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  1. 2 low 20’s gorgeous morning. Gonna harass some fresh water bassies to wrap up open water season, ‘‘twas a good one and loads of fun.
  2. Anyone still finding these rascals out and about or have they come and gone? Pic from a few weeks ago
  3. Sounds like a solid morning, enjoyed reading your write up!
  4. Right after the rain passed, 10:00 am or so
  5. GREAT morning on the flats. A dozen or more good fish, all topwater 2-4 feet of water
  6. Weeds horrific in Scarborough on Sunday. Don’t know what today brings
  7. Cape? Saw a pic of something munching on a wale carcass off wells Beach, ME
  8. 1/2 ounce bucktail + trailer seems to be a nice sweet spot for a lot Of water in Maine unless you get into that heavy whitewater/crazy moon tides
  9. Agreed, it’s been a rougher start we’ve hoped for, a few decent tides and a lot of “meh”. Water temp is still rather chilly, more and more bait fish are piling in, full moon a coming. This should turn the switch on, if not we may be in for a very dud of a season.
  10. I do a fair amount of kayak fishing in and around Scarborough to Yarmouth, those eerie foggy morning always make my arm hairs stand up for a bit. Agreed, foolish to think they are not around, also fairly certain they have zero interest in a 13 foot piece of floating plastic with a pedal drive swirling below deck. The unfortunate event last summer certainly has publicized this topic. I would be very interested in analyzing what any additional research, beakers, etc would bring to light with more “proof” context/facts/info of what we to an extent already know to be true.
  11. You’re not kidding! Walking back with sore joints, ankles, knees etc I thought the same thing, “not gonna be able to do this forever”
  12. Out front in the crashing waves and rugged rocks
  13. Knuckles deep in em today, out front nonetheless! Bassies from 24-30. Poppers, bucktails, swim bait. Really GREAT TIDE!
  14. Slow, but nothing like that first connect of the year!