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  1. It’s official. I finally got my boat registration today. It only took 2 months. I also mailed in a classic car registration today. Let’s see how long that takes.
  2. Try Fisher Canvas in Camden NJ. Give them the model and year. They may have a templet and ship it to you.
  3. Silly me. I regret to inform all of you that I just opened the envelope from the DMV that I received yesterday. It didn’t contain my boat registration, but the form to renew the registration for one of my cars. I wonder how long that will take to process? I guess we’re all in the same boat again.
  4. Got mine today after mailing it in on March 5th
  5. I mailed mine on 3/5 and I have the same problem. They did cash the check though.
  6. I’m in
  7. Check out a vinyl wrap
  8. A plastic boat rod holder could be attached to the roll bar with two screws or strong wire ties and would cost less than $10.00. Be sure to attach to the inside of the roll bar so that it doesn’t interfere when you decide to put the top up.
  9. I’m in, thanks
  10. I can’t speak first hand, but my son has a 2021, and likes it. Seems like a good bang for the buck. He did have a problem with a noise coming from the rear. Turned out it was a faulty drive shaft. Yesterday one passed me on the road and it seemed to have the same noise. Do a search on recalls, and silent recalls. my wife has an Outback that is 10 years old and no problems. I wouldn’t hesitate getting a cross trek, but check out the noise problem.
  11. Try to find a jeep YJ without rust. Low tech bull dog.
  12. I always feel that less is better. Why not use your flash light to look into the bag. Turn your back to the surf and be discreet with the light. I find that the dopes who drive the beach at night with their lights on more of a distraction to the fish than a small light.
  13. I’m in. Thanks
  14. I support C and R
  15. I wear a tyvek suit, a hat, and safety glasses. Do not paint directly over your head or body. Paint areas that you can reach with a stretch-out arm and you should be fine