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  1. With so many great materials at my disposal? Nope.
  2. Awesome.
  3. NE 10-15 kts and overcast. Almost always on fire.
  4. Pretty busy yesterday but I hit two trusty spots between jobs. One shot at each spot, one fish at each. Not many around my neck of the woods, so I’ll take what I can get.
  5. Seriously. Ever notice how clean they always are? Douches.
  6. And between you and I, I’d buy it from West Marine. Not only do they price match pretty much anything now, but if you have questions or problems you deal with actual people, face to face.
  7. Simrad and Lowrance are both Navico Brands. I think you can expect similar sounding capabilities with either unit. Pretty sure they both use the same devices. I personally think Simrad is a sharper looking product. Can’t go wrong either way.
  8. I think one of the worst things you can do as an angler is expect things to be the same from year to year. Set expectations based on current activity and make the best of it.
  9. My area was on fire last week, but it’s pretty much dead now except for a few small, random pods. Still managing to get one or two a day between jobs throughout the bay, but I’ve lost interest in the searching and chasing. Waiting for the next surge. I have a feeling some cool weather and NE winds will kick it back into gear.
  10. This one was from several days ago, but it’s dead now, so come on over if you’d like. Chartreuse albie wh*re, slow strip. Got it on the pause.
  11. Poor dopes. Totally unskilled at life.
  12. I’m a huge fan of the 7’6” 10-20lb Star Seagis. Been using that rod for light lure applications for several years. A fast rod with impressive backbone, I’m definitely not afraid to target big fish with it. Another great rod from Star that’s worth a look is the 7’6” 12-20lb Stellar Lite, which is better for lures up to about 2 1/2oz. Aside from a Teramar Northeast I use for really big plugs and eels, the Stellar Lite and Seagis are the only two rods I’ve used for the past 7 or 8 years. The build quality and action have given me no reason to look any further, and the price tag is right, especially if you’re looking to have multiple matching rods or a few backups.
  13. Love it.