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  1. I have plugs avail for trade if interested
  2. I’m going to have to retract my offer.
  3. Im down for a trade, I’ll lock this up and we can PM the details. Thanks SOL
  4. Might be less than ideal but I could offer one of 2 trades... 1st would be a new custom S2 spinning. My loss, your gain. Paid $550 a few months ago. 2nd would be a plug lot something like the one I have pictured. If there’s no interest good luck with the sale. Nice rod you have there.
  5. Sounds good, thanks
  6. What’s the distance to reel seat?
  7. What’s that rated? 1-6?
  8. Up for trade is a new S2 custom. See pics below. Looking for an inshore rod to pair with a lexa 300 I have. Looking for the avid inshore casting 8’ 3/4-3oz or similar.
  9. Specifically what might interest you in trade?
  10. Location? If interested in trades I have a brand new custom S2
  11. Bump sale/trade
  12. Price reduced $25 shipped or P/U shipping payment must be usps mo
  13. Reduced price $40 for both shipped or P/u. usps mo only for shipped payment
  14. Sure 30 p/u 33 usps mo for shipped w tracking