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  1. I wanted to keep it at 100 but can go up to $120+ cover pp fees if in great shape. Thanks again
  2. Brand new...exact model needed dropped off @ 11561...DONE DEAL @peanutbunkerandjelly Thank You
  3. Thanks Red - I appreciate the input and pictures. I just need the conventional, can you make it work for $100 shipped?
  4. Thanks Deely, this model may be too light. Appreciate the response + I'll still think about it. I would buy multiple rods if there are other locals or offers drop a line. Thanks all, I'm off to go get em, my responses will be delayed.
  5. No worries. Send pics of both on Sunday. Thanks again
  6. TVSC-63MH should be conventional, looking for conventional only please+ thank you.
  7. Thanks Red - If confirmed like new can we do $130 total ?
  8. Thank you red - please provide a shipped price to 11561 when you get a chance. Thanks again
  9. Looking for the older Shimano S jigging casting rods, model TVSC-63MH Long Island Pick-up preferred, shipping/drop off to 11561 will work. Thanks SOL
  10. I thought someone on here may appreciate this 2'x3' Original Painting with Metal Frame. Pick-up in Lido Beach NY for $50 or will trade for something to display or some needed essentials yozuri 30lb fluoro 2oz hopkins or kastmasters 3-6oz bucktails or ball jigs with baitholders I no longer have a place for this, open to other trades, will not ship
  11. Respectfully offer $80, I'm in Nassau county
  12. All good, thank you for getting back to me. GLWS
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