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  1. Thanks but I’d prob prefer the newer gen after consideration
  2. Possibly, pics? Condition?
  3. Sounds good, any pics? Need any other shots of the slammer?
  4. The 4000 is just a little too small. Would have to be a 4500
  5. Depends more on function of the 4000. I’m assuming it will take close to 300yds of 30# but how easily will the bail trip? I know the manual bail starts at the 4500 series
  6. Prob 2 hrs on it. Just doesn’t suit my needs. Will trade for spheros sw 8K gossa sw 8K ultegra XTD 14000 (2) daiwa BGs 4500 or 5000
  7. Slammer 3 6500 with only a few hrs on it. It’s loaded with 40# super slick. Looking for a lighter long cast to pair with my S2. Looking for a shimano ultegra XTD. Slammer has no imperfections. I still have box, manual, and foam handle knob. Prefer local swap in SE Ma.
  8. Slammer 3 with box, extra knob, ext. fresh 40# super slick. Will pass as new. $190 local P/U or $200 shipped.
  9. The jap wrap I have can’t even be compared to x flock. My last rod had x flock. Much diff. The added O rings are awesome. Will never slip.
  10. Fished the S2 and was amazed at casting, control, feel through the blank. Even my daughter got some time in with it!
  11. Grips are like glue! Love em.
  12. Hitting the water today! Long work week kept me from getting out. Cant wait to get the 1st few casts out!