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  1. Perfect timing, Thanks guys. I really appreciate it
  2. Awesome. Just did some research on the crickhoppers too, it'll be the first lure I buy down here. Thanks for the advice
  3. Thanks man. I would like mono, any recommendations where line memory will be minimal?
  4. My family just moved to Florida and has a lot of ponds around their property. I want to buy a lightweight combo to leave down there, ideally for under $150. In Salt, I'm most successful throwing gulp on Jigheads with a short fluorocarbon leader attached by swivel to braided line. Can I use the same technique for ponds? I'm concerned with line memory as the set up will be sitting in a garage for most of the year. I'm used to spinning reels but open to baitcasters. Thanks for the input.
  5. Happy Holidays Whoopin - if you're still selling I'd like to buy this combo for your asking price of $125. I can meet anywhere in Nassau County first week in January. Thank You
  6. I fluke with 30lb J braid and never had one line issue. I typically won't ever need more than 6oz to hold bottom where I fish. The guy next to me was holding with 1-2oz less and stated he's never had an issue with samurai, it made me want to switch. 30lb or any # seems to be just a # with that said 20lb sounds too low if you're dropping 10oz. I'm sure you sacrifice strength as line gets thinner but if you want to use as little weight as possible imo it's worth the sacrifice.
  7. 30lb samurai will require less lead to hold bottom VS 30lb J braid. I had the chance to try both lines at the same time this summer. I've been happy with J braid but will switch next season as I also prefer to fish with minimum lead. Even if the thinner 30lb line sacrifices some strength, it makes light tackle fishing more enjoyable and the line should still hold up.
  8. No worries. Nice combo, good luck with it either way
  9. Will buy for $105 if that works for you. I'm in long Beach and can meet anywhere in Nassau
  10. I personally hate the split grip on this for bucktailing. There is very little upper padding to grip when lifting a fish and I think the hook holder was poorly placed. I prefer a thicker bucktailing rod under my armpit/forearm - after an hour the thin split grip gets uncomfortable and can slip.
  11. Thank you NE SURF for the smooth transaction. Closing this up
  12. Sounds good. I live in long Beach and travel around Hicksville and Amityville often for work. If you want to wait til after the weekend to finalize (maybe try to sell your rod and I can entertain other rods) that's cool, if not, we can meet sooner and I'll close this up.
  13. Great rod but I'm unfortunately looking to trade at this time. If you'd be interested in trading, please let me know. Thank you for the offer.
  14. I used this reel once or twice, it's spooled with 20lb powerpro. For trades I'm looking for a used travel or surf rod to throw ~1.5oz with 20lb braid. I'll consider any travel rod capable of handling these specs or surf rod between 8-10' (8' 1pc max) to handle similar specs. I'm hoping to meet in Long Island NY to evaluate and exchange. Thanks
  15. roll up jig bag with bucktails in weight order