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  1. I always find it ironic that bait guys are always looking for the smelliest freshest smells, but lure guys seem to not care about smell.
  2. I tried splitting the tail more down the middle and maybe it added slightly more action but not much. I am thinking about trying to flatter them down more. Maybe flatter will have more action.
  3. Is that something that they recently did? for the 2018 season it seemed to still be the old formula.
  4. There are some days where I go through so many bags of gulp it makes me sick, so this year I bought some 6 inch gotcha and mister twister grubs and I am thinking of adding pro-cure to make them similar to gulp. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this? I was thinking about putting the pro-cure in a ziplock bag with the grubs so I can keep reapplying.
  5. Good tip I’ll give that a try
  6. I’m sure they will catch fish but If I don’t have 100 percent confidence in something I’m not going to use it
  7. I just received a bottle of fat cow split tail as an alternative to uncle josh and as I tested the action in the water it is completely lifeless, it looks like I’m dragging a white plastic knife through the water. Anyone else experiencing this with the split tail? I know nothing will have the action of a pork rind but I expected a little bit of action
  8. Delete dupe post
  9. Thanks for the tips, yes I am catch and releasing so I will keep that in mind.
  10. I had this same problem in a back bay spot, I could see them hitting peanuts so I threw a 4 inch storm shad which matches them exactly and I still couldn't get them to touch it. Not sure if it was because there was a lot of bait and only a few fish or what the problem was.
  11. There is a river I go to that is loaded with Carp in the winter, I see them swimming up and down the bank but I can't get them to touch anything. It is a very populated area with a lot of human foot traffic, so they are very nervous. Any tips to finally get them to eat something?
  12. I Have found there is no correct answer to this because I sometimes take the shell off because it gives off better scent in the water and other times I leave it on because it is a more durable bait. When they are finicky they only hit it when its off sometimes it doesn't matter.
  13. John skinner told me to load plugs with maple syrup in his latest video. Now every food store ive been to is sold out... Will Jam work or will that scare the fish?
  14. Wow I would say that definitely straightened