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  1. i've seen em trolling for stripers 6 miles out, yes way past the eez
  2. for reals, I hope all my SOL brothers and sisters cash out for big coin, then after invite to fish off their Vikings
  3. you'll realize, this crypto thing is the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of humanity and most the people creating coin are perpetrating this with good intention and a little greed
  4. I'm a noob so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Anyway, I thought you want less MOA in darker situations and more MOA in brighter situations.
  5. for an every weekend trip that is a bad idea, if your just need to dump it in the spring and pull it in the fall, rent a F250 from Homies, they are rear wheel drive but plenty of power, tranny and brakes
  6. you don't know what you're missing, kind of like the "Beautiful aces" thread butt live
  7. 48 w/tlr6 and romeo zero red dot, 17 with tlr8
  8. No grenade launcher?
  9. I agree with Mike and aae. Messing around with my stuff, I feel the light laser combo is the best option and that the MOS is more of a hinderance than help. Specifically talk about home defense and assuming most encounters would happen at night with low light. IMHO, in a true home protection situation precise aiming through the irons or red dots is not always going to be a option. Might be shooting from a sitting, lying in bed, hiding behind a corning position and the option to just get the laser on target and shoot from the hip could be useful in a survival situation. So I removed the MOS from my main home defense weapon. Outdoor or CCW, different story.
  10. Light lazer combo for Glock for home defense. Or red dot or both? Have a 17 gen 5 which will take many lights, but the 48 does not have many options.
  11. it's not just NJ, there are also trophy tuna caught in February in the outer banks, just follow the wicked tuna boats
  12. in a gym, night club or shopping mall, how would you know who's vaccinated and who aint? In other words if states or cities follow the CDC recommendation, nobody's gonna be wearing a mask, there aint gonna be no mask police
  13. the 104" was 587 lbs, 4 hours fight, dragged the boat 10 miles, needed 5 guys to lift it onto the boat, no tuna door
  14. it's time for an SOLCOIN, instead of crypto mining, should be based on posts trolled and daily points