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  1. Didn’t get any answers but I did keep checking DEEP site and they are issuing permits but the schedule is only showing a week or two at a time.
  2. Does anyone know if DEEP has started issuing bass tournament permits yet? I don't see any new ones on the calendar. I no longer tournament fish, but asking so I know which waters to stay away from when I hit the sweet water. Are any clubs holding informal tournaments? I saw some of the lakes that permits were issued for in 2019. Too much pressure on the smaller lakes for tourneys IMHO. Too small lakes for other residents to try and enjoy the waters too. And some waters here in CT never get a break from tournaments.
  3. Never had a fishing buddy not offer to pay their way but if they’ve done me favors or something like that through the years or it’s someone that may be having a rough time I won’t accept it Hell. That’s 9 times out of ten. Or I’m usually taking some kid out with me. Can’t squeeze water from a stone But I’m hoping that’s making another fisherman for the future. Got one kid now that I’m the last few weeks I’ve probably given him a couple hundred dollars of gear. Got a text from him this last week with a photo of a LMB saying he caught that on one of my homemade lures. Thats my pay. Sometimes it’s not alway about the money.
  4. I do shoot A lot! At least 250 rounds.I reload so I have enough shot shells to last through the next revolution! BPS here never seems to have the ammo I’m needing. Hell I wanted to but a gun one Sunday and the clerk wouldn’t even let me handle it even though I was going to pick it up on Monday. Nice Weatherby auto turkey gun. I gave up on that sale. Rifle pistol ammo shortages may be more due to the massive increase in gun sales As far as food price increases the weirdest increase I’ve seen were ground beef and short ribs Go figure
  5. It's almost half way into summer, and the prices have risen some,yet no real shortages here in CT. And if I'm hiding in my basement it's either because I'm hiding from the Mrs or sitting in front of my workbench making more fishing stuff that I can't find in the stores, Unfortunately I can't make rain gear, Which is what I've been looking for.
  6. I get the pandemic part, but my baby is going into the shop within a week or two for roughly $3k worth of work. So if I add the gas to that, should I ask a fishing partner for $1500? It's your boat. Absorb the expenses. Most guys that come aboard mine offer to pay for gas, bait, etc. I never ask I'm not a man of means either. If you have to ask others to cover the expense of owning a boat, maybe you shouldn't own one. Remember the couple of sayings. Bust Out Another Thousand. Notice with first letter of each word in bold type spells. Then there is the famous...A boat is a big hole in the ocean into which you our a lot of money into. I knew a guy, actually he was a pretty good friend. He'd go out with his gas tank low, fish all day, then go to the gas dock, or gas station, and completely fill the tank. And believe me, a 25 SeaRay takes a lot of fuel. Then ask everybody if they had money for gas. Eventually nobody would fish with him because the guys got tired of paying for his fuel so he could fish and run his boat all week, He sold the boat, Don't be that guy.
  7. Hmmm... I carry enough to make most tackle shops envious, For sweetwater no less than 4 setups. Each one rigged with different line and hooks or lures ready to go. I pour my own plastics so I carry a 3700 size tackle bag, and a 3700 carrier that holds 6 trays. And a milk crate or two of jigs and plastics. Sounds like I'm in a 20ft Ranger, but this is a 14ft topper. And I use most of what I carry. For the salt I carry one tackle bag. But have some built ins.I have God knows how many rods with me. Never less than 8 ready to go in the cuddy. Strange. I carry more stuff in my topper than I do in a 24 walk around. For trout, a vest with all pockets filled. if I'm wading. One rod. If I'm walking 2 rods, and a milk crate filled with 3700 sized trays.
  8. Hit Bass Pro Shop a couple days ago. The place was barren! A couple of rods in each display rack. Aisles totally empty of lures Completely empty, not a pack here or there. The place was wiped out. Outside there were no kayaks. boats quads. Nothing. I did see employees moving dollies of stuff through all departments, so maybe they're restocking? Even tried to order some of their clothes online. Not available. So it's not just Wally World.
  9. You should have hung on to them! Touch up paint. Stanley Wedge blades are available, and skirt can be purchased anywhere.You could given them life again! FrankenSpinners!
  10. 62 here and still feel like a kid when it's time to go!
  11. I'd have to go with Sungill
  12. I always fish predawn just because I want to be on the water and can’t sleep if I’m going fishing. All my PB LMB and SMB have all been caught mid day. If it slows down in that time period I find shadows and cover and fish there. The fish don’t leave once the sun comes up. Find their hiding spots and you’ll catch fish. Once the idiots are on the water, time for me to go. Canoeists and kayakers and SUP users should all be required to take the same safe boating course boaters are. Im not talking about fishing folks. I’m talking about the people that saw an ad for kayaks and want to try it. So far this year I have had my lines run over by kayakers more times than in all years past. I find that to be the reason Fishing during mid day slows down. Water sport activity. Another great time for mid day fishing... cloudy days or rainy days. Fishing is just as good as pre dawn. Topwater at noon makes it all worth it. Windy? Buzz bait or whopper plopper!
  13. I guess until the courts realize the value of a fish they’ll never take the offense seriously I can understand taking an undersized fish here or there if you need to feed your family. But 5 fish over, and I’ve seen multiples of that pay big fines! Make it hurt!
  14. As part of cleaning out the fishing workbench, I am selling this vintage almost as new Stradic 4000. No letters, just 4000. Other than some rub marks, and a tiny nick on the spool as shown in the third pic, this reel is as nearly new,. Even the plastic gold cap on the rear of the reel is unmarked, and the sticker on the reel foot is still there. As is the 4000 on the spool. Plus a nice clean rosewood handle knob.. Anti reverse clutch has been replaced. Drag is tight, and fully functional. As is the bail. This reel was in use as recently as last Sunday, but with 3 xgfk reels sitting on the bench with no rods, it's time to move this one out. Has never seen salt water! This reel is super clean. Not a frankenstein reel made up of used parts. The condition of this reel belies it's age.Wanted to offer for sale here before trying elsewhere. This reel would make a nice entry level reel for someone learning to bass fish instead of using a wally World special. Would make a nice primary reel for anyone, or a perfect back up. Pics don't lie. Asking $85.00 Shipped Priority Mail to your door, Paypal only please. Thanks for looking.
  15. Sorry. Can’t go that low. Can’t really go much lower than listed price. Thanks for the offer though
  16. I agree for the most part but sometimes the fish don’t. Caught some real slobs last weekend Water temps in the mid 70’s Air temps in the 80’s. 11 am on a bluebird day dound some structure ( buoys anchored to the bottom go figure ) in about 15 ft and the fish were holding close to it. Wacky Worms got them out. My son also caught a few on top in bright sun. sometimes you just have to experiment. Start early and fish into the bright sun. Get some fish some Vitamin D and have fun. You may have to throw the kitchen sink to get em to bite. But they will bite. Ive also caught some monster pickerel in the same conditions. Another plus. If you start early enough you can be off the water before the kayak and paddle board idiots are on the water.
  17. If what you have is terminator and Stanley those have quality components. The older terminator was made with titanium wire. And the Stanley blades were premium grade. i build all my spinnerbaits with Stanley wedge blades and they’re not cheap. using what you have clean them up and keep using them. There’s not much hardware to clean. I use Never Dull to clean mine. Flitz is another I use or West Marine Metal polish. Get some model paints and cheap brushes touch up the paint sharpen the hooks and you’re good to go. I know there are tungsten baits out there and Stanley is still around . I recently bought some new terminator baits. Not bad quality but not titanium. I can’t get titanium wires anymore, and it seems all I catch with my spinner baits lately are pickerel. So I don’t use them as much but I have made hundreds of them. Clean up your old and use em Your new ones are only gonna get messed up too Of course we all do like to buy new fishing stuff.
  18. Agreed. That’s the last sentence of my statement. It’s getting access from land to that high water mark. Good case in point is Stratford’ Russian beach. There is a mapped public right of way, but no way to get to it. The sea wall is all rock so ya can’t get there from there And the rest of Russian beach is private property. This year access is a moot point as only city residents can use local beaches in most towns. Other years one can buy non resident beach passes. Pricey, but not much other choice. When a land owner constructs a dock the dock becomes private property. The landowner still has no claim to the water. In essence, it’s the same as a driveway that goes to a city street. I don’t have access to the driveway but I can walk and drive in the street. A marina is a different story and would depend on the location. Milford Harbor is lined with marinas and some private docks but access to the harbor can’t be restricted. Some marinas are built in dredged areas, those dredged areas are considered private property but cannot restrict public access to the main body of water that the marina is dredged from
  19. I've always heard the small mackerel we used in the fall referred to as tinker mackerel. Always thought they were immature Scomber scombrus. ( learned new words today) And the bigger ones we just called mackerel but always new them as Boston Mackerel, or Atlantic Mackerel. If you use burlap sacks to put your catch into, would these be known as scombags? And sure now I have to remember where I put that rig. It's kind of like a sabiki rig, red tubes tied off to a main line, and we'd put a small diamond jig or weight on the bottom. There were larger ones too with feathers we'd use for blues.
  20. I read, and re- read this article and didn't see anything racist in it. Or MASK. Maybe I'll read it again so I can find out what "Looser" media is. Oh wait! It's misspelled. You mean "loser" media. And what revolution was written in the article? Kudos to RIDEM for the bust. We don't see that many arrests here in CT because our law enforcement officers are spread so thin. Same state we always had, but with higher license fees, and less wardens.I fish and hunt at least 2 days a week, and without exaggeration it's been at least 15 years since I've seen a warden.
  21. I started a thread here maybe 2 years ago about the the disappearing mackerel in LIS. Just like all the other posters here I used to catch tons of them. Sell some to the bait shops, and use the money for boat gas. And like Dr Bob, right off Penfield Light was one of the best places, and off the UI plant in Bridgeport Harbor. Then they stopped coming to the sound. Plenty offshore. Plenty at the eastern end towards RI. Plenty in the NY Bight area. But they avoided the sound. Seemed everywhere I inquired nobody had answers. I have tried eating them, and my thoughts were yuck! But seeing that pic of the fillet above, makes me think. SMOKER! The other day I was cleaning up the garage, and came across an old Scotty type mackerel rig, my 24yo son came home and I asked him if he knew what is was for. Not a clue And as I read all the posts, I have one question. What is a "chub" mackerel? I've only heard the term mackerel, or tinker mackerel. Tinker mackerel were quite possibly the best baits I've ever used.
  22. Curious where all this took place, mainly because of the no fishing license thing. I'm in CT and we're not required to have our license showing, only on our person. I keep mine in my wallet, and another copy sealed in plastic zip lock bags in my wader pockets. Dumb rule. How can anyone know if the people fishing are licensed? If not they shouldn't be using the resources I have to pay to use. I'm with you on the FW bass thing. Like eating mud. Blues however if prepared right are tasty. and perfect for the smoker.
  23. Hope you got all that on video!
  24. In a navigable body of water, maintained by the federal government, such as Coast Guard maintained buoys, etc, anything below the high water mark is public property. The land under the water thing is mostly inland freshwater, where riparian water rights were deeded to land owners centuries ago. "...private property ends, and public trust property begins, at the mean high water line (often referred to as "high water mark" in court decisions). Mean high water is the average of high tides over a defined period, and its elevation can be obtained from standard references, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tidal Flood Profile charts. The public owns up to "high water mark," Simons v. French, 25 Conn. 346 (1856). Title of riparian proprietor terminates at ordinary high water mark, Mather v. Chapman, 40 Conn. 382 (1873). "High water mark" = "mean high water mark" = "ordinary high water mark." Private ownership of submerged lands is possible, only when basins are dredged from upland, or from inland, non-navigable waters. Michalczo v. Woodmont, 175 Conn. 535 (1978)." if you really want to go nuts reading about this, look into Putting the Public Trust Doctrine to Work This is a lovely summer read of about 450 pages or so, no pictures, and likely to make your head explode. For the most part all court cases are there. One good case in point. The Town of Westport was sued because they had claimed control of the clamming near Cockenoe Island. After many years of litigation, and tens of thousands of dollars, the courts sided with the State. This is really an over simplification of how it went down. The bigger issue is, getting access to the mean high water mark as most here, in western CT is bordered by private property.
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