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  1. Taking my ball and going home.
  2. I'm open to reasonable offers. Any?
  3. Well, yeah. The short butt makes it perfect for casting light stuff, because it's easier to generate more velocity at the rod tip.
  4. I disagree. That's a really nice rod for a lot of things, and a good value, but the action is too slow for bucktails.
  5. The butt is 12.5 inches long.
  6. Unused Daiwa Saltist Inshore Casting Rod SIN70MXB. (See the Daiwa web site.) Rated 10-15 lb. I would say the sweet spot is ½ to 2 oz. lures. Daiwa calls the rod extra fast; I would say medium fast. Fuji components. This rod would do nicely for sea bass, shallow water fluke, scup, and the like. It is $129 in the stores. My price is $90. Location is north-central NJ. Meet up in the GSP corridor in Essex, Union, Middlesex, Monmouth counties, or eastern Morris county. No shipping.
  7. Thanks for informative replies. C. Robin, I did not propose overloading the rod. I did propose loading it to its capacity. Big difference.
  8. I “need” a new casting rod (not spinner) for bucktailing shallow water fluke. Skinner likes the Tsunami tscc-701mh, 10-20 lb. It’s priced right, but I haven’t been able to lay hands on one, and have a question. If you load the rod up with, say, 6 lbs of weight, does the line cross the blank? I ask because the rod has only 7 + 1 guides, and experience says that 9 + 1 are needed on most 7 ft. rods to avoid touching the blank with the line. ( I have seen lots of “name” 7 ft. casting rods with fewer than 9+1 guides that fail this test.) Thanks.
  9. Chinese engraving.
  10. There's a small bottle and a large bottle (maybe 8 times the size of the small), and they are priced very closely. A head-scratcher.
  11. I will take these. PM sent.
  12. My experience with Avets is that they are rugged if fished within their capabilities, rinsed after fishing, and given a little maintenance. I've got an SXJ, SX, MXJ, and MXL, all base series. I haven't destroyed a pinion bearing in many years, because I don't exceed the drag capabilities of the reel. The SX reels are 20 lb reels (7 lbs drag at strike), the MX 25 lb (8 lbs or so at strike). An instructive experiment is to put your reel on a rod, take an 8 lb weight (a 2 gallon jug of water will do), and tie it to your line. Assume the position and lift the jug off the ground. That's 8 lbs of drag. I don't think my LamiGlas 7030 C would like much more. I accept that you like to crank down the drag, but I don't find it necessary (even taking bass to 40 lbs).
  13. I looked at a 7 ft Star conventional a few years ago, and it had too few guides. The line cut across the blank when the rod was loaded up.