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  1. Lot as shown, all new. $170 cash p/u or Usps mo.
  2. “Supposedly” huh.. fam always comes first. I’m more concerned with my child that was just born days ago. Deals off, admins I’m not worried about any rules broken here. This will be the last time I log onto SOL. I’ve met some great people here and thank all of you for the great experiences but after this I’m done.
  3. Sold will work out p/u
  4. Wife having a baby
  5. Sounds good. Marshfield
  6. $85 cash p/u or $92 Usps MO shipped. Bottom dollar. No splits
  7. $95 cash p/u or $102 Usps MO shipped.
  8. 6.5” and 2.6oz
  9. New darts. $120 cash p/u or $127 Usps MO shipped.
  10. You got it
  11. I was wrong on weights. 1 gag is 3oz, rest are 4. Jecks are 4.
  12. Will do, thank you!
  13. Works just not pretty. Drag is silent, only issue.
  14. Don’t have pp or Venmo. Can’t do it
  15. $50 p/u $57 shipped