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  1. Just Beautiful! Congrats on your little miracle!! Enjoy every moment!
  2. Everyone here at SOL will keep casting for you . . .
  3. Awwww . . . thank you all . . . you made my heart smile!! Please stay well . . . ~Carole
  4. Hi Ditch! Seeing your post so made me smile!! ~Carole
  5. Something to consider . . . Plus I have family out that way . . . ~Me
  6. You are a smart man . . . Carole thinks Tim should do what Tim thinks is best for Tim . . . I'd like it done sooner than later as watching him have a heart episode will be beyond words for me . . .I do trust Jersey Shore and Dr. Litsky's opinion and I believe (as someone mentioned) that because one of the blockages in at a Y that we need to have it tended to . . . but we can wait until Covid has settled down a bit more . . . I still call first dibs . . . ~Carole
  7. Now that is a friend . . . my bet is that Tim will not go into the city . . . he has never liked the city. . . plus his last time in was to have a meeting with the Huddler people . . . ~And I have first dibs . . . just saying~ ~Carole
  8. Hmmmmm. Nope. Lol.
  9. SOL’s community is over 20 years strong and sometimes there are no words. Just friendship, thoughts and prayers to all. To Bob and his family, especially his grandson Bo, extra hugs during this time. Keep taking care of each other. ~Carole
  10. GOS Award 2019 to TomT! SOL thrives due to all of you within our community, so thank you all!
  11. Great to see you! Thank you for your generosity with the kiddos!
  12. Many thanks to all that donated to the Food Fling whether it be a dish or auction item. A fun time was had by all once again! Food Fling #18!
  13. Hi Ben! I am so happy for this traditional picture! ~Carole
  14. Long, long time ago, I deemed one hockey thread to remain here in the Town Tavern. Just a little request. And so it shall stay here-forth.
  15. Merry Christmas! Give all a heads up. Sorry for the loss of their daughter and what was supposed to have been. But raise a glass in celebration of all you have done and blessings for your children.