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  1. That being said, I did enjoy a portion of his banter for awhile
  2. My mousam PTSD just kicked in lol
  3. Love to see the old gear, got some classics. Will do really well with the items In that middle pic here in Maine. Good luck and welcome!
  4. Yes indeed, manufacturer not dealer.
  5. Have always had good luck and surprisingly good service and quick turnaround sending reel maintenance needs back to the dealer. For me that is penn and shimano.
  6. I was rattled for a bit as well. Curious if any yakers on here have seen sharks while out. What is the probability a shark mistakes a 13 foot plastic boat for a seal? Thoughts I battled with before returning to the water late season.
  7. X2 on the red fins! Also a teaser on a plug (needle fish) can pull some bass out of the mix
  8. I wonder if those small epoxy jigs that hogy makes would be a good imitators of the juvie bait?
  9. Well said! I think I can the boss to “buy” into this reasoning!
  10. Are any fellow kayakers concerned of the recent unveiling of great whites very much in the vicinity? Another sighting of cousins island, Yarmouth today with a seal floating cut in two. May be the final push I needed to get that center counsel I’ve always wanted.
  11. Last two ventures out got into a decent bite. A dozen or so sporty bassies each night in the mid 20’s-27. Nothing til last light and beyond and only about 1 hr of action at the prime segment of the tide where the current and water flow get swift enough to stir things up enough, the bite putters out after that. Seeing slender 2-4 inch baitfish in the shallows while looking with around with my headlamp. Bucktails with a boot tail trailer, swim shads with big boot tail to move water around and needlefish have taken all them lately. Hope this helps. Good luck
  12. Awesome outing!
  13. I live near pine point, was down there last night for sunset and the red “stuff” was back and littered all over the beach
  14. I FISHERED the FISHERERIES for the sake YOUNGER generations for FISHING sake blah diddy blah blah blah