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  1. Offer with drawn. Moving on. GLWS.
  2. I would say more of a plug modifier or tinkerer, I have tried my hand at plug making and just not enough artistic or woodworking skill or patience, especially patience to wait for the paint to dry properly all the way before putting on the next coat. Also notorious for getting the plug just right, then just have to mess with it add one more coat, or accent color, end up F-ing it up. I will leave plug making to the plug makers, and I will gladly fish their plugs hard or admire them as art work.
  3. Sheepshead & Giant Seabass are the only Tranny's I care about. The others can do as they please as long as it isn't with my fishing pole.
  4. Offer $26 PP shipped for just the Spook
  5. All yours put_em_back.
  6. SPs floaters or sinkers and what size 15 or 17?
  7. Good stuff Stonefish!
  8. I prefer my Rattle Traps not for perch, but as perch...especially after the last two season when gutted a few big striper and found partially digested surf perch. Gave this one a custom Barred perch paint job. The only downside they cast about as good as a metal lip or potato chip into the wind.
  9. i will take this Marc
  10. I feel this is all relative to time, more people, & limited resources. Everyone's 30-40 years ago was better, for me I am happy to catch some fish, my dad would say you should have seen the salmon runs when I was a kid in the 60s-70s, his dad my grandfather would have said how much better it was back when he was fishing the boats out of Martinez and Monterey Bay during the Anchovy canning on Cannery Row & hunting ducks in the Marshes in the 30s-50s, and my great grandfather, whom I am named after, came over to Angel Island as an immigrant and whose name appears on plaque in Martinez Harbor pier along with several of my great uncles that were commercial fisherman at the beginning of the century, would all tell of how better it was then. So my fishing of today are my son's later disappointment. I say don't break flyntus's dreams, because his fishing today in WA will probably be way better than 30-40 years from now. Hope I am dead wrong Stonefish. Going back four generations in my family I would love for my son to be the first generation telling the elder generation, me, just how much better it is fishing today, than when I fished...So flyntus fish it hard, it might be the best fishing you will ever know right now!
  11. Power Pro here, but only because I am poor and can get at Walmart very cheap comparatively. I like 30 lb test for schoolies and perch, 40-60 lb for my bigger reels and rods, I also like putting a topshot of mono on the spool before putting the braid on linked with Uni to Uni knots. I like the braided line for it's low stretch and durability, but I am still partial to mono for bait applications and on some of my rod combos, they just fish better with mono. Plus never had a mono wind knot, ever, on a spinning reel, but have had days on the water ruined by wind knots with braid, just food for thought on the subject.
  12. Funny I thought the same thing, Salmon & Steelhead would be right up there in my top three. Welcome to the West Coast flyntus!
  13. Fixter peanut please
  14. This itches like crazy, never again, the 1 day of smoothness in DD's mouth wasn't worth it!
  15. Moocks gotta barrow Miss Silica from you sometime? Just need a pot large enough to boil her in first, but hot damn she is looking good!