered Buzzards Bay or Falmouth jim
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