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  1. Do you still have the warranty card for the ONE?
  2. Failed to mention, vise is C-clamp
  3. Brand new HMH Spartan Vise with original box. $190. plus free shipping. Price firm, no trades. Thanks
  4. No worries, thanks. Let me me know if you change your mind.
  5. Rods still available 

  6. Is this rod still available? If so it'd be great to see the pics. Thanks
  7. Novis, If you change your mind I would be interested in the rod. Thanks
  8. Great looking rod. Would the CTS warranty still carry over to the person that would buy it from you? Thanks
  9. That's a big league accomplishment just to get one of those to eat man, beauty. Congrats
  10. Hi there, Very interested in rod. Did you fill out the warranty card yet?
  11. Would you take $120 for the rod? Thanks
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