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  1. What is the longest rod you use in the surf? I have never went above a 10’ but thinking of having an 11’ or 12’ on hand.
  2. So they only migrate into NY around September and then quickly leave in the fall?
  3. You think it might be to light if hooking into a big fish?
  4. Has anyone used an okuma rockaway surf rod for stripers in the 11’ to 12’ range? It is marketed as a perch rod but seems like it could work for stripers as well.
  5. I know fishing in the fall is a great time to catch false albacore but where are they in the spring?
  6. Does the grease tend to lighten up over time?
  7. I just received a brand new penn slammer 3 and it is my first sealed reel. Are sealed reels typically not as smooth as others? For example my Penn battle 2 is about twice as smooth, if you turn the handle it spins roughy twice as long and feels more smooth overall.
  8. Does anyone know why this is?
  9. How much for it?
  10. Looking for a 9’ rod preferably something like the St Croix Triumph TSRS90M2
  11. Maybe you had the lower rated one, or did both rods have the same rating?
  12. Where did you buy it from?
  13. Why do you prefer 50/50 split? Is it just the Convenience of transportation
  14. Prevail seems like a good deal for the price