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  1. Same for me moss green PP only get that dust/resin when first spooled.
  2. Also by far my best year for albies. Normally they are here for 2 weeks but this year it was a solid month+ from surf and kayak. If I catch 1 or 2 a year I am happy but this year I caught 14 from surf casting and 7 from trolling off the kayak up and down the Moco coast. I even ate one. Friend of mine gave me a couple of tips and it was delicious raw.
  3. Bob that sounds good I am in the wayne area but I also on the road 50% of the time. Gonna pm my cell
  4. Also didn’t know senators came in different sizes either.
  5. I didn’t know the Penn 10 came in different sizes but light to medium going on 6’6 ugly stick for my sons kayak just getting him going with a couple of cheap work horses
  6. Or senator conventional reels
  7. Want to buy 2 Penn 10 or conventional reels
  8. First welcome and good luck. As stated many times before: “it’s not a matter of if you will flip/dump but when” always dress for submersion and practice self rescue someplace safe. the ocean is not the spot to find out wether you can keep your cool and save your own life. Without question the most important thing I have learned kayaking. Thanks Joe B.
  9. Nice good luck be safe and practice dumping A good friend on this board wants told me it’s not a matter of if you will dump just when
  10. i Need some back ups for the kayak. Do the quantum’s work?
  11. I have 5 plugs available 3 spook darters and 2 top water poppers one killer bluefish plug and a spring watermelon striper plug.
  12. That’s what I’m talking about passiton That’s sounds awesome one of my check list items is to kayak to a sandbar and fish the open water. Need a partner, I’m working on it. Love Delaware and know they have some similar flats. Pm me if you have a launch I can use. I will convince one of my buddy’s from up north to venture. Great thread now is the time to start planning the trips for 2019.
  13. All gone ?
  14. Great video Was that all one day or multiple launches?