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  1. How can you hate Taco Bell? For those times when you get “backed up” what better place to get things going again? A trip to TB and your back to normal in a day or so! Cheaper than those over the counter laxatives!
  2. Good idea most of my PB LMB and pickerel all came from waters with stocked trout.
  3. Yup gonna go get my truck done tomorrow. Going to get photo taken and have a copy of my birth certificate. So gonna get the pistol permit taken care of. Next up, my beach sticker.
  4. And when the do enforce the ban they do in a big way. Friends daughter was a lifeguard at Gulf Beach. Lived out of town. Her car was ticketed. And PD didn’t care if she was employed there. And yet I see tons of out of town people fishing at Anchor Beach. And never seen cars tagged there. They even have their own security force in that part of town. Selective Enforcement I guess.
  5. Saturday May8 7-3 rain date is May 15. Stratford boat ramp birdseye street
  6. I'm seeing signs around for a fishing and boating tag sale to be held May 8 at the Stratford CT boat ramp. Don't know much about who be selling what, bit I did talk to an old friend who will be there selling all his fishing equipment due to his advancing years, Hi last boat was a 52' and I know he didn't buy junk. Don't know how many more like him will be there. If I'm not working I'll go check it out...unless I hit the lakes.
  7. It's not really the fault of the police, it's because state buildings are closed. But yeah, supply your own photo, and not sure if they want a copy of your birth certificate too. My permit renewal says I'm verified as as a resident of CT, and US citizen, so don't need proof of residency, but I still need to supply my birth certificate. I'm always in Walgreens or CVS, but keep forgetting to get the damn photo taken. I'm going to call Troop G, and find out if state buildings are opening up and permit can be renewed in person, And this week I hope I can take care of the next hassle. Emissions testing,Hopefully the system is back online.
  8. Haven’t been on in a while but yes they did up it to 3 years. Thanks for letting me know. Now to renew my pistol permit. When did everything become such a hassle?
  9. I have fished the Blackhawk many times and all experiences were good ones. Mates friendly and helpful and Captain works to get you fish. We have a group that also charters one of the Sunbeam’s boats good time with 10 aboard. Not overly pricey for 8 hours of fishing. Quality mates there too. And after fishing the Hel-Cat a few times, stay away! Lousy experiences there. Sunbeam Blackhawk take your pick.
  10. Champion Trailer Slidell La. They have all and any trailer parts you could need They do fabrication as well. Who is the manufacturer of the trailer you’re working on? They should have your needed parts.
  11. I haven’t fished for carp in probably around 40 years or more. I began as a kid fishing our local ponds which had not only carp but huge goldfish, obviously dumped in the ponds by people that didn’t want to flush them down the toilet. Using bread for bait we did ok. But I found a better bait back then. Pillsbury biscuit dough smushed into cotton balls. Worked like a charm staying on the hook. Strictly catch and release with the big prize being one of the big goldfish. I would carp fish again if I knew where to start. Looks like fun and I’m no purist. Got the fly rod for trout. Enough bass equipment to sink a battle ship. I go fishing not trouting or bassin etc fishing is fishing!
  12. I started a thread like this a couple of years ago. But the opposite. Why couldn’t senkos be used for schoolies? Especially white ones. A couple years later, I still haven’t tried to prove my theory. Have you tried yet? I guess in freshwater where I fish big pickerel would be the bluefish of sweet water and be shredding the Annie snax
  13. I'll check that. That's something I never would have looked for as I'd been paying the same for years.
  14. While not about fishing this does affect those that tow their vessel. I got my renewal for my Ford F 250 which expires soon. Last renewal was 2019, and it was $262.00. Got the renewal and had a heart attack. It went up $107.00. To $369.20! I don’t know why they even bothered with the .20. Another .80 wasn’t going to make a difference. So a heads up to all that drive 3/4ton and above trucks prepare to be shocked!
  15. Been training dogs both as an amateur and as a pro since I was 17. That’s a long long time. Most of these descriptions are crap. Ok I admit no experience with the Kangal or Caucasian Shepherd or Pakistani Bulldog. St Bernards and Great Danes are typically pretty mellow. Bull Terriers can be aggressive with other animals and protective of their people. But around people and children they usually turn to mush and would rather play. The Malinois are used often in police work and usually mistaken for German Shepherds. Chows I have experience with and they can be down right nasty as can their cousin the Sharpei. Husky and their cousin the Malamute are usually pretty mellow but can be hard to read at times. Their size makes them dangerous as they can easily knock children over. Labs? They don’t even belong on this list. The pit bull? I can write chapters on. Quality breeding can and does produce quality dogs. But that’s not was happening. The meanest nastiest ones are bred for one purpose and one only to protect even though they will attack their owners in a heartbeat. Ive been around lots need for pig hunting. They grab the pig and don’t let go. A friend owned one that was actually biting through the necks ( ?) of the pigs and killing them after he was gored. He was not hunted after that. Yet he and his kennel mates were as friendly as can be. They have to be. Who would want to move in and grab two fired up pits if they were going to turn on the handler? Even remotely snap and it’s behind the barn for that one. Only the best and most dependable are bred. Same with any of the above breeds. Breed best to the best for the qualities you want and it usually works out well. Whether bird dogs guard dogs or pet quality dogs. I know a family that breeds Rotts, and can guarantee the temperament in each breeding and have never been wrong. From family pet to guard dog. Quality breeding and you will pay dearly for that quality. Breed dangerous to dangerous and you’ve got a time Bomb on your hands. Don’t train and not assert your authority-you’re asking for trouble. All dogs can bite doesn’t need to be breed specific. Doesn’t need to be purebred. Pits that don’t work out as far as temperament when fostered by knowledgeable handlers are typically put down. Pits raised by dealers and gangbangers and then bred to other overly aggressive dogs those are the dogs that need to be removed from the gene pool. both the dogs and breeders. The only 2 dog breeds I’ve been bitten by. A Yorkshire terrier and my wife was fostering a French bulldog that was trying to kill our pit. Went back after the pit and ended up biting me. Little Sh#t. Ok off my soapbox.