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  1. The Capt Al out of Kennebunkport? If that’s the boat I used to drive up from CT to fish there. Had some great times.
  2. Try Garamella Seafood
  3. Not much to get caught up with. 4 episodes? And already the finale this week? Then back to Ancient Aliens again. That show should be moved to Comedy Central
  4. My Rio Rico popper came in earlier this week as did my P Line 10lb top water line. Used a heavier Loomis rod and a shimano Stradic xgfk. Had to try them today. No bites as conditions were not right for top water though my son got one with a scum frog. When spooling the line I thought it was a bit thin and that controlling the popper would. E difficult with the light line . Nope. The lure cast like a rocket and the slightest twitch caused the loudest of pops. I’ll have to learn to be less aggressive with the popping but I am impressed. The 10lb line may be a tiny bit too light and if I buy it again I’ll go to 12 or 14lb. And now off to the BST forum to try and sell some of my LuckyCraft S8 poppers so I can my more Rio Ricos. Oh yeah color wasAurora Ice . Most fish caught today were on a homemade wacky worm in a night crawler earthworm laminate. Definitely not a top water day with 14 mph winds.
  5. 0% for 72 months makes buying new rather than used for 1.9% a rather attractive option. Plus with new you get a warranty. With used that's probably extra. And deductibles anywhere from $75 and up., and prior authorization to boot. Sort of like health plans for your cars and trucks. The difference in price of a 3 yo F 150 is not that much. Check the NADA guides for retail price, or if looking at new drop $$4K right off the sticker price. And as others said, don't be afraid to walk away. Also, check the net for Ford user groups for problems with that model year F 150. There are so many recalls nowadays on all vehicles new and used. Due your homework and you can walk away with a nice vehicle at a nice price.
  6. There can be vast differences in what's ethical post spawn fishing in different waters. One lake I fish has been classified, and supposedly managed as a "CT trophy bass lake" with very strict regs. I started fishing there some 20 years ago, and 3-4lb LMB could be caught with some consistency. I really don't know of anyone that keeps their LMB. so we all catch and release. We've done such a great job of conserving the bass in this lake, that they've become stockpiled. Catching a fish over 15" in now considered a trophy there. And interestingly, this lake has no predator fish, such as pickerel. Also gone from this lake are the huge crappie we'd get while bass fishing. Prime forage fish here are mostly sunfish, and baby bass. While I don't keep fish or target beds, doing so on this lake would actually improve the fishery. I would not consider it unethical. Another lake, one that is pounded by tournaments all year round. Much larger fish, much more difficult to catch. There aren't many lures they haven't seen. Add in a bunch of large pickerel. and this population is under control. Quality fish but difficult to catch on. Targeting beds here would almost be a lesson in futility. Lakes like this are almost like late season steelhead fishing. Those fish have seen it all. Each lake or body of water has different types of fishing. Some easy catching, some not. I'm in CT, and we do have quite a few "Trophy Bass Management" lakes . I would like to think if any body of water is over fished, that the regulations would be adjusted. It's a small state. NY bass fishing doesn't open until June. Same fish different regs. Mass, no special regs that I know of.. Plenty of quality bass fishing. So three different states three different sets of regulations. Yet populations aren't depleted. Here in CT, it's quite the opposite on some waters. So it's up to the individual to decide what's ethical. If they want to fish the post spawn and target beds, as long as it's not hurting the population, I say why not, but not my thing.. In the case of some waters here, not culling some of the fish, has degraded the fishing. But I can't see killing a fish just for the sake of removing them. I certainly don't want to eat them. I think of deer hunting when I think of not fishing the spawn or early post spawn. So many hunters I've known through the years all brag they won't kill a doe because they're the future of the population. Very true! But here in CT, in certain areas if you take a doe, turn in your doe tag, you;re issued another, and another, and another. and so on. The population has gotten out of control. If you have all your deer tags here in CT, not counting your bonus doe tags, you can take 13 deer. It's the same thing with fish, certain lakes the population needs to get back under control. And in a lot of areas not just CT, the inland fishing regs show that. But we've become so good at conservation, that the fishing in some lakes has been destroyed due to overpopulation. I'm not a big fan of tournaments, but studies have shown that bass that have been tagged after weigh in and then released a number of them have been found back in the areas where they were originally caught. And these studies have included bedding bass. If we want to be truly ethical, when out fishing and you see someone taking everything they hook and disregarding the regs, or wasting fish by tossing them up on the shore or rocks. Call them out. Or call your game warden hot line.
  7. Painting with a broad brush here.Where I fish/live, water temps March April are 35*-40*. Fishing the shallows and shoreline is your only option. Catching maybe one LMB per day that time of year is not an easy thing, and they certainly aren't on beds. So why should I hang up my waders? I try to get out whenever I can. Been at it regularly since late March. I've had more skunks than bass. As of last weekend, water temps hadn't hit 55*, and all I caught were dinks. Deepest spot in this lake is about 14ft. Didn't see a one bed. Certainly a pre-spawn pattern. Because it's May I should stay home? I don't target beds. I C+R each fish. Come early post spawn fishing actually sucks. Fish can be anywhere. And not necessarily feeding. It's not until early July around here that the pattern becomes consistent and one can catch fish with any regularity. And even then the water heats up fast that one needs to change tactics again. There is one very large very deep lake I fish, mostly SMB water, bedding starts late May, though this year temps are way off. I have fished there many years early June through early July only to be frustrated. There seems to be a magic number of 72* degrees water temps when the post spawn is over, and the SMB start biting again. I'm not being unethical fishing before that magic number, I'm fishing. Usually very difficult fishing. If one is targeting beds, yeah, that's unethical. To get out and fish, and hopefully entice a couple fish to bite during a tough time of year to fish. That's the individual's choice. Is it unethical to follow a stocking truck? I wouldn't do it but many do. Is it unethical to use bait? I don't but many do. So what may be unethical for one may not be for someone else.
  8. That's the same setup I use. Braid ( Suffix 832 ), stiff mono leader. But I don't like the way the braid is so easily carried by the current, and the way it slaps around on the surface. It seems that may be spooking the fish. I fish mainly clear water. The braid mono setup works fine when I'm fishing over deep, gin-clear water for smallmouth. But for shallower stuff, my setup doesn't seem to do as well. So one setup will be dedicated to only top water stuff. Mainly poppers, buzzbaits, and prop baits. I just ordered the P Line topwater line, paid a little bit extra for faster shipping, so I hope by next weekend I can start my "experiment" Also ordered a RIo Rico popper.I may end up attaching that one to a chain! I hope to add a few of those to my topwater stuff. I may end up selling off some of my Lucky Craft S8 poppers to finance those. Dark sky Cloudy no wind day hay here. Truck is loaded. Time to go fishing.
  9. Just saw a description for P-Line Copolymer Topwater Line. Specifically manufactures for topwater lures. Anybody here ever give this a try? I think I'm going to go for it. It's not like I've never spent money trying out new fishing stuff only to toss it in the trash I'm better that nobody here has ever done that.
  10. You talked me into it. I'm going to go for the rico rio. I need something bigger to add to the arsenal. Got plenty of smaller ones. I especially like the idea of the bigger hooks.
  11. OK, after all I've heard about Oak Island, I'll need to start watching. Tiger King just wasn't for me.
  12. This past weeks episode, they did begin digging. Of course the equipment used, some sort of well digging set-up, was not able to get past 17 without hitting something impenetrable. Talk about an understatement! "Dragon". head of security dresses in black, and carries a shotgun, wussed out when when the digging began. I say him, and the ranch superintendent are related. A lot of the same facial and head shape features. Creepy as hell! And the owner has mega bucks, but those beady eyes and small glasses creep me out. Don't get me wrong, my face is better suited to radio, but those guys can make me look good. I've decided Ancient Aliens is a better show. Good show to watch with your kids so you can demonstrate why doing drugs is bad. All of those guys are whacko!
  13. Who's watching this? The locals on the show look as though they're related to themselves. If you're watching, what's you're take on this? Is it all real? Not a big fan here, but I do watch it with my son who is a big fan. But I think when the last episode comes, there will be no answers so the mystique of the place isn't lost.
  14. I think the quality Japanese lures are born out of necessity. The fishing areas are limited and competition is keen for not only the spots, but the fish as well. And I'm not %100 sure about this, but I don't think they have the same amount of leisure time to spend fishing like we do. Whatever they design, and make has to work. And with most of the high end Japanese stuff, it does work. For me anyway. Those Rio Rico poppers look awesome, and they're now officially on my wish list. BUT, at that price I'd hate to see some toothy critter eat it! Here in CT, we're picking away at the LMB with topwater stuff, Water temps are just barely in the 50s. Seems about a month behind. No beds seen, no fish looking for spots to make them. We're about 2 weeks away from serious topwater action.
  15. There are too pretty to fish with! And the background pattern is nice too. You made these?