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  1. Gonna be a whole lot of canal gear up for sale after this season.
  2. You’re going to get two answers here. One faction will say yes the other faction will say no. Over the years if there’s one thing I’ve learned with smoking, it’s that trial and error plays a huge part in developing your skills. There is no single way to achieve consistent results.
  3. Is that the show with the little nut who runs around everywhere?
  4. Not sure if it’s a necessity, but I watched a video where a guy did. I’ve never done it, but after watching that vid, I will going forward.
  5. Less trimming and prep with the baby backs. The St. Louis have that damn skirt piece with the “knuckle” bones and cartilage.
  6. My only issue with the larger one is the placement of the front hook, which I feel is too far back. Not really an issue when bass are wolfpacking the plug, but when you’re hunting for big, solitary fish during the day you typically only get one chance. If the fish doesn’t grab the hooks you’re out of luck.
  7. That whole fly is made with Farrar flash blend tied on a mono extension. For flash I used pearl flashabou.
  8. Mine for this season. Landed many fish on this fly up to 20lbs. Hooked a beast a few weeks ago and it managed to break this 8/0 hook clean. I think the hook was overhardened, because I wasn’t really putting a ton of pressure on the fish. It didn’t bend at all, just broke. When the line went slack I assumed it spit the fly because it was scraping the bottom like a freak. Took me 10 minutes to realize the hook was gone. Included a pic of the fly unfished.
  9. Keep practicing. Watch YouTube videos to actually see how knots are tied. Keep practicing. There are plenty of others, but the “uni to uni” is easy and effective when joining 2 dissimilar lines, like 20lb leader to a short 50 or 60b bite guard.
  10. That looks solid.
  11. Fags on a pecker farm. I’m getting a good laugh out of this one. Gonna put it into rotation.
  12. How was it?
  13. Maybe not a fluke. Pure luck, I guess.
  14. Big fish have a lot of raw power man. A solid mass of muscle thrashing for its life. That’s a nice trophy to go along with the story.
  15. I’m not taking it personally, but if it makes any difference, I don’t entirely agree with you either. That said, I use a 60lb mono bite guard when I’m fly fishing for big, finicky bluefish. They won’t touch anything that has wire. I can tell you I’ve lost plenty of flies over the years. It’s a necessary sacrifice but I wouldn’t say 60 pound mono is “too heavy” for bluefish, unless you’re catching dinks. If I could get away with using wire I absolutely would. I feel like my answer accounted for a variety of situations. In other words, do what works best at the time.