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  1. What’s up with these guys (Park police) asking us to take down pop up potties? A mans gotta do His business throughout the day. I carry all that stuff out. Some idiots are probably burying it maybe?
  2. Demo is 24/7 after Labor Day sore thumb is always open but not action bay side Gilgo closed indefinitely since 3 years ago. yes I’ve stayed there with my roof top tent a few times. Slide in campers. Sleep In your truck, etc. just no ground tents even though, I’ve seen people do it.
  3. Just a quick update. Since lowering the front, I’ve not experienced the shakes upon accelerating. Fully loaded front and rear sit leveled at 21” center hub to fender. Spotted a bushing failing on the tie rod ends. Minor. Cv’s seem fine too. Some pics at ibsp yesterday.
  4. For sure man. Also a new toy showed up yesterday...
  5. @Kneel i just jacked it up, pb blasted the 30mm bolts on both sides, then cranked counter 6x. I was able to drop it an inch. began to load the crap out of the truck with an 80lbs sand bag, 40lbs kettlebell, 60-70lbs of water (7 gallons), a case of water, and my 100ah battery and tent are things i can't move so both are a good 160lbs. the rear still sits an inch higher. keep in mind i have heavy springs so, it can load a good amount. the good news is, i drove it around with all of that additional weight and there were no vibrations. I think the angles of everything for the most part returned to somewhat stock settings. if you're ever in Leonia on a weekend, you gotta drop by for a beer, man. thank you. maybe i'll take that slee diff drop off your hands for added insurance.
  6. @Kneelfront center hub to fender is 22”. Rear is 23”. Dry weight might be 23.5-24”. Have a roof top tent, awning, tools, solar and a 100ah deep cycle already towards the mid rear=250~ or so full time pounders. Dropping the front to 20 or 21 would be better.
  7. I’m reading not to cheap out on those. So def oem
  8. Awesome. The bars were done a few moths ago. I’ll definitely be sure to mark it with a pencil before I dial it down. Thanks a lot man.
  9. @Kneelalso is lowering the front as simple as turning that bolt counter clockwise a few turns? I’m considered a beginner when it comes to wrenching. Obviously with the front end slightly jacked.
  10. nice rig man. i may need to definitely lower the torsions a bit. i have heavy springs in the back knowing i'd be loading it pretty good. I may get a wilco hitchgate.
  11. Thanks for the response man. I’ll measure when I get home. I know my mechanic left the front lower than the rear by an inch but I’ll have to confirm. My lower ball ball joints look crushed and need replacing. I may just get new cv’s vs diff drop. Or both.
  12. In the pics, the truck is very loaded up right before a trip lol. Trunk and hitch tray. The torsion bars are Arb and they do sit lower than the rear. It could benefit from lower another inch. Ive been mulling the diff drop, which could help. But also considering new cv’s since the truck is old with lots of miles. Where in nj are you?
  13. I may have to try this. Not sure if that’s even safe or advisable. I’ll have to look on other forums thanks though dude
  14. Looks like I’m gonna have to get it done lol. Process of elimination. If not the drop then def it’s the ujoints. I got under and tried to move but it seems fine. No rust, greased up enough and all.