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  1. If that is a 1/2-in fitting, it should certainly work. Worst case, you might have to replace that fitting with the female part of the hose I am selling. I am no plumber, but I have done similar on this project. It is not rocket science. You just have to be careful to seal the threads with PTFE pipe dope.
  2. Solid brass fittings. Bump.
  3. For grills, portable generators, etc. Two pieces: One 1/2 in. quick connect/disconnect female fitting and one sturdy 10 ft. hose. The hose has a male quick connect/disconnect fitting on one end. On the other is a 1/2 inch female flare fitting attached to a 3/8 inch female flare adapter. This was hooked up then used a couple of times, but my plans changed. I paid $48.88 for it new from Amazon. Your price delivered $35, PayPal only. I will include a black steel 1 inch to ½ inch female/female reducer and ½ inch black steel nipple if you would find it useful.
  4. Listing elsewhere.
  5. Manufacturer guarantees this to charge lead-acid batteries and not to overcharge them; you can leave the battery on the maintainer and the maintainer plugged into the wall indefinitely without harming the battery. I took it out of the box only to RTFM and then take pictures when I realized it doesn’t handle my LI battery. It’s $24.98 new on Amazon, where it is well rated. Your price is $15, firm. Pick-up only, vicinity Morristown/Union/Middletown NJ. Sorry, no shipping; new USPS rates make it impractical.
  6. I haven't fished one, but overhauled a badly treated SX G2 for a buddy of mine, which required breaking it down completely. The finer-toothed AR ratchet should be nice for jigging, as it cuts handle back-play in half. I like the new drag lever arrangement. But I haven't seen anything in the reel that would justify the claims of higher drag numbers; the bearings and layout appear to be exactly the same as the G1 SX, meaning that the pinion bearing is still vulnerable. Did I miss something? Thanks.
  7. And done. Thanks, SOL.
  8. You are welcome. Pending.
  9. Unlocking due to PM statement of interest.
  10. Bump quota exhausted. Back in a couple of months. Stay well.
  11. Thanks, guys, but I am firm on price.