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  1. I like the owner tarpon hooks - sticky sharp and strong af
  2. Anyone know for sure how these new regs will impact riggies? I'd assume they will categorize it as "dead" bait and require circle hooks, but I'm really hoping they wont. Anyone else looking into this, have any light to shed on the topic?
  3. No trespassing sign up there now. Know a guy who got the "calling the cops" routine from the homeowners on one side.
  4. Correct, I was reading it that way too. 100% Rotations on the outgoings, like jockey said, easy when everyone knows each other or at least what the hell to do based on the conditions. Incoming or slack, lmao good luck getting me off my spot
  5. Amen
  6. I'll admit, when I'm there, I'm one of the a-holes. If you fished it years ago when people knew how to do it correctly, 3 people would fish at a time and a peaceful rotation could continue. Everyone when down to the casting rock, moved over, hooked up, moved over landed it like a well oiled machine. Now unfortunately, people do not want to learn to fish the spots correctly, and instead want to turn it into a party, drinking beers, casting wherever (not adjusting based on the conditions of the drift), not having safe gear and my biggest pet peeve-undersized gear with their drags set to 1lb and fight a schoolie in the current for 45mins saying "this is a big one." You guys have all said it best - the breachways have become the haven for internet fishermen who get up late, show up wanting you to be nice, then monopolize a spot. The soft side of this breachway specifically has turned into a legit party (where did the RIMS go?) where yahoos pull up and cast all the way across to try to drift. For months I have thought of opening a thread to start a discussion on how to fish these areas way they used to be, but didnt want to encourage more crowds. This might be the only way to reach the new generation (even though some of the biggest culprits are of any age) instead, I just fish the countless other spots where there are fish. The battle for schoolies at the breachways has ruined their big fish potential, at least for the majority of my trips
  7. Mike Z, totally agree, much better places to fish. Especially in mass, ny and conn where all plates I see are from.
  8. One side there is no legal access out front, you have to fish the pond or boat launch, the other take walk down the beach. If you go there and don't know what you're doing be prepared to get into some serious arguments. It can be a nightmare when people mess with the rotation with crossed lines and 45 minute schoolie retrieves on loose drags
  9. Has anyone caught anything after dark? Past weeks bite has literally shut off after sundown - very spring schoolie -like, just curious if I’m the only one experiencing it. Also saw some distant madness in soco this morning before I had to go to work hopefully they moved in for you guys
  10. I've had some decent stretches were some close to legal sea lice ridden bass have come through providing a blast with light tackle... only to have seals, like clockwork, show up and put down every single bite. Last night after a weekend of moving away from them I stayed. Its incredible how much they kill the fishing. He would disappear and I would pick of one or two. Then he popped his head up like a dog for a treat, bite stops. Disappear, more fish, over and over. They just dont eat when they are running for their lives. To put the icing on the cake, after he disappeared for one stint he popped back up with a nice schoolie in his mouth. I got to watch him (or her I guess) shake it around, again, quite doglike. If theres a petition to open a season on them I'll be the first to sign.
  11. To be honest, not much. John Jr. followed his father's methods, put the same weights in the same spots, used his paints and sealers. The main difference is Sr. is dead, and Jr. could still make more lures.
  12. Its not, 100% sure of that. Those will be all Seniors from his father's last run. We should expect to see them up here soon with the documentation
  13. Ill take them for asking PP
  14. Seconds please
  15. Ill take the Asylum for 22 pp