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  1. reminds me of the time I was at the gas docks, I asked the girl working there "what most gas you sold to one boat, $5000?" she laughed and said there's a yacht that comes by fill up 7000 gallons of diesel, takes hours............nice to have that kinda stupid money
  2. im at the opposite end of nj, north of NYC
  3. I'm still interested, lemme know what happens with newport, send me a pm if he passes
  4. the avets are not new, but close where are you in NJ?
  5. Seeker bunker spoon rod BA 1153M-9WL 9' slick butt $120 keeping Daiwa Saltiga SA-B 66MR-DS 6'6" 20-50# rod, used $45 great for mojos Shimano Tallus TLC-66HSBA 20-50# 6'6" slick butt, very clean $90 Connley Fishing "sailfish" trolling rod 20-50# 6'6" brand new $95 Shimano trevala F Butter fly jigging rod, TFC-63MH, 50-100 braid, 110-240 jigs $120 Avet MXJ magic cast lefty silver, mint with box $160, or this reel plus cash for lefty JX raptor Avet SX magic cast lefty silver, mint with box $150, looking to sell this or the MXJ Abu 7001i lefty, with box $70 Pickup in NJ/NYC area
  6. lol, it's killing me, Sunday is looking like a perfect day to be on the water
  7. maybe we will pass each other, my daughter has a soccer tournament in Bethesda MD this weekend
  8. here is a pic of last weeks ties, I woulda thought natural material flies on the bottom would do better, I should have realized that the big girls like their bling bling
  9. doubled
  10. I grew up near Boston and used many a sand eel for bait back then. now I'm in jersey and seems like the sand eels down here are noticeably larger. could be a product of the later season run? experimenting with an all flash nj sand eel pattern about 8", the bottom fly has boated about few dozen fish to 28# and was originally the same length as the others
  11. I was telling everybody that there was a unusually large and early massive push if peanuts this fall and that there would only be few left for this peak time of year. everybody said I was "nuts". well I still cant find many in raritan bay area. maybe they are hiding way in back or in up the rivers
  12. how about them seven marine outboards, 627hp at $90,000 a piece
  13. way to go, great pic too!!!