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  1. Thanks to all those members new and old for attending and keeping this event going without me. Special thanks to those who helped set up the event and brought food, brought plates, napkins, plastic ware, etc and all those that made donations to the free raffle. I am truly sad I was not able to attend the event and was driving me nuts to have to be working to make ends meet that day instead, would much rather been hanging with all of you! To next year!....
  2. All friends and members of SOL, it with a sad heart and hat in my hand that I say this; I will not be able to host this years Hat Fling event, do to issues in my own personal life. This is in no-way linked to this site, event, or member on SOL in anyway, just to be clear. I have already notified some of the long standing members on here of this fact. I am truly sad that I won't be in attendance this year, but please don't let this stop you guys from still having this event. I have made arrangements for a member to pick up the Fling tub at my house with past years picnic accessories along with my contributions to the Free Raffle. Aside from the two Webber BBQs I was planning on bringing to the event, the list on page two of this thread is still good and valid to work off of if someone else can bring a BBQ in addition. It is my hope that you guys understand me having to do this, especially so late and near the event. Sincerely, Linesideslayer
  3. Ghost think those scratched were butt rakes, or were you up outta the mud?
  4. More fuel to the fire for why a slot limit is more than necessary! I'm not knocking spearfishermen and women for doing what they love, as they are more than in their right "legally" to do what they are doing, but come on DFG aka Brood stock diminishing fast, bet both females, but only speculation. Oh and that beaches lagoon looks awfully familiar, Fling familiar??? Shame, deep down low dirty shame.
  5. 20-Life Judge that's rough! I shooting for parole in 5 years for good behavior it is healthy to let others take a turn, breath of fresh air and keeps things interesting and who ever does take over has my full help and support. Paladin already volunteered to take over, he just doesn't know it yet! Ha ha. I'm stuck in Fling prison, and time keeps on draggin on But the Fling train keeps a rollin on to San G. But I hooked a fish in Reno just to watch him die When I hear that Fling a whistle blowing, I hang my head and cry
  6. Tom you are 100% correct, this event is for all and everyone including friends and family, to quote myself. That said, I was going to wait until the Hat Fling to announce this, but this year will also be my last Hosting this event, it has been a fun 5 year run (sorry Covid prevented this event last year) and appreciate all the help and support I have had over the last 3 events, but it is now time for another member to take the torch.
  7. Very sad and my heart goes out to family and friends of John. In no way was this John's fault, but realize no rod, gear, waders or lure is worth risking your life over. A good long rod holder is worth the extra $20-30 at the tackle shop, can't count the number of rods I have seen pulled into the drink from swell or fish due to undersized sand spike being used or fisherman not paying attention after a slow morning. I too have had some very close calls surf fishing, the Pacific coast is no joke, and have been fortunate to only come away with a drenching and few scraps and bruises. RIP John.
  8. I hear you loud and clear K-man! Heard you been slaying the pink out of MB Hole this past week, over. Should be a good event only the real fisherman and guys I care about are showing up, no googans this year, perfect. Funny how all year you hear, are we having the Fling?, I hope so?,I missed last year but if they have it this year I will be there!, but then rubber hits the road and it is all crickets. Any other real fisherman also coming this year? Lets make some noise!
  9. I like to use P-Line Salmon/Steelhead 100% Flouro in 20, 25, or 30# had a spool in my surf bag over a year, never got brittle on me like other Flouros have. Like it more than their regular Flouro or coated stuff. Big Game would be my mono choice.
  10. Use a Secchi Tube and Disk. How water clarity is determined by professionals. "To measure water clarity, a Secchi tube is filled with water collected from a stream or river or ocean. Looking down into the tube, volunteers lower a weighted disk attached to a string until the disk disappears. The distance at which the disk disappears is the water clarity reading, which is recorded in centimeters."
  11. No, I am talking about adding scent to lures. I am putting examples of why scent is important. I add scent to my lures, even top water lures, feel it helps not only seal the deal on a following fish, but also gets the fish to hold on just a few seconds longer once engulfed. I am however using scientific proven facts involving how fish, especially bass species, perceive scent and how as predators they use scent to locate prey not only from long distances but also when unsure if an object is food or not, bass are notorious for bumping a lure to taste it first before deciding to commit the second time. You go over to a friends house for dinner, never eaten his moms cooking, but the kitchen sure smells good, they put a nice plate right under your nose, aahhh that does smell good, you take a small fork full (bump the lure) taste it, yes, and dig in, right? Yes does lure action play into this, of course, but to think that scent plays zero role in these predators locating and eating their prey is just ignorant.
  12. Okay then why on the east coast do bank and boat bait fisherman swear that if you don’t have super fresh bunker with slim coating and instead have frozen or old bait the striper won’t eat your offering? Cause they can see the difference not smell it? Once I was on a beach in Monterey couple years ago and these bait guys fishing next to me were killing the striper while I was blanking twenty yards from them on plugs. So I sauntered over to see what they were using. They were from Bay Area and had gone to pier in SF bought a scoop of live anchovies put them immediately on ice n salt in ice chest and drove to MB fished em on a high low two at a time. Other guys were using frozen bag anchovies and were getting a few but not like these guys every cast they hooking up.
  13. Here we have people double filling trashcans, limit is ten either sex in CA, the other thing I have witnessed is guys taking a claw or leg off an undersized crab and then releasing it and putting the leg in their aerated bucket, which might explain the missing legs you are seeing, they do lose them in fights over food, especially males when breeding or both sexes during molting, but to see this exploitation of a renewable resource makes me sick, I am not talking down hand grabbers or netters, but think filling trashcans well over daily bag limits in the cover of night is just ridiculous.
  14. So if scent is unimportant to fish, why is ProCure, Bang, Gulp, Gulp Alive still in business? Read scientific journals on bass and olfactory usage, plenty of studies out there with data to back it up. Grape jelly worms in the 80-90s all the crazy, gulp alive baits catch only on action alone, scent means nothing? Come on! Lets see some data backing up your claims, here is one example of mine. Look up In-Fisherman Bass Olfactory Smell in Google, can't post direct link. Next you will be telling me Wolfs hunt by sound first, then sight and don't use scent at all. Nope scent is #1 for predators of all types for locating prey in and out of water, then sound, then sight or feel when they get in close. How do you think tuna and dolphins located shoals of bait in the vast ocean, they can see them over thousands of miles?
  15. Striped Bass has two pairs of nostrils on each side of its head that allow it to smell constantly as it swims. A striper's ability to smell is far greater than its ability to see, which biologists have determined is because the cortex in the striper's brain is smaller for sight than it is for smell.Mar 25, 2020