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  1. Northwest river supply NRS
  2. There are unframed inflatable boats with a floor that you can standup in
  3. I don’t have any practical experience with them but look into the Sea Eagles They get rave reviews and lots of videos on how to break them down and put them back up. I’m looking hard at a couple of them . im looking at the two man skiff.
  4. Very nice!
  5. I like the top water bite but my favorite isn’t the most effective. I like to fish a #12 deer hair fat head diver in natural tan & white color. I think the most effective is just a simple foam spider, most guys make the rubber legs way too long on them though....keep em short. Beneath the surface any trout nymph will work and small streamers. I tie small Woolley Buggers in Charturese with Black,White or Charturese tails but I use rabbit fur instead of Marabou for the tail. Seems to make a big difference for me .
  6. Same here and blocker don’t help:
  7. I had a comment till I skimed through all the replies,sorry you guys are too high tech and too experienced for me. Been fly fishing for about 50+ years. I too really enjoyed the old sage RP and RPL’s and the old Scott original G These would be considered moderate to moderate slow by today’s standards. I think most of this is just a huge marketing thing. Super fast rods are for beginners so they can be experts within a week of casting it .... it is easier to learn to cast with a fast action rod. Moderate and slow actions are for people like that to feel the cast and the rod load ....It’s harder to learn to cast with a moderate and a slow action rod.
  8. Looks like a Valentine to me. I had a 350 till it was stolen. they don’t get a lot of attention/marketing But they are a fine reel and still made today.
  9. Same here never an issue in the 4 or so years I’ve been using LF as a popper coating or streamer head coating in fresh water...about 0 experience with the product in salt water.
  10. Same here never had an issue with LF turning milky but I have 0 experience with it in salt water..I have salt water fles tied with it but I’ve just never used them yet. I use it as a popper coating on foam,cork and balsa wood... never an issue and way better than epoxy as far as durability goes.
  11. Are you saying you had Tibors and Islanders fail? Mako? Solitude? These reels don’t fail if you take care of them. If you just want a cheap reel to last a season or two get a Redington Behemoth
  12. I’d like my stolen Ross San Miguel #2 replaced. And I lust over a Islander IR #4 in black. Oh an a Able Pt 5
  13. For Inland stripers and big bass I’ve been using the Owner Straight worm hook in 1/0-4/0. I don’t know if they make it bigger than that or not but it’s a nice hook and it’s not too expensive
  14. DragonTail & Congo hair Saw this in a post here not as nice as his but I’m working on it Sent the OP. PM to see what he used for material in the front His was a lot denser than mine