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  1. $25 shipped to 07444 for the Diawa ag 4000x if it’s at least 8-10 mechanically. Last one you sold we lasted 2 years and I loved that reel for the yak.
  2. Same for me only on SOL mobile has gotten worse over time although I understand the site needs to be funded but it sucks. now it’s a pop up on every page
  3. Drysuit Flag whistle pfd waterproof phone case reflector stickers on paddle and yak and probably the most important thing”practice self rescue” you don’t want to find out if you know how to save your own life while you are losing it.
  4. Where are you fishing with no shirt in March?
  5. Tj7501 a man after my own heart if I won the lottery tmrw I’m keeping my revo 13 footer And then maybe buying a new Revo 16
  6. Pm me with your new number
  7. Hey Charlie Penny I don’t think I have your new number so we can stay in touch
  8. Cold clam your the man that’s a nice dice for March
  9. Where you located maybe we can cut out shipping?
  10. +4 awesome belt
  11. I Also use a titanium wenoka squeeze lock blunt tip knife attached to PFD for 5 years.
  12. Ok thanks GLWS
  13. Looking a 3000 size but I’m in Verona and would like to look at it
  14. Does that have the line guide ?
  15. When it comes to fishing gear Less is better Couple of items missed Flag with light Whistle waterproof phonecase large billed hat for shade kayak shoes or boots or just the right shoes for swimming And always Dress for immersion