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  1. Sorry, I’m in southeastern MA. I use ocean marine fabricating on Pope Island in New Bedford. Great operation if you can’t find someone up there.
  2. The canal is a major commercial waterway monitored by the army corps of engineers. They definitely don’t need some insane diver pulling off a half-baked stunt to retrieve lures or anything else in there.
  3. Spinning, pretty sure. Don’t know exactly what caused those cases tho.
  4. Aside from some fly leader applications, I use it on my boat rods to connect braid to leader. I Bimini the braid, 60 turns, a hitch on each leg, then 6 more hitches over both. I then tie an Alberto to join my mono/fluoro leader to the Bimini loop. I’ve heard of other people having issues with it hanging in the guides but I haven’t experienced that yet.
  5. No, I just think you’re a douche. I’m not trying to be “tough”.
  6. Now that’s what a used van staal should look like.
  7. The best, Jerry. The best!
  8. Where in MA are you?
  9. Wait a second. Alberto knot more complicated than a Bimini? I mean, a Bimini isn’t a complicated knot, but it takes a hell of a lot more time and effort than an Alberto.
  10. Notice how the sniveling douche goes silent when faced with questions like this? That’s how you know he’s completely full of sh*t. A clown.
  11. Because he’s a douche.
  12. But not the Democrat party. Nope. No way, no how. Never.
  13. You’re such a little dildo. Don’t you remember the left doing the very same thing after the 2016 election? Wait, not the same. Much, much worse and with far less dignity.
  14. Look at the size of his damn head compared to hers. I’m laughing my ass off at this.
  15. That’s some weird ass camera trickery right there.