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  1. Yeah I know about that trick too Tom!
  2. Jigman is selling pencils made of wood for $15 a pop, paint just dried. Plenty of cheap wood out there. I just posted three plugs 2/3 are wood $16 bucks. Used granted, but will fish. Gibbs, Habs, Stetzko, Tatoo, even RMs all reasonably priced/mass produced wood. I will agree that mass produced plastics have the advantage of consistent action plug to plug since they are mass produced and molded, basically clones. Wood has character each has it's own personality & artisan ship. Feels good holding one and knowing another human in America took pride, sweat & their hard work on it and held it themselves before you, instead of cranked out on a machine in China.
  3. All have been fished. RM Back Bay Popper in Herring (note the crack pictured) otherwise like new, Halco Redhead repaint (this plug has mojo & many, many fish have fallen for it for me) & Unknown Maker. All Plugs around 4 inch & 1 1/4 oz. $16 PP shipped, no offers please.
  4. Not a lot of experience with cork wrap. My only concern would be the oil and the adhesive used on the tape. A very light oiling shouldn't hurt, I would just worry that with the oil soaking into the cork and then mixing with the adhesive, it might cause the tape to no longer adhere to the handle and worst case unraveling in time, defeating prolonging & instead shortening the life of the handle. If you have extra cork tape lying around I would try sticking it to a round wooden dowel or pvc pipe if the rod handle in question is plastic and then soak the C out of it in oil and see what the effects are before doing in on rod.
  5. The heavy sounds like it would be a good light surf rod and for sure both a good perch rod since it is light action. Will be able to fish grubs, light bucktails, smaller stick baits and spoons with it, but will be very hard to fish pencils and medium to large topwaters since the rod will have alot of give to it. Most striper rods that I like (and I am on the light side of the spectrum) are 8'6"-10 ft rated 1-3 or 4 oz & 12-30lb line with med-heavy or heavy action. Other guys I know go a little heavier 2-6oz 10-12ft 20-50 line rating. This rod should do just fine for a perch/striper combo and without holding it, I have to feel a rod to know, why I have a hard time online ordering them unless I have held them.
  6. Here are my 2cents, no one wants to hear it, but at least it is cheap! Early season- Jan-Mar- bucktails as mentioned, especially if squid or smelt (not jack smelt) are in, smaller swimbaits 3-5", Sandcrabs can be king if your a bait guy, and smaller tins & spoons. Usually the first of the year bait can be smaller with the exception of Jacksmelt so I like using smaller baits and the striper are usually schoolies. Early Mid-April-May - topwaters come into play, a little bit bigger baits, SP minnow Joe Baggs, and start throwing some wood; metal lips, darters, needles, etc. Medium sized spoons, Kastmasters, Mickeys, Bigger swimbaits 5-7". Surf perch can be spawning live babies this time of year so a Rattle Trap can produce or anything that can match thier profile. Summer-June-Aug- topwater and don't be afraid to go big if your arm can handle it. Also think nighttime sesssions, as the fish like to cool off and feed at night. Just about any plug especially ones that move alot of water. Of course always match the hatch, if there are still small chovies or just hatched Jacksmelt or if there are some Mackerel around mack pattern plugs in the 5-8" can also produce well. Sardine patterns in same sizes if they are around. Squid should be in by now so larger pork or even squid strip tipped bucktails and squid darters can be very productive. Late Season- Sept-Nov and if warm even Dec- Before winter sets in and the fish mostly go up freshwater & delta, this can be a great Big lure = Big Fish time of year. Although the fish seem fewer and far between, this is when I see the biggest fish of the year being caught at random. The larger fish are trying to put on the lbs before winter and want usually a super sized Big Mac of a meal. They have also seen it all season, so showing them something different can also give you an advantage. Also a great time of year to soak chunked baits, whole macks, larger sardines, Big Sandcrabs in the 2-3"size, etc. the fresher the bait the better. Big plugs, large Pikies, Big Poppers, 7-10" swimbaits, Size 17 SP Minnows, Large Spoons and Krocodiles, etc. I am not saying discount the smaller baits if that is what is still around though.
  7. Went out this morning. TOO Rough for me. Threw a few tins anyways since I made the trip and got all gussied up, but after two surges almost but me on my face, that's it! Heading to Bass Pro Spring sale instead, show Johnny Morris how it is done!
  8. BIG F-ING NO!!! Wood will always have a place in my pocket! even if that means learning to turn em myself and I do already have a dormant lathe I bought off Mike F. sitting at my woodworking buddies shop. Just waiting till I have a shop or garage big enough to turn in.
  9. bet that first jolt followed by another made you feel a little better? Between pitching baseballs through JC to casting rods, my tennis elbow and shoulder are shot. I have to stretch before every outing for 10 min then after a good 2-3 hour session have to ice my arm or next day it will be hanging with numbness in my fingers. Have even considered learning to cast southpaw, something my future self might have to do.
  10. Speaking of overlap seasons. My seasons go like this in month order. Jan-Feb Steelhead unless rain (like it lately has) blows out the rivers then I do Perch or the dam for stripers & duck hunting closer in late Jan. March-April if the striper are not early (like they have been last two seasons) I fish for Perch & Rockfish in the bay and then Opening day trout in the mountains last Sat in April. May-Sept Striper almost 100% with Ocean Salmon & Halibut here and there. Sept kicks off bird hunting with Dove Opener on 1st. October surf Striper, Salmon on the River, Quail Zone Q1 Opener & Duck Opener. November Last surf striper (usually not many but when, hold on!) before I hang it up and Steelhead opens back up, Dam striper gets red hot & pheasant season opener, usually still too warm for good ducks tshirt weather. December mostly steelhead & ducks. Keeps me busy.
  11. Sorry Stu, dink striper. Once they show up at all I hang up the perch rod. Only on a really boring day or when the sandcrab mafia is just killing them like it is going out of style, do I make the switch back. Not that I don't enjoy their fight, willingness to hit a grub, fly or lure or their soft delicate tasty flesh, but I would rather not being catching striper instead, I know I got problems, once the addiction starts though it is hard to stop, like Lays P-chips. Heading out again in the storm early tomorrow morning will report back good or bad.
  12. Andrew if you haven't shipped my floater yet? can I add a Bunker & Parrot sinker to the shipment? If they went out already, I will pass. LMK?
  13. I said the same thing until my buying lead to running out of room, empty bank accounts & Td off spouse, now I sell just to buy some more...equilibrium. Now when my wife see's a package in the mail her first question is what plug are you selling? Good thing she thinks all plugs are created equally and in price. If she ever became a member on here I would be screwed.
  14. One eyed halibut Drew? Some would call the fish in question a Chicken and a bigger version a Barn Door, I am so confused.
  15. Thank but I am going to pass on your offer, after shipping & fees just not worth the $. I will fish them. Thread Closed. Thanks Tim S. & SOL for the opportunity.