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  1. So decided to fish a creek that I have never explored on Saturday, but the times I have driven over it the water looked right and to get to the creek is a battle through thickets & blackberry bramble, so figured could be virgin unfished water. Got all my steelhead gear and headed out. First stop was a three foot waterfall with a deep pool after that I had scouted near a bridge crossing, perfect fish ambush spot. Threw everything at it, including bait, and not even a nibble. That is strange and not a good sign. Headed further down stream and fished every juicy pocket water and riffle I could find. Nothing. I spotted some fish, but they didn't look like trout, so figured they were red horses or suckers, then I got a good look at one, that looks like a LMB! I had basically zero Bass gear, but decided a spinner or spoon would get a reaction strike or two, worse case I could drop shot a pink steelhead worm in a pinch. The fishing then picked up from there with a few tiny teeny baby bass, but then got a nice 1 lber on a flutter spoon. So not the day I expected to have, but when your senses tell you that fish should be there, keep trying different tactics, lures and colors until you get a bite. Didn't find the chrome I was after, but discovered an untapped LMB creek that I will become better acquainted with in the future & will sure come better prepared for the fish species living in there next time. It will be great summer wade in your shorts & shoes creek for my son & I to explore.
  2. Andrew did you end up dropping the waver production? I forgot all about them until I saw Marc H post one in the Plugs WTS Thread and of course I missed that one as well. Hope you are still tinkering with their design Wood vs Resin, etc. Sure would like to have a few in both sizes come spring time. Thanks for the response in advance.
  3. My 5 year old son has been bouncing off the walls with Christmas fast approaching, so much so that Mom yesterday ordered me to take him somewhere, anywhere, and get lost for a few hours to give her a break. No problem, to the river boy! At Walmart I let him choose a lure of his choice and he chose a small Mepps 0 Aglia 1/64 oz spinner (see pictured) with Red Woolly Ant fly, figured he would lose it in the first few casts, cheap $3 thrill. After an afternoon of no bites on egg patterns and pink worms I gave up fishing & let my son tie on his new spinner & let him fish it all on his own, again figured it would be snagged and gone in a few casts...well the only place it got snagged, on his first cast mind you, was on this nice 14" Rainbow's mouth!!! "See daddy, told you that tiny lure was good!" Damn nice fish kid, already out fishing daddy. Fish was immediately released after a quick pic, in hindsight I should not have grabbed the gills and kept the fish in the water, but was a little excited for the kiddo's catch, fish was revived in fast moving water and darted out of my hands back to it's undercut bank from whence it pounced. Really pretty fish with it's rosie cheeks & pink lateral line.
  4. How about some weedless rigged sluggos around those weedy docks.
  5. Just don't get married, EVER, this coming from experience, never again. All you single guys out there, this is the best life experience advice I have ever given and maybe ever will. Julius Caesar beware the ides of Marriage, was the original warning historical writers distorted it to March, he didn't listen either and he paid too!
  6. I will take these please Bob
  7. Sweet resurrection of that antique, I believe old run cordell?, these young new age fish don't seem to mind how old she is thebayway. Nice fish. Went out this past Saturday for local steelhead opener. Prayed the water cleared enough to fish and didn't rain too hard on me. At least half my prayers were answered, the water vis was a foot or two making it fishable, but the rain dumped on me right until I left (which is why the pictures are foggy & not great focus). Caught 14 trout with a few going over 12 inches, but no true sea run chrome. Fished seemed to like what I was offering them, but gluttony is expected on opener. Look forward to the challenges for trying for a good one again this season.
  8. Marc I will take these two for $18 PP shipped if you can get them to me before Christmas? Be for my pops and brother's stocking stuffers.
  9. Keen observation. Yes at first I was working the plug tied direct, but was not getting the side-to-side walk the dog motion (swam more like an eel, straight glide, surprise, surprise) and the fish kept short striking the lure or just ghosting up behind it with a wake and not committing. Instead of changing plugs decided to see if the addition of a snap changed the motion of the plug enough to get them to commit and it did the trick. Sometimes just a slight adjustment to what the fish are already telling you they want is all it takes.
  10. Even though the weather looked sketchy, I dawned the rain gear and headed solo back up to the dam yesterday. Decided to try fishing plugs and walk around a big shallow bay to see if there were any takers. Despite howling wind and threatening rain, was able to get a few fish to commit to topwater! They really like this RM Smith mini sandeel burn-walked across the wind broken surface. No big fish, but plenty fun when they blow up on your plug.
  11. Took my son back up to the Dam this past weekend for his first night fishing trip. The half moon was out and even with the smoky haze we were able to see clearly only needing a head lamp to bait hooks or land fish. My neighbor joined us and while I was setting out bait rods, he hooked up on a swimbait on his first cast in less than a foot of water and the fish inhaled the whole 5 inch swimbait (can see it is gone in the pic). Didn't take long before it was my son's turn. He ended up landing 3 fish that were all released back to be caught another day. The fish were pretty active as we missed several bites on bait & even had a break off on 15lb test , causing me to go to a two hook rig with a stinger & 25lb test, which did the trick on the last two fish he caught. Bait de jour were jumbo nightcrawlers, threaded and then blown up to float off bottom with a little anchovy or sardine Pro-C Gravy for scent. Tellin you West Coast guys, a Worm Threader & Worm Blower (or as my wife calls them Worm Torture devices), are under rated/under utilized, super simple and cheap devices that can be killer on all sorts of freshwater fish. If you don't own one of each, should consider the cheap investment, as they pay out in fish-dividends big time.
  12. Took my son out to the dam at dusk for some landlocked linesides. Nothing like some cracker jacks while waiting for a bite. Wait Daddy, I saw the pole move. Oh yeah hoist this monster up for a pic. Then the Norcalkat Release! think this kid is going to earn a plug soon...good times.
  13. Sorry for the delay, got the flu over the weekend. Yes will still take these. PP coming.
  14. Offer $30 PP shipped for remaining two plugs.
  15. Takes some practice and timing/rhythm. I recommend going to a lake or back bay where the water is dead flat and practice. If the lure is not working properly adjust the cadence of your rod tip and the speed of your retrieve. If after a lot of trying still getting poor results try a different rod or change sizes/weight of the pencil. I find some of my pencils work better with one rod combo over another.