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  1. back in the late 80's early 90's we would catch > 100 schoolies per tide in the merrimack, parker and saco rivers, trick was three or four teasers
  2. That's the beauty of WAR, is that you can compared the value of a pitcher verses a position player using this metric. BTW, most analyst ranked, Kershaw, Scherzer, Altuve, Harper Sale Arenado and a bunch more ahead of either Betts or Judge. Waris also what most MLB GM's use to determine a player's salary, it's how many million per projected WAR. In this 2018 off season the going rate was about $9-10 million per WAR. Mike trout has more career WAR by age 26 than any player in MLB history. Using those number they predict his WAR will average 7.5 over the next 12 years of his contract, multiply that by $10 million per WAR is $900 Million dollars. So his $420 contract now sound like a bargain. Then again we all know that these players rarely produce their projected numbers later in the contract.
  3. very cool pics, thanks for sharing, is that sea lice on the albies?
  4. do you mean 275VM? otherwise lemme know where I can get a VS275 for around 300
  5. rods 1 3wt 2 10wt reels 1 3wt 3 9-13wt 2 14wt+ In the process of swapping out rods
  6. Mike Trout is less than one year older than Betts or Judge, he has more MVP's HR and RBI then both of them combined. Career wins above replacement Judge 12 Betts 35.2 Trout 66.2
  7. That's like a Game of Thrones white walker cat
  8. that's some nice looking fly tying material right
  9. good for you, I guess it was worth the effort of going in early, I just got around to picking up and installing my lower unit. Still have 5-6 hours of maintenance to get done before I can launch
  10. have you seen any action this year?
  11. figured you'd have stories like the one on THT about the 42 Invincible that near sink due to hull split, not so invincible after all
  12. I have US made vs200 in black serial number 55xx, box, bag, papers, $520 picked up in NJ, $550 shipped