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  1. Anyone have recommendations for this build? I would prefer it be on the lighter end of 1-4oz and be a 60/40 or 70/30
  2. If you have an iphone just say "hey siri, take a note" works great! Home depot also sells waterproof notepads called "Rite in the Rain". I use them at work
  3. Is the 1 piece truly continuous or just a glued together 2 piece?
  4. Do you know if the GSB 1321L is a continuous 1 piece or is a permanently molded 2 piece rod?
  5. I am looking for an 11’ rod that I can throw a 3/4 bucktail and a super strike darter on the heavy side.
  6. What species of trophy fish can be caught in December?
  7. My feelings exactly.
  8. I am in south New Jersey. I believe they are spawning in Delaware bay at this moment. I could be wrong. That is why I have been concentration my efforts on the bay side.
  9. How long of a leader are you using? Fish finder style? Any certain tide you would suggest?
  10. Looking for some advice, due to my lack of success lately. I have been fishing a lot in the back bay areas, started about the first week in May. I have been using surf clam and chowder clam. Mostly fishing the incoming tides. I'm using a Fish finder style rig with a 9/0 offset octopus hook, 4-6" leader. Haven't met many people that target them directly. looking for some advice please. Should I be fishing the beach fronts this time of year? Should I concentrate my efforts out back? Downsize my hook? Lengthen my leader? Offer a different bait?
  11. if they didnt have it directly in stock youre going to be waiting a while. im still waiting on things i have ordered 1 month ago
  12. My local vendor has surf clams but they are open and full of sand. Is that normal?
  13. I am targeting black drum this season and there seems to be a shortage on “surf clams”. Someone recommended to me “chowder clams” as a substitute. What exactly is the difference? Are “chowder clams” a reliable substitute for black drum?
  14. I have the princeton tec amp 1L for 2 seasons wetsuiting. batteries last the entire season. never let me down! I did cut the bottle opener tab off with a dremel. I also found it to get in the way
  15. Can anyone confirm if any of these greases mentioned above are heavier than the "penn precision reel grease"?