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  1. It’s not unprovable I use fluro exclusively for years and my fishing partner stands right next to me every day with the same everything except he uses mono and we always catch around the same fish yearly
  2. I agree you should copy him as far as line size and the rig but the fish don’t care about which leader material your using
  3. I hate to break it to you but It’s not the fluorocarbon it’s the fisherman, if he was using the same exact rig with 20 pound mono he would of had the same exact day.
  4. Is this still true?
  5. what time are you technically allowed to stay at the jones beach before the can check cars for night permits, Is it the daily sunset time?
  6. Has anyone had issues with line weakening from sitting in a hot car in the summer?
  7. What do you wash your reels down with, just simple water bottle or something else?
  8. Does anyone have any tips on the proper way to release a fish from the beach? I feel like dragging them on the sand will only hurt them but it's hard not to do when the waves are pushing onshore.
  9. I have a new penn battle 2 and every couple of trips it feels really gritty and I have to thoroughly rinse the outside of the reel in the sink and it gets better for a while. How can I prevent stuff from getting inside of it? I haven't even used it on the beach yet or dunked it, just regular back bay stuff.
  10. I always hear people saying the fish bite best around 3 days before or after a full or new moon. Why do you think that is?
  11. have you ever been checked for the night fishing permit? when I was just starting out I would park in Jones beach and no one ever checked.
  12. For me I Iove a bass assassin or keitech on a jig head Than a bucktail with a curly tail or fat cow. SP or bomber for calm water. Shad. Diamond .
  13. You want my jar for a few bucks?
  14. I honestly didn't like the way they look in the water, I tested them out and put them right back in the jar.
  15. When you say split tail are you talking about this one?