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  1. Thanks for the tips, yes I am catch and releasing so I will keep that in mind.
  2. I had this same problem in a back bay spot, I could see them hitting peanuts so I threw a 4 inch storm shad which matches them exactly and I still couldn't get them to touch it. Not sure if it was because there was a lot of bait and only a few fish or what the problem was.
  3. There is a river I go to that is loaded with Carp in the winter, I see them swimming up and down the bank but I can't get them to touch anything. It is a very populated area with a lot of human foot traffic, so they are very nervous. Any tips to finally get them to eat something?
  4. I Have found there is no correct answer to this because I sometimes take the shell off because it gives off better scent in the water and other times I leave it on because it is a more durable bait. When they are finicky they only hit it when its off sometimes it doesn't matter.
  5. John skinner told me to load plugs with maple syrup in his latest video. Now every food store ive been to is sold out... Will Jam work or will that scare the fish?
  6. Wow I would say that definitely straightened
  7. I dont think they produce hot water anymore
  8. We’re all sheep, if he told us to cut off half an inch everyone would do it
  9. I see the rating is up to 3oz. What weight would you say is ideal for that rod?
  10. duplicate delete.
  11. Yes please
  12. Boost 100 kayak for sale, good shape just some of the bungees are broken. No paddle. $150 local pickup located in Nassau county.
  13. What is your favorite rod for throwing bucktail/lures and plugs on the south shore beaches?
  14. The guys in Montauk look for a NE hurricane like storm to fish in