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  1. The jap wrap I have can’t even be compared to x flock. My last rod had x flock. Much diff. The added O rings are awesome. Will never slip.
  2. Fished the S2 and was amazed at casting, control, feel through the blank. Even my daughter got some time in with it!
  3. Grips are like glue! Love em.
  4. Hitting the water today! Long work week kept me from getting out. Cant wait to get the 1st few casts out!
  5. TFO is sold. Will keep the slammer. Thread closed. Thank you SOL.
  6. Thank you for the offer but I cannot do that.
  7. Thank you! I’ll throw a few up later for sure
  8. So I’ve been saving for century for a bit now. Tucked the dough away and found a builder here. Very impressed by the build quality, attention to detail, and components used. I have the two rods that will cover every bit of surf I fish, the S2 and KNE 1326. Builds are all function and little flash. Jap shrink grips with O-rings at the bottom for an even better hold, jap fore grips, a separate wading grip with jap and O-rings, SIC double foot Ks, and a simple 2 color guide wrap. PM me with any inquires.
  9. Sounds good, yes we can work out a good spot. Pm me and we will figure it out. Rod gone guys. Thanks SOL
  10. Here’s a shot I just got of that spot. Must have been dust. Only imperfection is on the 11. Zoom in on it. It’s missing paint from factory. It’s the size of a pen tip at best.
  11. I’ll take a close up when I get home to confirm that spot. I work in stoughton and live in marshfield so anywhere in those areas work.
  12. Most likely dust or something like that.
  13. Sorry, given it’s condition along with good line asking price stands.
  14. TFO for $175. Will pass as new.