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  1. Nice pic Mike from the commercial days. I would make a lousy deckhand as Albycor knows first hand, as I get seasick in a bathtub. Still has never stopped me from going and suffering through the sacrifices for that tug that is the drug, but is also why I love surf fishing so much, I can still kiss land at will while casting and catching.
  2. Are they Warren brand Franks & Beans? They help me with my back cast...
  3. Yes as Paladin said there is a small stretch of parking across the highway. When I visited the beach last month the gate was unlocked before 8 am, but that doesn't mean it will be next Saturday. If not there is plenty of water north and south to choose from and lots of parking along the highway or at other state beaches. Also I did want all the fisherman to realize that there is an MPA (Marine Protected Area) Ano Nuevo MPA that runs from the norther part of Santa Cruz county from Greyhound Rock all the way north to Pigeon Point (where the big white lighthouse & hostile are) this entire area is closed to fishing and can result in an infraction ($250 fine), just ask me how I know this, as I have learned this the hard way...below is a link to the DFG website on MPAs & more specifics about the area and PDF map of the Ano Nuevo MPA with GPS coordinates. One week to go!!!
  4. For those fishing before going to the Fling here are the tides, solar & lunars for July 20th: 2019-07-20 Sat 12:23 AM PDT 5.0 feet High Tide 2019-07-20 Sat 6:03 AM PDT Sunrise 2019-07-20 Sat 7:36 AM PDT -0.0 feet Low Tide 2019-07-20 Sat 9:29 AM PDT Moonset 2019-07-20 Sat 2:35 PM PDT 3.9 feet High Tide 2019-07-20 Sat 7:18 PM PDT 2.7 feet Low Tide 2019-07-20 Sat 8:24 PM PDT Sunset 2019-07-20 Sat 10:58 PM PDT Moonrise Moon Phase Waning Gibbous at 89%- Full moon will have passed on the 16th.
  5. I will take these both if PP payment can be this Friday 7/12?
  6. You da man Sean. Thanks. I am excited and look forward to another great event.
  7. I am no lawyer, but here is what I know, you have the option to show up in court and plead your case to the judge to get off or try for a reduced fine, but the other option is to pay the fine as it is assigned and move on. I would be careful taking this to court especially since it was supposed to be a higher fine and MisD instead of Infraction, the judge might make it right and fix the error...on the other hand the judge could hear your case a reduce your fine, but since you (or your fishing party) was guilty of the crime, ie the fish was indeed short, I doubt this will happen. Me, I would pay the fine and I sure bet I would be asking those fishing with me that day to pitch in and help out with the fine or don't plan on fishing on my boat in the future, but then I am an A-holio. I am with Alby on only keeping fish well over the size limit. Had a friend last year that caught his first surf striper ever and was 18.5 inch, I warned him fish shrink with rigger mortis/dehydration, on our way out we were stopped by Warden, on the ruler his fish was on the dot 18", he was sweating the whole time.
  8. Jim sucks on the finger man, chain mail glove does wonders for fish cleaning, nothing super glue and a little duck tape won't fix. Losing time on the water, now that is priceless... Got two this morning and my fishing partner got one. As you can tell by the fingers in my pics my camera man was my 6 year old and these were the good pics. I also found out that angry wife's & trash compactors can't break an Ugly Stik but a 20lb plus striper sure can! Hooked a third fish that was BIG & when I reared back & set the hook really, really, hard after the take the lower top section of my rod shattered (see pic). I heard the familiar sound of fiberglass splintering and let pressure off the fish for fear my rod would break in two and it shook off on the slack line, boo! Good news have the receipt and is under 1 year almost to date warranty. bought on 7/31/18 BPS.
  9. Thanks Sean, much appreciated!
  10. There were 4th of July fireworks early for me this morning with topwater/teaser explosions. Caught these two, one about 8 lbs the other 10 lbs. Landed three others that were released and missed a few others. Halco Roosta Popper paired with clouser minnow fly teasers dropper rig pictured got them fired up. Got the small one on the popper and the larger one on the teaser. Happy 4h of July West Coast Crew, Tim S. & SOL!!!
  11. Could use 2-3 bags of Kingsford plain charcoal & 6-8 Sternos for the hot food. Other than that I got 8 racks of ribs and a gallon of BBQ sauce to douse them in. Don't know about where you guys are at, but the wind here right now is brutal, glad I fished this morning instead of tomorrow.
  12. Thread Closed lack of interest. Happy 4th of July Everybody! Thanks Tim S & SOL.
  13. Sold to Good2Go PM coming. Happy 4th of July...Thanks Tim S. & SOL.
  14. Sold PM coming. Happy Safe & Sane 4th Everybody...Thanks Tim S. & SOL
  15. After hours mint A-40 Swimmer Yellow o/ White. $24 PP shipped.