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  1. If using charcoal I prefer lump. Even though all remnants of processed briquettes are probably burnt off why use flavored fuel? To be honest and to contradict myself I do use unflavored briquettes in my smoker. When it comes down to it I prefer using real wood, oak, cherry, apple
  2. I’ve had at least 5 Weber Kettle grills, all but one were found at the curb. People buy them and then decide that it’s not for them. Even used they last a good long time, and I burn very hot. If you are new to the game plan on wiping out a cow and a couple of pigs.
  3. A good steak only needs salt and pepper. When that fails try a bit of Maggie’s.
  4. Be careful of advice given over the internet. Although I’m the last one to do it, if it hurts that bad go see a doctor.
  5. If they are still catching fish leave them as is and show the battle scars.
  6. I had an offset smoker and once I dialed it in, wood/charcoal it was fine. If I used just wood it was way too overpowering. I now have a Weber Smokey Mountain and I don’t like it as much. I prefer an offset.
  7. You can’t go wrong with, Oak, cherry, apple. Oak is a bit stronger. I usually do most of the smoking with charcoal and add one of these woods every so often during the burn. I tried to smoke with just the wood and it tasted awful.
  8. That’s all well and good, but a company as large as BostUs shouldn’t send out bogus emails. As stated before, one of the responses had received the same type of emails as I did back in Feb. I received mine earlier this month. BoatUS had ample time to fix the problem. “Fishing”… perhaps.
  9. there are a lot of “mistakes” out there. We all need to watch all of our bills and credits very carefully.
  10. No pills taken here. Just trying opening peoples eyes. Pay double if you.
  11. The up charge is for on the water towing, gas delivery, and soft groundings.
  12. Good marketing my a$$. As stated above they had more than ample time to fix the email. It wasn’t a $15 up charge in my case, it was a $140 up charge that I already had covered.
  13. You received the email in Feb. I received mine in May just after renewal as well. My apology came promptly after my complaint. It seems that BoatUS sends out the email upon renewal. They had more than enough time from Feb to May to get this straightened out. Seems like a rip-off to me.
  14. It’s been my experience that they would have taken the money and not refund it until they received a complaint. Keeping money in their accounts and producing additional funds for them until they refund you.
  15. No offense taken. My point is that I had a premium policy and felt that they were trying to squeeze me for more money that they are not entitled to. I don’t know what kind of policy Rhetts has. $140 is a considerable amount as compared to $15. I’m probably not the only one to receive that email. My reason for posting is how many people paid the additional fees when they already had a policy that covered the full cost of the tow? There is something amiss here and I question the email that I received as being a legitimate mistake.