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  1. I always thought traditionally fly rods were expensive because they were handmade in America and carried lifetime warranty against damage, now that they are made overseas and the graphite technology has improved to reduce breakage, shouldn't prices come down? The premium makers are just getting out of control with most higher end rods and reels at the $1000 mark. If you are an American (sorry Mike) and your looking to save a few bucks on fly fishing gear look to the UK, with the strong dollar and no VAT, I just purchased the latest Airflo Ridge lines for about half the us price shipped to my door. PM if you want details.
  2. because it costs a lot of money to look cool like Brad Pitt
  3. never caught an albie? next time you come to NY, stay for a few days in NJ and I'll take you out
  4. left row is used, the right row is new or like new Drifter Tackle Believers HRT 8" Polish Shads Gibbs GTS 12 oz MOJOs 24 oz MOJOs Manns Stretch 15+ and Magnum Bomber CD30 Realiable Bunker spoons $200 for the lot shipped
  5. used reel with ball bearing powerknob and spare spool. 60 shipped
  6. Thanks for the offer, but I need a faster line retrieve, the 200 is actually faster than the 300
  7. will add cash for a low serial number VS250 or VS275 19xxx or lower that does not say made in China on the foot
  8. left hand crank or right hand crank?
  9. Mike, you have obvious put your time in and learned the ins and outs of Montauk. Here is the problem, most of those famous Montauk blitzes were on smaller bait, whitebait, peanuts or other small stuff. Like you mentioned, you could catch a 30# bass the guy next to you could catch a 8# bass, the guy next to him could catch a 2# bluefish and the guy next to him could catch a random albie (on a bomber with a wire leader....... that was Sudsy 15 years ago). The point is, it was difficult to target larger fish, especially with a fly rod. I have been in a few big fish blitzes out there, but they are hard to predict so unless you're a local or happen to get lucky, your mug aint going up on wall at Paulie's . For ten years there were epic bunker blitzes in NJ, I mean EPIC. The reason these this blitzes were special was because A) the large bass were more plentiful, B) they were eating 2# bunker. So the smaller fish in these blitzes were like 20#, some days they averaged 25# other days they averaged 35#. I could on and on with stories of the carnage, but I wont, all you have to do is look up historic NJ bait shop or fishing club tournament weigh ins from 2002-2010 and the see the dozens of 30# and 40# fish weighed in on a daily basis. From the beach, the NJ bite and Montauk bite is no more, The Canal may be a decent bite, but it aint Jersey 12 years ago. To the original poster, if you dont want to do the CBBT, Philly is probably 1 hour away from the upper Chesapeake and the Susque flats, that may be the best shot at a 50 on the fly, it's just not legal. So you're using a 10wt to catch shad and the flies you're using happen to mimic those shad, but arent they cannibalistic? Find the big bait and you will at least avoid the smaller fish.
  10. you and your wife are living the dream, my dream at least what are those black spikie things on the deck on the bow, line control?
  11. TTT 42 shipped or going to fleabay