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  1. Here in CT seeing almost no beds, and haven't even caught on bluegill yet which is unusual. I'll usually have them grab a jig or a bucktail. Its almost as though the bass haven't spawned yet. This weekends weather doesn't seem to be looking much better for it yet either. Talking to tournament guys around here, and they're having troubles putting a limit together. This is the same as last year. No pattern to the fish at all. I hate to say it, but can the El Nino/La Nina cycle have something to do with it? Or just my crappy luck having crappy weather on my fishing days. Right now cold , mid 50's and windy. Gusts to 25 for Saturday.
  2. The one two tone that has always worked in stained water for me is red shad. Lately it has been the watermelon colors that have worked when fishing was tough. Never had much luck with the neon colors either. My son swears by black and blue, and I just filled an order for black and blue with a chartreuse tail. Amateur tournament guy.. He insisted on the bright tail. For me, motor oil, Meh. I can take it or leave it. But if I use it there has to be glitter in it for flash.I'd rather use Berkley Camo.
  3. I never had much luck, actually I don't think I've ever had any luck with this color or any variation of it. Oddly when I fish deep ( 40 ft) and super clear water for small mouth, my go to color is clear, with red and black flake. Yet red appears grey in deep water and is the first color to disappear so to speak in the depths. Yet it has been deadly for me. I have tinfoil variants, gold foil I guess is another. I thought they'd imitate shiners, but nope.
  4. It figures. That info won’t be given to us until the last minute . But it really doesn’t affect flat rate Priority. The small box went up .05, while the medium and large flat rate box went down. Can ship a lot of sinkers in those boxes. By the way. One needs to be a math genius to figure out the DIM shipping rates
  5. Not something I tell everyone, but I’ve got 40 years in the P.O. I’ve asked numerous people in many departments, nobody has heard a thing about this. The only rate change we’ve heard about was that management which is the government people are considering dropping the price of first class postage if if you think the post office is expensive try fed ex or ups .
  6. As if the republicans wouldn’t? They’re all the same. To them it’s play money.
  7. Was hoping to try some different combos this weekend, but it seems 15mph north winds ended that experiment. Ended up using 5" watermelon red flake Carolina rigged to take fish. Had to get down quick before wind took the line. Slow fishing, water temps down, again. I do want to try that finesse worm on a slider head. I bet that 5 inch finesse worm would make a good Ned rig too. Got to wiggle it, Just a little bit.
  8. The motor oil coloring I use when I make my baits has a sort of iridescence to it. You can see green, browns, gold. Depends on the light. It says right on the bottle of pigment "Motor Oil-Changeable" I can make my baits as light of a brown color, say tan, to a dark motor oil color. Still brown, not the 10,000 mile oil color. But not matter how light or dark I make it that iridescence is still there. Even more noticeable if I don't use salt in the mix. Add some green glitter and some brown to motor oil and I can nearly duplicate Berkley Power Bait Camo. So far, that's the only color worm I have confidence in.
  9. Researched a lot of the favorite colors you all mentioned. Some are dupicate colors or copies I should say of another manufacturers color. Seems everyone that posted to this is in synch. Back to my workbence and make a few worms, and yardwork and family stuff is over today, worm testing is tomorrow.
  10. Same for me. Especially the watermelon red. For light colors it's yamamoto 197. Deadly for clearwater smallmouth.
  11. Online price for 300 yd spool of 40# runs between $25 and $35 $50 would have been fair. $75 you find another tackle shop.
  12. I don't know if anyone else buys from this one certain online auction site, but I do buy some odds and ends fishing stuff I can't find anywhere else there. Lately I've noticed that when you check out you now pay CT State sales tax. What sucks about this in CT you also pay sales tax on shipping and handling.Maybe I never noticed because a lot of my purchases were from individuals rather than stores? Has anyone else noticed this? What's next? Sales tax at flea markets? Garage sales? The BST forum here?
  13. I just checked them out, they do look interesting. Reasonable too. I don’t have a finesse mold, so those I’d have to buy. Maybe I need to hit BPS one night
  14. Most of these pigments are non bleed. I had a bag of other homemade stuff all mixed colors from about a year ago. A little bit of bleeding but into the worm oil I use, not into each other.
  15. I do use slider heads, but never tried them with finesse worms. This weekend maybe?