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  1. Call it in immediately. Standing by and doing nothing, then complaining about it is a waste of time.
  2. Gamakatsu SC-15 for the whores. The small ones are #1, the large are 1/0. Those little chovy flies are tied on Mustad size 4 C70SD hooks.
  3. Cool, man. Let’s see a few.
  4. Thoughts & prayers, man. Very sorry.
  5. Thanks man. Will do. Counting the days...
  6. Try it out. It’s actually a pretty challenging technique to nail down. On top of that, they’re the most productive fly I’ve ever used for these fish.
  7. Yea man those tuttis are deadly!
  8. Plenty of bright ones in the box. Still building the inventory.
  9. Take it easy, man.
  10. The dubbing’s a little fluffy when they’re dry but in the water I think they’ll slim down a bit. Very translucent too. The top one was the first I tied, sort of experimental. The second one was the same, but tan instead of pearl. The bottom one was pretty much intended as a chovy. Tan dubbing and defined lateral line. We’ll have to wait and see how they perform. Tons of peanut bunker in my area right now. I’m anticipating a good run.
  11. Holy sh*t that’s exactly what I thought!!
  12. I’m starting to get the itch. They’re only a couple weeks away so I’m stocking up. I’ve been tying a bunch of albie whores lately, but I had a vision for something smaller this afternoon. These flies are for those days where the fish are difficult. Hopefully they catch. Congo hair tail, pearl ez body, pearl lateral flash, then a dubbed collar. The head is albie whore style, finished with hot glue. Definitely tying up a few more. Lets see some more. It’s almost time!
  13. Looking back on stuff like that is a lot of fun. Cool story.
  14. The PC libs of the fishing world.
  15. I had about a half hour between jobs to fish yesterday, so I booked it to a place I saw them the day before while parked in my car. Very sporadic, brief blitzes, but I believe there were actually a lot of fish. A couple times they popped up near the boat and I capitalized. Before long it was back to work.