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  1. Np if you want to do the local sale, it does say that in your post, otherwise I’ll take them, aloha, isao
  2. I love these! Would you consider shipping them? If so i'll take them both, Thanks, Isao
  3. Aloha Snaps, I am still interested, can you post some pics? thanks, Isao
  4. looks great , sending PM
  5. $75 shipped to 94121 sounds great
  6. Very interested, please post pics, how much would you like for it?
  7. I would be happy with 80 shipped aloha, Isao
  8. Aloha SOL, Im gearing up for the first full fishing season my wife and I will have since our son was born, and figured I would check here before going to the store. I am looking for reels that work as well as they should, but don't mind if they have been used. Thanks, Isao
  9. Respectfully offer $310 for the 6500 and the 5000 shipped to 94121
  10. The Ti5 from English seems like a better call than the new Hbird Imho
  11. Hi, would you ship the teramar to 94121 for $100? Thanks, isao
  12. Aloha, Could you do $80 shipped? thanks Isao
  13. Over tightening your hobie during transport or storage runs the risk of damaging the hull. Storing hobies (minus PA's) covered and upside down resting its rails on some kind of flat support (saw horse, 2x4, w/e) is a great way to store your boat. Be mindful about snow piling up on it and of sun cooking it.
  14. ++1 all three look super hard to see. I'd vote for bright a$$ yellow or orange
  15. Aloha, Did the BG sell? if not I'll take it, thanks