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  1. I’ll take a stab at it. Parenting in this country sucks nowadays. Role models in this country suck. Values in this country suck. We glorify violence in movies, on TV and in music, then throw our hands in the air in confusion when kids embrace violence. Social media is a breeding ground for hatred. The list goes on…
  2. One of the countless flaws (perhaps the greatest) of woke ideology is the assured feeling of moral superiority. There’s nothing decent about that.
  3. And if drugs were illegal there wouldn’t be overdoses. It’s so simple. Oh. Wait…
  4. Who’s the groom, Mister Ed?
  5. Synthetic, hollow tied, 8-inch baitfish.
  6. Come on.
  7. “Remains unproven” but in the next sentence you boldly imply that collusion existed. A subjective thinker.
  8. Without reading all that, my answer is yes. American lives improved under his presidency, like it or not.
  9. He was accountable for improving the lives of Americans. The current guy, not so much.
  10. The guy’s an establishment bum. Out of touch with the American people, not to mention his mind. Useless.
  11. Blame the democrat politicians if you must, but I blame the democrat voters. Not necessarily those on the dole or those who benefit from lax criminal justice systems, etc, but the average working individual living in failing democrat run areas. When will they wake up?
  12. What’s pissing me off about this wind is the duration, which will no doubt have a negative impact on the development of the striper run (in my area, anyway). Up until Friday things were progressing perfectly with lots of small bait, some larger bait, and an ever increasing presence of bass. On Friday I encountered the year’s first group of slot sized fish, then we get gale NE winds for the next 5 days. Baloney. I would consider this an anomalous weather event, and it seems like we’re experiencing things like this much more frequently. Aggravating to lose an entire week just as things start going off.
  13. Thank you. It’s one of those patterns you just have to try. They work, flat out. Where they shine is when the fish are fussy and keyed in on very small bait. At this point it’s the only fly I use for albies, and I spend a lot of time chasing them. Years ago when I was first introduced to the pattern I thought it was absurd, a silly gimmick. I was used to tying and using other proven patterns like candies, small clousers, and deceivers. It wasn’t until someone gave me one that I was convinced of it’s effectiveness. I lost that fly after a few fish but went to a local shop to purchase a couple tied by Dave Skok. I studied the pattern and did my best to duplicate it. The first few were horrid, but with each one the flies became better and better. Eventually I began tying them for a charter friend, and by that time I had developed my own way of tying them and they began to take on a unique, slimmed appearance. I also downsized them to about 2.25 inches. When albies are on small bay anchovies, peanuts, or silversides you really can’t beat this pattern. If they won’t eat it you may as well pack up and go home.
  14. They’re quite durable. In fact, provided I don’t lose the fly, they’re almost indestructible and can last me the better part of the season. I have several in the box that are more than a few years old. Occasionally the hackles break off after extensive use, but since I first tie in bucktail at the bend it still maintains its profile when the hackles are absent. I’m sure their durability depends on how they’re tied, but it seems I’ve got a formula that not only fishes like a bastard, but holds up extremely well too. As far as work, they’re not bad at all. I can tie one in just under 10 minutes. Granted, I make a ton of them, but it’s not a particularly complex pattern. Managing and sculpting the glue is what takes practice. I took these pictures a few days ago. The fly had already caught a dozen fish and is still in excellent shape. It’s back in the box waiting for another round.
  15. I wouldn’t say “no one”. You ever check out Facebook or Instagram? Tons of people blabbing away for a few likes. Dying to get their name in the National Geographic.