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  1. Is the 1 piece truly continuous or just a glued together 2 piece?
  2. Do you know if the GSB 1321L is a continuous 1 piece or is a permanently molded 2 piece rod?
  3. I am looking for an 11’ rod that I can throw a 3/4 bucktail and a super strike darter on the heavy side.
  4. What species of trophy fish can be caught in December?
  5. My feelings exactly.
  6. I am in south New Jersey. I believe they are spawning in Delaware bay at this moment. I could be wrong. That is why I have been concentration my efforts on the bay side.
  7. How long of a leader are you using? Fish finder style? Any certain tide you would suggest?
  8. Looking for some advice, due to my lack of success lately. I have been fishing a lot in the back bay areas, started about the first week in May. I have been using surf clam and chowder clam. Mostly fishing the incoming tides. I'm using a Fish finder style rig with a 9/0 offset octopus hook, 4-6" leader. Haven't met many people that target them directly. looking for some advice please. Should I be fishing the beach fronts this time of year? Should I concentrate my efforts out back? Downsize my hook? Lengthen my leader? Offer a different bait?
  9. if they didnt have it directly in stock youre going to be waiting a while. im still waiting on things i have ordered 1 month ago
  10. My local vendor has surf clams but they are open and full of sand. Is that normal?
  11. I am targeting black drum this season and there seems to be a shortage on “surf clams”. Someone recommended to me “chowder clams” as a substitute. What exactly is the difference? Are “chowder clams” a reliable substitute for black drum?
  12. I have the princeton tec amp 1L for 2 seasons wetsuiting. batteries last the entire season. never let me down! I did cut the bottle opener tab off with a dremel. I also found it to get in the way
  13. Can anyone confirm if any of these greases mentioned above are heavier than the "penn precision reel grease"?
  14. Im thinking if I put a heavier grease inside the body it would help the handle and roller from moving on cast. Has anyone ever used a grease heavier than the penn brand?
  15. When I cast, the handle turns and spins the line roller, hence catching the line and casting off my lure. I packed a bunch of grease in the body to add resistance to the handle but its still not enough to stop the handle from spinning on its own. Is there anything else i can do to add resistance to the handle. maybe a heavier grease?