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    Been training bird dogs since I was a kid, which was a long time ago. AKC Performance judge. American Field Bird Dog judge
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    Letter Carrier USPS 40+ years. Will be retiring soon.

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  1. Replacing the Line Roller bearing on an plder but gently used Stradic 4000FI. First time I've had to do this so my question is, which is better, ceramic bearing or stainless steel? Price is about the same so that's not an issue.
  2. Wow! I would have never guessed that a Brittany would behave that way. Never saw a hyper one or a pup that would bounce off walls. This was to be expected of a youngster. New sights and sounds.But rest easy,by time he six years old he’ll outgrow this behavior.
  3. I misread your directions. All I saw was Spumoni Gardens. And New Haven. And then excitement happened and I lost focus. Looked up the menu. Saw where it was and it might be time to go visit my niece. Italian and lives in Brooklyn. Italians and Italian specialty stores in Brooklyn. Who knew?
  4. Why fly to New Haven? I’m 10 mins from downtown
  5. CT. The highest population of Italians in the country and I can’t find spumoni. I’m between New Haven and Bridgeport and the Italian bakeries, delis etc are slowly going away. Even Stop and Shop used to sell spumoni. We have the two most famous Italian ice shops in my town and Bridgeport and New Haven. Any flavor you want but no spumoni. An Italian deli owned by someone from our family’s home VILLAGE. ( population approx 1000) in Italy. But no spumoni. If all these Italian specialty stores would start selling spumoni. All the worlds other problems will take care of themselves.
  6. Isn’t smoke flavor what you’re supposed to taste when you eat smoked foods?
  7. Ice cream is what made me chunky.
  8. But they are still frickin good! Little by little all the old time Italian bakeries are disappearing. So if you live in CT enjoy your cannoli while you can.. soon they’ll be as rare as spumoni.
  9. Thanks. Maybe I'll try there a little later on. Last check with Whole Foods showed they only had it in the Greenwich store, As long as I'm out and about Maybe I could check with Trader Joes too.
  10. Sure. You're gonna find some, then start taunting me with "ha ha I got spumoni and you don't and you can't have none...na na na na na na!" Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have a vowel at the end of your name? You should be ashamed!
  11. Blue crabs! Soon! Maybe after Father’s Day! mill leave some for the rest of you. The lowest fishing there is, but maximum fun. I still use the “pool cue rod” and chicken drumsticks. Need a bit of lead to handle current where I go. Also go occasionally at night with the net and spotlight see Em cruising up the small creeks or hanging on pilings. The one part of night outings I can’t stand. Rats!
  12. My son and I have had a hankering lately for spumoni. But we have been looking everywhere for it since September with no luck. There is no place within 30 miles of us that has it. If I go there by time I get it home it’s melted? Do info to Arthur Ave. Mulberry St? And then sit in the truck and eat it? What has happened? Is it out of style among Italians? Even Cumberland Farms used to sell it locally. Friendly’s too. Come to think of it, both of those are gone, though at Cumby’s you can fill up your gas tank. How about you NY and Jersey guys? Does spumoni still exist in your area? Boston north end you? I feel like a junky needing a fix!
  13. Fairfield Non Resident $250 -season Greenwich. $200 for Senior adult whatever that is. No price listed for Non resident. I guess you get the price when you apply? Darien-no non resident season pass- daily only $53 per day.
  14. What I miss most about West Haven is the old Captains Galley! But there are plenty of other cities and towns in the state fighting for that distinction. Even the suburbs have that problem. Imagine, crooked politicians, and administrators. Who knew. And the parking fees in some of theses towns are absolutely outrageous!
  15. Had it done 10 years ago. Waited too long and lost a lot of manual dexterity. Like many others mentioned here. Numbness tingling, loss of sleep. But I was stubborn. Read for other hand now which will probably be after Christmas. A little different issue. Had the testing done on the left hand. But I have basal join arthritis, in the thumb wrist joint. And broke a couple bones in my hand wrist a couple of years ago that need to be repaired. So I will get it done all at once. Both hands are pretty arthritic, but the thumb joint is gone altogether. When I had the first surgery. I had the same thing done. Arthritis repaired, trigger finger repaired, Carpal tunnel repaired. Was cheaper on the volume plan I think. I have no scarring from the surgery. All sutures were in the lines of my hands. Couldn't notice the scars at all, and now have totally faded in time. I'm not 100% certain, but I think my ortho uses laser surgery now to open the carpal tunnel. Faster recovery time. Might be worth looking into. My advice, if you like tying fishing knots, or counting money, especially dimes and paper money. Do not hesitate. because counting money and tying knots both become frustrating when you can't feel what you're doing.
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