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  1. Won't matter because usually me and Mike F. are there at dawn waiting for them to open like a couple of fat girls at the grand opening of a cold stone creamery. Last year at sunset I didn't realize the lower parking lot gates didn't open until 8am, which actually worked out and allowed Mike & I to hook a few fish between dawn and then before grabbing a few picnic tables and getting set up. But I will give the state park a call and find out when they do open. I am getting a good vibe on San G. and since it sounds like there has been a fling there in the past, San Gregorio Beach it is! Will open up a new thread for sign-in and logistics in May. Thanks guys and thanks telecronista for the suggestion.
  2. Yes, yes I do and sometimes it is so bad I organize a beach clean up. Have the mindset to leave any fishing spot better than when I arrived (well minus a fish maybe).
  3. I will take these please.
  4. an a flowing brackish creek to wash off in afterwards...
  5. with a nickname like Double D you knw he can take it! Sean this is actually not a bad suggestion and so far the only member to actually make one. Off the beaten path, far enough north (1 hr from SF), has adequate picnic benches/restrooms/parking & one hell of a view and is not as crazy busy as the beaches in downtown HMB, plus with the creek dumping out is probably fishy too. Hmmmmmm, let me chew on this one. May have to make a trip up the coast to get another look at it, as I have fished there in years past but was not really looking at the facilities or picnic area.
  6. I will take the bottom swimmer green scale over silver.
  7. Where in the south bay do you live and exactly which trash can number? Nice looking Fixter canal pencil, Mike must have been angry when he made it as he gave it two black eyes.
  8. Where is your garabage can located Brian, I love a good plug dumpster dive just about as much as a muff...
  9. They are built heavy to cast long distance, but the flat bottom gets them up on top quickly. Can't speak for the guppy flat bottoms personally, but have a few custom canal pencils that will sit half in the water and half out but have great action when worked. This one was made by a West Coast un-named member on here and is one of my favorite canal style pencil, great color combo and finish too.
  10. Want 1 EA Ghost, 1 EA Wonderbread & 1 EA Bone please Mr. Jigman.
  11. Want to give the impression I care about you guys and your opinions, then just do what I want. Surfhunter taught me this skill...speaking of which were is that guy? Moocks I am so full of stupid Qs and As I don't even watch them anymore...or maybe that is Ps & Qs.
  12. No need to hate on northerners that couldn't make it down south last year DD, we have enough north vs south hatred in Cali, we must unite together. As we are all one West Coast brethren regardless of location or color or fling participation, deep down! The real question is, anyone have an opinion on having this at Kelly Beach or other location for the Hat Fling? Keep this thing on topic here. Usually you guys are like the saying about a-holes, they stink & all have opinions... or wait maybe I got that a-backwards, huh, I am sure Moocks will Administer me correctly. Little known fact; Moocks was once a Norteno 3 star General before hanging up his guns & bandana to be a peaceful 4 star Admin here on SOL, but like most things he has done, it was a lifetime ago.
  13. Due to the great Reserve America website, just about every popular state beach campsite is booked within a week or two of the site opening reservations for the year on a summer weekend. I personally think they should have a few campsites open for locals with local address on Driver License or something. I used to be able to camp at Sunset or Manresa Beach in Watsonville by just driving up as long as it wasn't a holiday weekend in the summer. Now they are usually booked up every weekend all summer with the Reserve America system. Understand the reservation system is guaranteed money for the state and removes the hassle of cancellations, but camping shouldn't need to planned 6-8 months in advance. Sorry DD, but I say if the bums can camp on the river without paying taxes why shouldn't us hardworking tax paying Americans join em, pass the hooch and that needle stuck in that passed out guys arm!
  14. Moocks thanks for being the Admin that you are and fixing my spelling blender or blunter, wait blunder, there we go.