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  1. 75% of my surf fishing has been at dawn or at night so with out doubt the combination of solitude, peace and tranquility of the ocean whether starting out or ending my session.... heading into daybreak, it gets me every time.
  2. For the cost of a motor you could buy a peddle yak. I cover 5 to 15 miles without much effort. Hands free fishing. My my ride is a Revo 13 with the old seat. Light, agile and easy to paddle. Also easy to re enter. Wise man said: If you ocean kayak- “It’s not a matter of if you dump just a matter of when and are you prepared” JB. Good luck with your decision.
  3. All Pro Roofing is my business Just finished a job in Monroe fully licensed and insured Joe Send me a pm with your address I can get you numbers.
  4. Seven stripes what’s your location could eliminate shipping.
  5. Looking to replace my lost go pro Hero session 4
  6. Stayed in the wash for 1.5 hrs and walked alll the way into Virginia. Thanks for for the suggestion.
  7. I know it’s a needle in a haystack On northern OBX with family. GoPro with head strap popped off and into the surf. You can keep the GoPro I just wanted the videos of my grandsons.
  8. Saturday 5am - 12pm North Moco in the back soaking bunker and squid. My son got one 16 in fluke on a bucktail and guy next to me landed a striper around 26 inch. Sunday moco out front 11am -1pm visible bait in the water with birds diving within distance. Skunked.
  9. Do they all require service? Location ?
  10. Is that a belt clip or a belt loop?
  11. Moco in the back this afternoon 3-7pm gator blues non stop left them biting. All on a clear bomber attached with wire liter. Lost 3 plugs last week because I forgot the wire.
  12. Hey Qwik Yesterday was an amazing bite. And it was special how many dads with kids got in on the action. Guys were walking off the beach smiling but exhausted. I knew we had met before 2 years ago we chased albies down the beach together. Thanks for the tampon.
  13. I catch and release
  14. I’m with the Riddler, my fishing time is in the dark. I thouroghly enjoy launching and fishing with my buddies when possible but when your on the water it is a solo act. when fishing or saving your own life, you need to practice. I have posted this on SOL before, said by a far better saltwater kayaker than me “ it’s not if you dump it is when you dump so Dress to swim”(Joe B)