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  1. I always hear people saying the fish bite best around 3 days before or after a full or new moon. Why do you think that is?
  2. have you ever been checked for the night fishing permit? when I was just starting out I would park in Jones beach and no one ever checked.
  3. For me I Iove a bass assassin or keitech on a jig head Than a bucktail with a curly tail or fat cow. SP or bomber for calm water. Shad. Diamond .
  4. You want my jar for a few bucks?
  5. I honestly didn't like the way they look in the water, I tested them out and put them right back in the jar.
  6. When you say split tail are you talking about this one?
  7. Moss green is almost invisible in the water which I like, if you want to see your braid than go with yellow
  8. Has anyone tried the fat cow 5" eel tail? I was really impressed with how even with a slow retrieve the tail had lots of action. I like it better than uncle josh.
  9. Sorry was talking about NY.
  10. Slightly off topic but are they giving us another April tog season this year?
  11. That's great I hope they keep fluke the same I like the season length
  12. Any idea when they will decide?
  13. I think this will help me because I have a tendency to slouch over
  14. I recently found out i have 3 herniated discs in my back and when I try to surf cast my back starts to hurt pretty quickly. I am thinking about using a back brace when I go. Have any of you had success with this or any other advice for back problems?
  15. I was very critical on the fat cow split tail because of the lack of natural action, so I tried out the fat cow eel tail and I thought it looked incredible. Even on a slow retrieve the action was great and better than otter tail in my opinion. I think this is a winner.