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  1. Does he do Sturgeon? If so would be interested in a trip in Mid to late Nov.
  2. Marc how about $12 PP combined with my Metal Lot order?
  3. I will take Marc.
  4. If for some reason this falls through, I will get in line.
  5. Those look great Eddie! But I think you misunderstood the deal with them, they were not raffled off to you, but you were allowed to barrow them for paint & finishing and then were expected to show up at this year's Fling and donate them back finished! What happened?
  6. I will take 1 EA Blue please Mr. Jigman
  7. Can't unless you want a ticket. I always try to beach them where possible, but in deep haunts use a net where legal. But if I didn't have a net or partner I would go for a tail grab, once you control the tail the fish can't really go anywhere and after it's initial shake, is easy to slip the other hand under it's belly and lift it up for a pic or to dispatch it. Where if you go for the gill plate not only could you injure the fish, but he will still be able to use his tail to get away from you.
  8. I always used a triangle shaped card board box tube (is also how Lamiglas & other rod makers ship their rods). Keep in mind it is not only length that determines the cost, but also the weight. I have found in my experiences, that reducing the overall weight of the package, without compromising the protection of the rod makes for cheaper shipping costs. You can't change the length of the rod or package, but you can reduce the weight. Stay away from PVC pipes or Carpet heavy duty cardboard tubes as they weight a ton and instead try custom making or buying a triangle tube made of thin cardboard. the use of a pool noodle is a good idea, but have always used bubble wrap for the rod & crinkled news paper as filler in the box to keep the rod from moving around too much. Also extra bubble wrap around the rod tip, as it is the most susceptible to damage/breakage. I have never shipped a really long one piece rod, but of the many rods I have shipped 7 ft and under I can't remember spending over $30 at USPS. Hope this helps.
  9. So returned from my trip to Sac. Fished it hard and only had one 8 lb sucker to show for it. You would have laughed at my "fish on!" cry, just to claim never mind just a suckerI got the "should have been here yesterday" speech right after the rain on Friday, as everyone got fish the day before I was there. But was nice to be on the river and got to scout a few new spots, what happens when you roll the dice early in the season. May make a return trip in early November, till then tight lines every body!
  10. Heading to the American River in Sac this weekend. Going to try for salmon, since this recent rain should get them sniffing up stream, but regs changed and only 1 ea salmon allowed per day instead of the 2 ea it has been in years past and I can even remember in the section I fish, when 3 fish per day was the limit. I must be getting old. Also there is some strange new weight to hook leader length limit that I am still trying to understand in the Salmon Supplement Regs? Any Reg lawyers out there that can tell me what this means 2018 Supplement: Central Valley Salmon New Section 2.05 Leader Length Restriction? To me it sounds like your leader has to be at least 6 ft or longer, but my buddy said it was the opposite, your leader can't exceed 6 ft? So which is it? Will also be targeting some steelhead. I usually make this trip later in Oct, but instead will be heading to Baja Mexico to fish Yellertails at the end of this month. Wish me luck and will report back on Sunday. New Section 2.05. Leader Length Restriction. It shall be unlawful to use any configuration of fishing tackle in anadromous waters unless the distance between the terminal hook or terminal lure and any weight attached to the line or leader, whether fixed or sliding, is less than six feet. For purposes of this section, “weight” includes any product used to submerge the line or leader, including non-buoyant artificial flies or artificial lures, but does not include integrated or sinking fly fishing lines, lead core lines used while trolling from a boat, dropper weights used while trolling from a boat, or clipped weights used with downrigger systems.
  11. Don't want to derail this Catch Anything thread, but I am the mind of cheap & works, then it is for me. Think my Boga is a cheap Rapala brand.
  12. Unless you are fishing a fixed spot like a Jetty, Pier, a very deep Shelf, Boat or Rock out cropping where landing a fish is easier or only possible with a net, then a net I would have. But for Surf fishing and catching striper on long stretches of sandy beach, I really can't see someone carrying a salmon size net around? (hand held nets will not be large enough for striper over 15-20lbs) A boga grip or if fishing to keep the fish, a small gaff, will be easier to haul around and more beneficial to landing a large striper on the beach. By the time you have the fish in close enough to get a net under it, the fish is usually in 6-12 inches of water.
  13. Crossing the River at lowtide, no problem, crossing after tide came in, not so possible. Same goes for sneaking around that rock on that point. Both learned the hardway, by me. Lucky to be alive after both.
  14. Nice fish Albycore! Great haul right before old man winter sets in. I just returned from the Merced River. Water was running warm and low, so the Trout were not present, but the SMBs more than made up for their absence. Now I know why they say river small mouth are some of the toughest fighters, man are these guys scrappers. Great time on the water and learned if I go up there in the fall to bring the down sized bass gear and leave the trout gear at home.
  15. Heading back up to the Merced River this weekend, never have fished it in the fall and with the fires that ran through there not sure what the river will look like. If the fishing is even half is good as it was this Spring I will be very happy. Will report back Sunday. To all those heading out to water this weekend, good luck and tight lines to all of you!