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  1. It's a while since I had a 309 open, but to the best of my recollection, they're pretty much like any of the other older-style Penn reels, if you've ever worked on one of those. You might want to check alan tani's web site for photo tutorials. Don't recall if there's one for the 309, but definitely for the 209, which should be close enough. You could also ask in the reel repair forum here.
  2. And fill the cap with grease before installing, so when you do install it, grease squeezes into every cranny under the cap.
  3. The dissimilar metals (steel screws in aluminum frame) together are prone to corrosion. Back out each screw, put a little dollop of grease in the hole, and replace the screw. Rinse after every use. Don't fish the reel near the top of its drag range or, if you do, be ready to replace the pinion bearing frequently. Keep the non-spool bearings packed with grease.
  4. Okay. Check your PMs for contact information. Sale is again pending.
  5. Drewtuna1993 has gone MIA since I accepted his offer. Regardless, he has now established my firm, rock bottom price for this rod. First $75 takes it. Thanks.
  6. Okay. Pending to Drew. PM on the way.
  7. I've fished 16. The E-glass, medium action handles weight much better than a faster, graphite tip.
  8. Excellent bait rod for tog, bluefish, stripers, or deep water fluke. E-glass, sturdy Hyalloy guides, medium action, rated for 20 to 30 lb. line. Foregrip had a chunk taken out of it; damaged piece was replaced with tarred tuna cord wrap, very tough and cool looking with the Turk's heads. See pictures. The rod is otherwise in nearly new condition. These rods are going for $179 new in Kevin’s shop. $90 for this one. No trades, thanks. Meet up in North Central NJ, vicinity Essex, Morris, Union, Middlesex, Monmouth counties. Not interested in shipping.
  9. meccali, with all due respect, not all of us have pianist's or surgeon's hands like the guy in the first clip and, I guess, you.
  10. The latter. Shallows with dark (muddy) bottoms warm quickly on sunny days.
  11. I would meet you in the middle at $60.
  12. Yes, but I think the 55 lb. lower bound line rating is misleading. The tip is light enough that the rod can be comfortably fished in a 30 lb. braid application.