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  1. Agree with Herb on this one. Your intermediate lines will work fine. Should definitely bring a stripping basket.
  2. Please close.
  3. Selling my CC GLX 8wt in excellent condition. One of the best rods out there in my opinion. $365 shipped.
  4. I have an SA wavelength tarpon 10 wt floating line. Used once on a trip. $30.
  5. I would trim it down a little more as suggested. Also plastic eyes are best.
  6. Yes it is still available. Please send me a PM with shipping info. Thanks. Matt
  7. Sounds good! Hope you enjoy it. Send me a PM .... please close this thread.
  8. Bump. 160 shipped
  9. I have it listed on the BST. I’ll bump it up so you can see
  10. I have a G Loomis CrossCurrent 8wt (non GLX). 160 shipped.
  11. Got it down in Belize this summer. Wasn’t wading. Just hopped off the panga for a pic.
  12. Some good ideas here. My goal is to try to get into the backing once a month. Should be interesting!
  13. Offer withdrawn for lack of interest.
  14. Opening this back up... price drop to $180 shipped. Great rod but I have had it as a backup for years and never use it.
  15. Not sure if you are still looking but I have a CC GLX 8wt in great shape. $375 shipped