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  1. * Mayor says: "This is going to be a very long recovery process," Smith said. "But right now, [the plan is] getting everybody off that island and to safety. It is not habitable."
  2. They are going to open the South Loop today, and there is word that the North Loop will reopen soon. Details can be found here: UPDATE: Yellowstone National Park’s south loop will reopen to the public on June 22 - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (
  3. The only thing I will add is to take those bear warnings seriously. An experienced guy was killed a few years ago near a stream near a campground north of West Yellowstone. He had stumbled across a griz on a kill site. Grizzly bear that killed man and charged rescuers near Yellowstone was likely guarding food, investigators say - CBS News Have bear spray on your person, conveniently available, and know how to use it.
  4. Blue Ribbon Flies or Bob Jacklin's in West Yellowstone.
  5. The advantage to taking casting lessons at the start is that you don't develop bad habits that casting lessons taken later will have to try to correct. Fwiw, I'm 64 and have been doing a little flyfishing for trout in Yellowstone, but I'm fixin to try some saltwater flyfishing now that the weather has cooled off a bit.
  6. Here's a video of a couple of guys fishing for peacock bass in Puerto Rico, if that helps you any. The other guy in the video, not the guy with the camera, has used a 0 wt to catch bonefish, tarpon, and snook, so he knows what he's doing. Yes, it's in Spanish, but you can clearly see how they are doing it and what flies they are using. Peacock Bass Day ft. Bejuco Flats Fly Co. in Guajataca Lake - YouTube
  7. I would, and have, gone with both an Orvis Battenkill and a Piscifun Sword II (get the Piscifun off of Amazon). Orvis guarantees are hard to beat.
  8. Dude, if you're gonna trash talk 'old white rightwing balloon knots...' I think it is incumbent upon you under the new 'woke' protocols to capitalize the 'w' in white, like this: 'White', so that you don't offend anyone, like, say, us. You're actin' all woke. Don't start to fall back asleep on us, bruh. :-)
  9. So we need to get rid of the Purple Haze, too. Can't be promoting drug use. The 'San Juan worm' has to go, too. We don't want anybody to think we wiggle our worm. And what about 'fly fishing'? Gotta change that. Don't want anybody thinking we're fishing with that pole under our fly, do we. Instead, we can call it 'insect fishing' with our 'insect rods'. Where does it stop? At what point do we tell the cancel culture, ENOUGH! We're not allowed to celebrate our Southern heritage and history anymore. The Founding Fathers are now taboo. Even Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, is now unacceptable. Columbus is bad. Cops are bad. The military is bad. America is bad. The National Anthem is bad. White is bad. I'm 63 years old, and I'm tired of hearing that I and everything I grew up with is bad, and that rioters and looters and criminals and anarchists are good. At some point, the silent majority is going to stand up and say I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!
  10. Dunno if they still make it or not (it's showing on their website), but Echo also made a variant of the BAG called the Quickshot. They were 8' rods, as opposed to the original BAG's which are 9. The folks that I read who used the Quickshots seemed to like them. You might wanna give that a think, if they are still available.
  11. You can get a Redington Trout 5 wt in 8'6" or 9' for $150. An Orvis Clearwater 5 wt 8'6" or 9' will run you $198.00 Comes with a 25 year guarantee and is made in the U.S.A. An Orvis Superfine Glass 5 wt 8' will run you $429. (This is a fiberglass rod, not a graphite rod.) An Echo Trout will run $350. Having said all of this, do not lose sight of the fact that we are about 30 days away from Black Friday, and most everybody puts pretty good sales on for that. I would try to spend the time between now and then looking at and handling rods, if possible, and then try to catch whatever you decide on when the Black Friday sale hits.
  12. Were I you, it being mid-October, I'd wait until Black Friday and see what is offered on sale.
  13. Stormy, Mebbeso we are on different ends. It serves no one's purpose to retire somewhere that's gonna cause your b/p to spike or give you heartburn or make you miserable being there. There's someplace for everybody. The important things are that we all love our country, and that if we disagree, we can do it in an agreeable fashion. Montana suits me on multiple levels, so that will be my destination. I think I can live and die happy in that state. I'm lookin' to spend my time trout fishin'. Folks that like the salt have many places that they can find happiness. Happiness fishing is also important! :-) Old Hunter, Colorado is the same as Asheville. Beautiful, but run by folks whose policies I do not care for. Pro-dope and anti-gun are dealbreakers for me. I had originally planned to move to Colorado after watching the mini-series 'Centennial' back in the 70's, but in the meantime Californians invaded the place, took over the government, and now I can't abide it, even though it may very well be the most beautiful state in the entire country. So Montana it is. A lot of Florida folks retire and move to N.C. The western mountains are pleasant enough, but I have my heart set on the Rocky by God Mountains. I have a small town picked out that will suit me just fine. I'm tired of people. The town has the things I need, and no more. A BBQ place, a pizza place, a McD's, a grocery open until 11 p.m., a gas station/sporting goods store, a few fly fishing shops, the interstate runs right by it, a mild clime, mountains, and trout waters and decent elk hunting. Such is the stuff dreams are made of! Maybe the old adage is right. As long as we don't talk politics and religion, it's all good!
  14. This is also part of the plan. When I move to Montana, I'll sell the Wrangler and get a 4x4 pickup and a 16' Scamp camper and visit some national parks. I might try doing some southern parks in the winter. I'd also one year like spend a winter reading up and then go tour the Civil War battlefields in order. Maybe do the same thing with the rendezvous sites out West, or drive the Oregon trail. Things like that.
  15. That was Asheville. They've clearly lost their everlovin' minds. I refuse...I'll say it again, I live in a state whose politics I cannot abide.
  16. I just turned 63, and live on the west coast of Florida a little below Tampa. I have lived here all my life except for around 4 years in Texas. I retired the middle of last year. My father is 95 with dementia and is living in a memory care facility. I'll stay here until he passes, then I'll sell his house and move to Montana. I want to trout fish, camp, take pictures, and look at the stars. I'm tired of the heat, humidity, hurricanes, alligators, tourists, crime, overpopulation, and flat land. I'm also interested in the fur trade era. I'm looking at south central Montana. Where I'm looking at the county seat has around 5,000 people, with around double that for the whole county. By comparison, the county I live in now numbers around 350k. I'm just tired and worn down. All I want is to live out the rest of my days doing the things I want to do in the country I want to do them in. I have had operations on both knees and have moderate arthritis in both. If the cold is too much for them in Montana, and it gets frickin cold there, that I know, then the fallback position is to move to Utah. It has trout, mountains, and redrock country. That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it!
  17. Titleguy, Nope. This will be my first one. GlacierRambler on another forum has given them sterling reviews. I'm thinking when I go out next year I may order another one in a 6 wt. for when it gets windy. And then there is a possibility of a 4 wt. down the road some time. maybe. Dusty said I could pick it up at Yellowstone Angler, so I'll prolly make a li'l trip to Livingston from my base at the Madison campground. And Rosa's Pizza is just down the road! Two years ago when I was out for the 'clave that BBQ pizza at Rosa's was pretty good eats! Tomkaz, I just got me an Orvis Superfine Glass in 4 wt. a few months ago. I will use it out there this year. It is a 3-piece, which is helpful, as I fly out there and fly back. Once I eventually move out there, such things won't matter.
  18. Great story with fantastic pics!!! I'll be out in Yellowstone in mid-September. Normally I fly into Great Falls, but this year I'm flying into Butte. My birthday was July 1st, turned 63. I figured I should get myself a birthday present, so today I ordered a Western Glass 8'6" 5 wt in the new green color from Dusty. I'll pick it up when I get out there. I sure do like that purple haze fly! I didn't make it out last year, and had to schedule this year around plans my brother made, which put me coming out in mid-September. Kinda glad it worked out that way, as it gives me more time for the 'Rona to calm down. I'll be coming from FL, too. I'll spend a few days in Dillon, as that's where I want to move to sometime in the next 5 years. Thanks for your well-documented story! It was a pure pleasure to read, and the pics were bodacious!!! Seeing such makes me even more eager to get out there! Take care, and I hope your young'un gets his hand fixed soon.
  19. I used to get up every day and couldn't wait to read his reports from Sanibel. They were informative and inspirational. And they were always accompanied by great pics and told in a narrative style that was captivating. The depth of knowledge he possessed is astounding. And they usually ended with the requisite trip to Dunkin'. I identified, because a friend turned me into a Dunkin' fan, ref their coffee and their coffee rolls. Dick's a tough old bird, and it ain't over till it's over.
  20. Dick was in Dunkin's almost as much as I was when I was workin. I think it would be highly appropriate if they renamed 'Dunkin' to 'BoneFishDick's'!!
  21. How very sad. His reports from Sanibel were inspirational as much as they were informational. Many of us learned things from him. Please keep us updated.
  22. I was getting nervous about not hearing anything from him as well . Many thanks for the update, dblhauler. We greatly appreciate it. I sincerely hope Dick gets this latest bump in the road ironed out and can get back on the beach soon. I'm sure the fish are also missing their friend. Hang in there.
  23. Boy, this thread turned into a goat rodeo of epic proportions...
  24. Fyi, red tide has now again been detected in Palma Sola Bay, Sarasota Bay, and near Anna Maria Island. Just a heads up.