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    Been training bird dogs since I was a kid, which was a long time ago. AKC Performance judge.
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  1. A man goes into a bar and sits down. The man sitting next to him strikes up a conversation by telling him, " I have an IQ of 160", the other fellow replies, " I do as well!". and they begin discussing nuclear fusion vs nuclear fission, string theory and so on. Another man stops in at the same bar, pulls up a stool, orders a drink and the fellow seated next to him strikes up a conversation. " I have an IQ of 140". The newly arrived bar patron looks at the man and says, " Hey I have an IQ of 140 as well". And they go on to discuss supply side economics, government over reach, and the the budgeting process for congress, A third fellow stops at the bar sits down and orders a beer. While waiting, the man sitting next to him strikes up a conversation with him. " I have an IQ of just under 100", the newly arrived bar patron looks at the man and says, " I do too! So where do you deliver mail?"
  2. Though against Postal Regulations, I'll try and be helpful here. If someone at the Post Office is tracking the package for you, they can tell where it was delivered within a few feet Unless of course the dummy didn't scan it in front of the delivery point.
  3. Well lets See Normy...If I like you I'd do the right thing and most likely put it outside the gate. If your dogs were by the gate they'd get biscuits tossed over the gate while I was there. More than likely, if I don't like you I drop it over the gate, but dogs would still get biscuits because I like dogs more than I like people. See I have the upper hand, because I have total dominance over what happens to your package.
  4. Today is my chore day. But I'll be in your area tomorrow. If that works.
  5. I saw in one of your other posts you're in Stratford. I'm a Stratford mailman so picking them up is pretty easy. As simple even as giving your mailman the money and he grabs them for me. Whatever works.

  6. $20 works. When can I pick them up? I'm in your neck of the woods every day.
  7. I'd probably only be interested in the big ones. As long as they have removable dividers.
  8. Wow I love how some people paint with such a broad brush. I would love to meet someone that would call me stupid to my face just because I've been a letter carrier for 40 years. Yeah after 40 years of working in the projects, in snow, cold, rain blizzards, hurricanes, I've become kind of hard and calloused. I'm pretty sure I could make someone cry if they called me stupid to my face. Especially if those words come from a "life coach". WTF is a life coach?? I coach football. I teach young men to play football. Does "life coach" teach people how to live? Or is it one of those jobs where one does nothing, but has a cool title that means nothing? If someone needs a life coach I feel that is a life not needed. Just someone taking up space on an already crowded planet. And Why would a postmaster ask a customer to give someone a second chance? That in itself sound like a fairy tale. As if a customer could just waddle into a post office and demand that an employee be fired? I'm pretty sure I know what our postmaster would tell you. talk a lot of s**t for someone that's a life coach. I bet that job is right up there with a barrista. Or would you rate yourself up there with nuclear physicist? Mensa member? And if you stood there and watched your carrier put that slip in your mailbox, why wouldn't you say something then to the carrier? That makes more sense. I guess stupid oozes from everywhere.
  9. How much for the Plano type plastic storage boxes? Pickup can be easily arranged
  10. But Wait! Act now and we'll incude a second one FREE! Just add a small fee for shipping and handling!
  11. Wings, smoked little wiener things, and smoked ribs. All smoked with Jack Daniels wood. ( there's a joke in there I bet ), then coated in Jack Daniels sauce and put back in the smoker. Hot Dogs, chips, sausage. Beers, home made hard cider I'm a 49ers fan, so today is all about the food. Maybe next year? And to those that say they don't like football. Well...never mind.
  12. I'd say none of these. If you want to have a truly medicinal pepper, try a Carolina Reaper. I' nearly killed my SuperBowl guests last year with those.
  13. Super Bowl Sunday Bump
  14. I have 4 Antique fishing reels that I had as part of a bunch I kept in a shadow box in my man cave. 2 old baitcasters and two old flyreels. I have no place to display them so it's time to move them out. I am selling them as a group, all 4 for $50.00 shipped priority mail to your door. The 2 baitcasters are 1 Ocean City model 1999, and 1 Kalamazoo Tackle Company True Axis #1722 And has a stamp on the sideplate that looks like Model B or maybe Model 8 The 2 fly reels are no nondescript, and more of a curiosity.
  15. Oh yeah...and thanks everyone for your help. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave enough to try cleaning the clutch myself. If not I'll report back no matter who does the work. Thanks again.