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  1. Sage Flight 1290 - I have used the rod a few times for tarpon but have had it mostly as a backup. This rod is casts really well and has the backbone needed for big fish Rod is in perfect condition other than light soiling on the cork. Comes with blank warranty card as well as rod / reel case which is great for travel or storage. $145 shipped. Thanks!
  2. PM Sent.... Thanks SOL
  3. I can offer $300 if that works. Thanks
  4. Bump..
  5. Bump...195 shipped
  6. Sage 6012 11-12wt reel. Super light weight large arbor. Bought for tarpon used a few times but been on the shelf for a while. Mint condition. $215 shipped backing included but not the line.
  7. I have a Sage XI2 4pc 8wt in great shape if interested.... $250 shipped.
  8. My friend and his wife went out with Strip Strike Charters and really enjoyed it. Based in Marathon
  9. Agree with Herb on this one. Your intermediate lines will work fine. Should definitely bring a stripping basket.
  10. Please close.
  11. Selling my CC GLX 8wt in excellent condition. One of the best rods out there in my opinion. $365 shipped.
  12. I have an SA wavelength tarpon 10 wt floating line. Used once on a trip. $30.
  13. I would trim it down a little more as suggested. Also plastic eyes are best.
  14. Yes it is still available. Please send me a PM with shipping info. Thanks. Matt
  15. Sounds good! Hope you enjoy it. Send me a PM .... please close this thread.