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  1. Season is over everyone should quit. Time for hunting right? Heard theres a big whitetail push this year... and turkeys hitting anything!
  2. Thats a good idea Kooky. Go with the John style it's the best versatility. Can get down to just it when it's hot and muggy, swim to cool off, but can add as many layers as needed. Pairs nice with hyper flex playa neoprene zip up sweatshirt.... and now you know what I look like if you bump into me lol
  3. It's becoming more and more common. I've had a blitz disappear on me only to have a seal pop his head with a bass hanging out like a dog with its bone. Frustrating when you hike out and are into fish but as soon as light breaks the seal cruises right in. No first light top water, just a long walk back. Now I've mostly had this occur on small fish, but I wonder how it affects the travels of the larger fish? Gotta figure they avoid areas with increased predators.
  4. Congrats man! Gotta ask though - Sneakers, no korkers and a stormr? How did you plan on reviving that fish? You're not on the beach, those rocks are sketchy. How can you make it down to the water and give that big old girl the time she needs to revive? That's a great fish and I'm glad your buddies have been putting you on a good bite, but please do your best to bring them back to life. It will be hard to pound your chest on the internet if you guys keep live-lining short tog and killing the bass that frequent that area. This isnt the 70s we know better now.
  5. Pro - maybe it will eat some seals.... Con - perfect size to cruise into a salt pond and snack on a waders leg or into your favorite boulder field to try to snack on its first seal, that black neoprene one swimming funny looks like the perfect target I know they have been there for years, but with more seals around makes you think twice before swimming to the next rock
  6. Where abouts?
  7. Interested, does it say made in USA on the inside of the handle there? Picture is a little out of focus. Thank you
  8. Since they are push throughs (not the screw in types) you're best bet is to buy new ones. I spent a season replacing them... problem is once the rubber around the stud is at all compromised (like from the act of stretching them for removing the old stud out and putting the new stud in) they never hold for very long. I'm talking ¹-² trips and they would fall right out or worse, twist sideways and do nothing for your grip. If you want longevity the screw in models are much more durable - as long as you are careful not to overtighten the stud in you can replace them as needed. I killed several pairs of push throughs before I found the screw ins and have had better results.
  9. It can be the most exciting and rewarding trip as quick as it can be the scariest of your life. Have a blast, and good luck. one thing to consider is many rocks that look easy to access from far off are much harder to get on top of when you're swimming to them. To practice swimming there and back is a great idea, incase your juicy rock happens to be tougher to climb when you see it up close.
  10. Link? I must have missed it
  11. I like the owner tarpon hooks - sticky sharp and strong af
  12. Anyone know for sure how these new regs will impact riggies? I'd assume they will categorize it as "dead" bait and require circle hooks, but I'm really hoping they wont. Anyone else looking into this, have any light to shed on the topic?
  13. No trespassing sign up there now. Know a guy who got the "calling the cops" routine from the homeowners on one side.
  14. Correct, I was reading it that way too. 100% Rotations on the outgoings, like jockey said, easy when everyone knows each other or at least what the hell to do based on the conditions. Incoming or slack, lmao good luck getting me off my spot
  15. Amen