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  1. I like him. Seems normal. Reminds me of the “The Blind Side”
  2. Great now a avian flu will mutate with monkey pox. New pandemic here we come This is why mixed marriages never work
  3. Best watermelons I buy are from the guys in trucks with Virginia plates under the 95 underpass selling the old fashioned with seeds. Can’t spit seeds from seedless melons. Better than store prices too! Second best thing to buy from those guys are the hams and football sized sweet potatoes they sell in the fall. Can’t spit sweet potatoes though. Wife and I got lost once down by JFK. Made my wife turn around cuz I saw a melon vendor. Yup! I love watermelon. But not at 6.99 lb.
  4. Why were the children wing investigated?
  5. I disagree. When Alex Trebek died so did Jeopardy I still watch even though it seems the show has been dumbed down. Reminds me of the SNL Jeopardy now. Too many whack a doodles. I’ve been watching since the 60s when it was in black and white. Still better than most of what’s on TV nowadays.
  6. This turned out to be a very expensive gefelte fish meal!&
  7. Decided to try the Grampa Gus thing. Can get them for sale locally. Cat is out of the question as my dog would eat the cat. Poison is out of the question for all the reasons listed. I've used it in the house, and dead mice stink after they go up in the walls and die. And snakes? I bred various pythons and other constrictors along with turtles and lizards for years, not sure you can train them to go out and find mice. Had Jungle Carpet Pythons, they would only eat mice, yet these guys were 6 ft long.. Typically 5 or 6 at a feeding. Now they could put a dent in the mouse population! Neighbors might be a little weirded out if I let them loose in the yard. Mothballs, had issues with rodents in my trash cans, used a zillion mothballs, and each night same thing. Swear they using the moth balls like crack. Those are much bigger rodents though, easy to target with a pellet gun. Mice, not so much. I'd have to build a mouse hunting stand to sit and wait for them.
  8. I have some peppermint oil that was $35 for an ounce. I hope that’s not the oil I need. It does smell nice though
  9. I’ve heard of the peppermint thing. Supposedly there are some kind of peppermint packets that are available that work pretty well. But drawing a blank
  10. Holy crap! My units are so old I just learned that TriTronics has been owned by Garmin since 2011!
  11. So my 22 year old John Deere tractor deuced the bed because mice moved in and took up residence in the exhaust after chewing up all the wires I bought another lawn tractor. What do people use to repel mice? I plan to store the tractor outside covered alongside my garage. The only damage these suckers caused was to my tractor. Boats are fine. Tools etc not touched. But damn they loved my tractor. I hate meeces to pieces!
  12. Full agreement. And although my units are old I use TriTronics. Tried other brands. I don’t use gps but have seen many a trialed using them. My newest TriTronics collar is around 20 years old and still works like brand new.
  13. I guarantee they do not taste just like chicken. There is a “ trophy bass lake” I fish. From consistently catching 3ib fish to now catching 12”-14” fish because our catch and release ethic is so ingrained now the bass are stockpiled. This season I am seeing a number of comorants there for the first time ever. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll help get some of the numbers down and let the bass grow? The first time ever I wanted those birds on a lake.
  14. Interesting! Wasn’t to far from the Housy when I saw these birds