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  1. Nicotine, vinegar, & Metamucil an old explosive coddercocktion.
  2. Might even be more fun than a DoubleD Beat-off-o-rama! Never know what the Free Raffle might have for prizes, just gotta dive for that pearl in the pile of raffle items
  3. Saturday July 29th, the Official SOL West Coast Crew HAT FLING At San Gregorio State Beach just South of Halfmoon Bay off Hwy 1 in the Picnic Area near the parking lot. Sign in here who is going and what you want to bring for the pot luck. Parking Lot Opens at 8:00am (I will be there early to reserve our spot) there is a Parking Fee of $10 per vehicle and free overflow parking outside along the highway where posted available. I am still working on attaching a list of items that we will need members to volunteer to bring (see attached list coming soon, need to dig out the Fling dedicated Plastic Tub in storage to see what we already have from past events). The list will be essentials like Plasticware, plates, cups, drinks, etc. We will also be having our free donated Raffle, so please bring your donations on the day of the event. Any questions regarding this event, please respond in this thread? For those members who have never attended a Fling or New members here in short is what the Fling is all about: A bunch of SOL members, friends & family, everyone is Welcome! getting together to talk fishing, gain insights and knowledge from one another, relax, have a good time, bring great eats to the pot luck, share stories, have some fun, maybe fish before, during or after the event, raffle off some fishing lures and other fishing stuff all donated by members, check out some of the members rods and rigs (please bring your rods and reels that you fish!), have some laughs and get to know one another, make some new friends and put some faces to avatars and online names. There is no strict schedule or plan of events, everyone shows up late morning (10-11amish, I will be there at 8:00am to get our spot and maybe even wet a line), we BBQ, put out some homemade food or store bought trays of food, we eat drink and be merry, mid to late afternoon after the raffle prizes are doled out, everyone says their goodbyes till next year. Below are links to the last few years' Event Threads.
  4. I'll take that deal, thanks. PM Coming. Thread Closed.
  5. Looking for a few packs of Vision Surf Eels in the 6" size in White/clear color, but open to other colors.
  6. Kid’s first of 2023. When they small you gotta kiss em Bill Dance style and tell them to come back and look you up in 10 years
  7. Hard to beat a Mikey Pikey or a Winch Swimming Mullet or Dagger Pencil and you will have it in time to fish it well...now!
  8. Going to a good home all I can wish for, PM coming. Thread Closed. Thank SOL & Tim S.
  9. Mint CCW Darter, no scratches, scuffs or otherwise. 5 inch 1.25 oz. Hooks removed but will ship protected with plug. $95 PP only shipped.
  10. Sold to atsea247 PM coming. Thread closed.
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