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  1. cold weather balls, bunch of articles online sayin we should use lower compression balls in the winter, any truth to that? or just use the same ball year round and adjust for the cold?
  2. Diamana ZF extra stiff TX flex 3.5 torque in foil finish, it's actually 1.25" shorter than was advertised, might be sending it back. at the range it was shorter but straighter than my current driver, maybe that's the better compromise???
  3. Had a 25 year old Scotty, sucked with that, figured I'd try a mallet like all the cool kids, just got a Scotty Flowback, suck with that too.
  4. Daddy got a new toy
  5. I thought a GW was 52*
  6. the guy with the annoying voice on youtube, "mr short game" was very helpful to me sort out many faults
  7. Fall golf is beautiful and all fun and games until you rip a drive down the side of the fairway, only to lose the ball under sea of leaves. Or worse roll a nice putt and have bouce off and accorn stem and go 30* offline. We usually give free drops if the drive was obviously landing on the fairway, in the rough your on your own, not much gambling until the majority of the leaves are cleared. Btw, I asked the greenskeeper at a local course if I could bring a small battery power leaf blower, he gave me the thumbs up.
  8. Shoulda stuck with cars as a hobby, fishing is such a circle jerk
  9. @TimS in 70ft of water on Friday? Thought it was all in the Hudson. Were they so thick that the marks created a false bottom?
  10. for albies, 9' 8 wt is perfect shooting a slow intermediate
  11. I am an idiot who could watch these all day
  12. NYCC with city skyline views
  13. Keynote speaker at this year's convention for a franchisee I own was the SEAL who shot Bin Laden. Heard he was great. But seeing as I'm not crazy but the franchisor, I didn't go.