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  1. was/is amazon a "cult stock"? back in 2018 apple made more profit in 3 months than amazon had in 33 years since it's inception in 1995. That is called a growth stock not a cult stock, when Bezoes turned on the profit spigot, Amazon netted $10 billion last year. Will Tesla do same? Who knows, but if you calling Tesla a dog based on current fundamentals and ignoring future growth potential your missing the bigger picture. or maybe I'm just drinking the kool-aid.
  2. what strikes me is the 14,000 lbs towing capacity, that's a lot of boat
  3. Sorry I'm not in your league with two boats
  4. I used to think like this, now I have a boat and laugh at people who think like this that are content catching 2-3 30# fish a year. Now 2-3 30# fish a day is a fail, lol
  5. kayaking in the manasquan inlet is like riding a bicycle on the of the NJ turnpike
  6. How's that gonna happen when the comms will kill em all?
  7. second if fun fun passes, cash and carry
  8. something like a lami xs10mhs or custom on the gsb blank or similar will pay cash or have lami xs10ms towrds trade want to spend less than $200
  9. Im sick of the rain and wind and cold, would like to have a 3 piece acrylic enclosure similar to the first pic, anything I should know before attempt to cut and shape acrylic and clamp it onto my t-top frame? the other option would be to replace the current windshield with a custom taller one, but im guess in that would probably be weak if it went all the way up
  10. nvmd, asked and answered
  11. so i am still confused, for smaller boats like my 22', most have two batteries and would use chargers like the one below that I have. It has 15 amp input wiring, so if most shore power is 30 amps, you can never use one of these chargers?
  12. somebody is busy getting ready for that canal squid bite
  13. this guy is a real model citizen, he's not afraid of going to jail for his rights cuz it's like a second home to him The owner of a New Jersey gym that continues to defy the state’s coronavirus lockdown order came clean Wednesday about a fatal drunk driving crash he pleaded guilty to 13 years ago. Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, said in an Instagram mea culpa that “there is justifiably a great deal of hatred ” toward him for a 2007 crash that killed 19-year-old Kevin Ade — which has been gaining new attention online since news of Smith’s gym’s anti-lockdown stance started spreading. “Over the past few days there has been a lot of posting about a tragedy that I was the cause of,” Smith said. “And there is justifiably a great deal of hatred and resentment towards me. This is something I’ve been public about my whole life.” “I never run from it nor would I ever,” he said. “It’s something that I fully accept responsibility for, and for anybody out there who hates me, I think you are completely justified in doing so.”
  14. BT are bullets NF needlefish PP poppers ZZ darters and DS bottle neck swimmer or crisscross, either way same sized hardware the number is probably length in inches
  15. just in time to get shut down by a hurricane