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    From trout to tarpon, fishing has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember.
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    Professional captain

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  1. The headlamp has quickly become one of those “must have” tools of the surf fisherman, kind of like a StormR jacket or a 50-tube plug bag.
  2. Thoughts and prayers, man.
  3. Bob that thing is a work of art.
  4. Sick. It’s amazing how freaking loud these amps get. I used to have a 150-watt Bugera. For a time I was jamming with a metal group several years back and got to turn it up to 10. Thing was brutal. This EVH I have now is 50 watts, but still has more volume than I’ll ever need at home. Even if I gigged, probably more volume than I’d ever need.
  5. Cool pic. Yea that’s a sick amp. Is that a recto?
  6. Hey man it’s never too late. You don’t have to be playing gigs to enjoy it.
  7. This one’s my pride and joy. A 2000 LP studio I bought about 10 years ago from a Guitar Center in California. Easily my best sounding guitar. Beautiful, too.
  8. Those are sick. That PRS isn’t too shabby either. I love the feel and sound of my Jackson, but unfortunately the trem has tuning stability issues. I bought that guitar used, and the knife edges are pretty worn. After a dive the trem is always a shade flat. Not terrible, but enough to irritate me. This Charvel has a real Floyd and it’s stable as can be.
  9. I started out at 13 or 14 with a Fender knockoff my brother had. He never played it so I restrung it and went to town. Got my first lefty guitar at 18. An Epiphone Les Paul model. Still have that thing. New pickups, but it can hang with any of my Gibsons. It’s a bitch finding quality lefty guitars that aren’t $4000 custom shop models.
  10. Saw a show about this recently. Maybe one of those history channel jobs. Drunk history did a funny ass job of it too.
  11. Nice. Yours?
  12. Off the smoker. 4 hours on the dot, no crutch. Resting in foil in the cooler.
  13. Built that sum’ bitch.
  14. Do yourself a favor and check this album out.