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  1. Don’t sweat it, man. We’re just ball busting.
  2. I think you’re missing the big picture, man. If the plug came with an eye missing or a severely blemished finish, you might consider reaching out, but that chip was more than likely a result of shipping. Unless it’s a valued collectible, you should be looking forward to the plug getting roughed up.
  3. A complete waste of time. The hooks alone will ding and chip the finish after just a few casts. You’ll have 50 new blemishes to fuss over. You’ll learn.
  4. No, it’s just funny you humorless dork.
  5. Or just leave it intact, wrap the entire weld tightly with mono thread then coat with flexible UV epoxy. There’s really no need to cut it.
  6. Poor thing. Sorry to hear that, man. Looks like a good little guy. Thumbs down on that? ^^^ Puzzling
  7. I wouldn’t be too troubled, darling. After all, this is what your plugs should look like.
  8. Lady across the street from me has one. Opened up pretty well in the last week.
  9. When the line lays on the bottom begin stripping. Try different retrieves. Sometimes quick and short, sometimes slow and long. The fly darts toward the bottom and slowly rises during the pause. You can dead stick for as long as you want.
  10. Full sink is best. The fly hovers over the bottom, always in the strike zone.
  11. They get the job done, man. Give it another shot.
  12. A couple weeks ago during a warm, overcast morning. It wasn’t enough activity to warrant the use of dries, so I fished a booby and beat the hell out of them.
  13. I’m with you man. Keeping a few here and there is a responsible choice. I’m not saying ban taking them entirely, but I personally wouldn’t care if we did. Much has changed with recreational anglers in the past decade or so. A lot of new people are getting into the hobby with no prerequisite knowledge of how important the resource is, how important it is to pick up trash, how important it is to respect property, etc. And take it or leave it, but social media is the worst thing that could have ever happened to fishing. Why is spot burning such a big issue? For the same reason people line the shores of the canal with dead fish- they need that attention. The pat on the back is the goal at the end of the day. Rant over.
  14. It’s not so much about judging. For me, it’s wishing common sense was more widely used. Every fish taken today is one less available tomorrow. If you factor in the ones that have eggs, or will breed, you’re talking an awful lot of fish killed unnecessarily. When you look at places like the canal and see the shore lined with dead fish every day, it suggests many people believe killing a fish is what you’re supposed to do. When eating the thing or showing it off to friends means more than the pursuit itself, especially given the state of the fishery, something’s wrong.