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  1. Final price drop $90.00 shipped to your door
  2. Price drop $95.00 shipped
  3. no interest thread closed
  4. no interest thread closed
  5. See my other posting for a 1 oz Pyramid sinker mold, and if both are bought together I will combine for 42.00 shipped
  6. Is it possible it's not going to a store? May be getting a back door discount. Or maybe it's going to "fall off that truck" Back in my younger days friends worked at S+S and for $5.00 we get cases of Heineken from them out the back door. Ahhhh Good times!
  7. price drop $25.00
  8. I have too many! So I will begin by selling this one. It is a Shimano Stradic 4000FE. Older of course. Probably around 18 years old. Used, but certainly not abused. Recently serviced. Penn grease where needed, Reel Butter oil where needed. Still quite smooth spinning, but not brand new smooth. If the buyer is handy, an upgrade to new bearings would certainly change that. Selling with an extra spool. Both spools are 9.6/10 with only a micro-scratch here or there. Drags are original but solid. Rosewood handle knob is as new. The rest of the reel is maybe a 9.4 out of 10, with the only really noticeable wear is on the bottom of the reel where there are the brass accents. A little bit of where on the reel foot, and some tiny hardly noticeable where on the rotor. The "Super Stopper" anti reverse clutch was just replaced as I didn't like the way it was functioning. It was of course a used clutch due to the age of the reel> It was disassembled, cleaned and re-installed to like new condition. For the age of this real it looks as though it was barely used. There is a lot of life left on this reel if taken care of. I'd rate the entire reel as 8.5 /10 mechanically, and 9.4/10 cosmetically. This would make a great back up or primary reel for somebody! Asking $110.00 shipped Priority Mail to your door. PayPal only please.
  9. I think I’ll pass on that.
  10. Along with my spring purge I have for sale the entire first season of the Apprentice. Still sealed never opened. You get to see our future President look a contestant in the eye and proclaim "You're Fired!" You can sort of hear those words when you open the front cover.except the battery has seen better days. Not since Ronald Reagan has there been a future President been a part of show biz! Price tag is still on the box, $49.95 Yours for only $30.00 shipped to your door! Paypal only please. Thanks for looking!
  11. And final bump
  12. Another garage cleaning find. Up for sale is a Do It 1oz Pyramid Sinker Mold in almost new condition. Only marks on the mold itself is from what's left from a coating of graphite used as a mold release.And there is some scuffing on the handles from storage. Maybe 9/10 condition. Cosmetics don't affect the pour at all Handles are solid, and screws are original. Bar code sticker is still on mold. Uses Size one brass eyes. $30.00 shipped Priority mail to your door. Handles will be removed to allow it to fit in a smaller box. Paypal only please.
  13. Either idea is dangerous. Plastisol is you wouldn't want it near open flames. And to have it near water is just asking for disaster. If one small drop of water should get into 350* molten plastic, it will splatter all over the place. The same effect you'd get if a drop of water got into your molten lead .The last place you would want it to splatter is on your skin. I'm with Ed White's post. Cheap Walmart microwave, or a small hot plate from one of the soft bait supply catalogs ( about $25.00 ). Once you get into pouring plastics you'll see that investment is one of the smaller ones. Well ventilated area, and away from your family's oven and microwave. And have fun!
  14. I fish out of Milford, You can walk across the bunker here. And late summer, rain bait is everywhere. I know that the blues migrate from offshore but to be down 40%.. That's nearly half. the way bunker are being hammered offshore, is it possible schools of bluefish are being netted as by catch? I have seen reports from offshore captains, that they are seeing huge schools of bluefish during their trips, and they should be local any time, yet they never make it. Could be both reasons, Among others, Also I'm sure we've all heard the story of how bluefish run in cycles. I've heard this claim since I was a kid. Maybe there is a nugget of truth to that.
  15. I'm from CT not MA but I've been reading this and thinking back on some local issues. Friend of mine was fshing, wading in water up to his chest off one of the local private beaches well below the high water mark, of which the town had made public access to this are below high water mark. Local resident called PD, which dispatched available unit to the area. Officer told fisherman to exit the water and leave the area as he was trespassing. Was then arrested after leaving water, pushed against the cruiser bruising his face, cuffed which cut his wrists badly. Was released at station, and not charged He became a rich man after this incident, The town didn't even attempt to fight the lawsuit. One incident of my own. Was sea duck hunting well out into a large local river mouth, when a local officer told me to leave the area, I told him we were within our rights as we were way below high water mark. I finally complies on one condition. I'd go to station and a warden was to be called. Warden showed up and read the locals the riot act. Have a couple friends that were wardens, one was called almost daily to the local boat launch. An elderly wowman would call and complain hunters were shooting the ducks she was feeding. This occurred every day.. Ducks were being shot at over 3/4 mile away. She had earned the name "Bread Lady" eventually locals and game wardens stopped responding. Final story. Another friend was a well known longtime game warden in the area, Avid hunter as well. He was out duck hunting during a wicked winter storm in his layout type boat. Waterfront visitor calls both fire and police dept. He was ordered out of the water, And that he couldn't hunt. He produced his badge, and locals weren't impressed.At this point wazzoo hit the fan. This warden was known for not being wrapped too tight, and had full knowledge of his rights. A bad combination. This confrontation was so good, it made the front page of the paper. Okay I'm wordy. It boils down to all that is discussed here. Know your rights, stand your ground. Don't be a smart apple, and believe the wardens are your side. Oh yeah, there was one more paper making incident here in CT. There is a certain reef with a land based state owned public right of way to access it. Heavily used by fisherman. The neighbor to this right of way kept tearing down the state sign stating it was a right of way. Above mentioned warden would go warn the neighbor to stop removing the sign, and blocking access or he would be arrested. After a few times of this game, the warden showed up with the State Police and arrested the neighbor. Sign has not been removed since. Mass does not have a monopoly on idiots, we have our share here, as do most states I'm sure. Know your rights..