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  1. I used to get up every day and couldn't wait to read his reports from Sanibel. They were informative and inspirational. And they were always accompanied by great pics and told in a narrative style that was captivating. The depth of knowledge he possessed is astounding. And they usually ended with the requisite trip to Dunkin'. I identified, because a friend turned me into a Dunkin' fan, ref their coffee and their coffee rolls. Dick's a tough old bird, and it ain't over till it's over.
  2. Dick was in Dunkin's almost as much as I was when I was workin. I think it would be highly appropriate if they renamed 'Dunkin' to 'BoneFishDick's'!!
  3. How very sad. His reports from Sanibel were inspirational as much as they were informational. Many of us learned things from him. Please keep us updated.
  4. I was getting nervous about not hearing anything from him as well . Many thanks for the update, dblhauler. We greatly appreciate it. I sincerely hope Dick gets this latest bump in the road ironed out and can get back on the beach soon. I'm sure the fish are also missing their friend. Hang in there.
  5. Boy, this thread turned into a goat rodeo of epic proportions...
  6. Fyi, red tide has now again been detected in Palma Sola Bay, Sarasota Bay, and near Anna Maria Island. Just a heads up.
  7. I am very sorry for your loss, Dick. I had to put my beloved Airedale, Bone Daddy, down on February 20th. He, like your Dunkin', was 14 years old. I have his ashes in a box with a framed picture of him atop it. Fate intervened, and, thanks to some friends and the coconut telegraph, on March 16th I got another Airedale, a 3 year old female, Harley Quinn. She is a blessing, smart as a whip, a great watchdog, and a fine companion in all respects. She will even jump up on my bed and go to sleep when I take a nap or go to bed at night. I sleep soundly at night knowing she is on guard and listening for trouble. Time will make the loss a little easier to take, although our pets are never, ever forgotten.
  8. No prob. I got educated on the round at a forum called The Coyote Gods, run by John Henry, back in the day. He was hardcore about advocating the .17 Remington and Airedale Terriers. That bunch was big on selling the pelts, so a little hole going in and no hole coming out made them smile. That forum is long gone now, but I have my two T/C .17 Remingtons and am now on my second Airedale. Only down side is it can be hard on barrels if you shoot a lot, or if you shoot a lot fast. The T/C's make replacing barrels, if necessary, easy.
  9. Coyotes called in were pretty close, 100 yds and under. I was shooting factory Remington .17 Rem loads loaded with Hornady 25 gr. HP's.
  10. We don't have woodchucks down here. I have the 6mm Remington, which gets about 100 fps more than the 243. Also have a .223 bolt and a couple of .17 Remington single shots. My preference is predator calling. If you do coyote calls you can expect coyotes, but if you do distress calls all kinds of different things might respond. I've had fox, coyote, raccoons, hawks, and deer all respond to distress calls. I've got both electronic and mouth calls. And yes, 80 grain bullets out of a 243 or 6mm gets things done. My .17's shoot 25 grain bullets. My 26" barrel has put them out over 4000 fps. My other .17 barrel is a custom 16 1/4" Bulberry bull barrel on a T/C that I configured for a close-range calling rifle. It is camo'd up.
  11. Last year down here it stayed cooler longer than usual. For some reason, I'm just not feeling a repeat this year, as much as I would love for it to happen. I may have an antidote, though. Due to a variety of reasons, I will be taking my vacation in September rather than August, as I had hoped. Montana and Wyoming get problematic in September ref snow flying. It almost snowed on my the last day or two of my vacation in August last year. I tent camp, and to me, September is noticeably cooler out there than August.
  12. Hang in there. We're all with you.
  13. I expect the folks caught in that polar vortex are happy to hear that.
  14. Mike, When I go out West on vacation I put my camping gear in a box and ship it to a post office near where I intend to camp. Once or twice this procedure has bit me in the butt, but for the most part it works ok. How much crap you can take and how heavy the crap can be has been steadily being more and more restricted and reduced by the airlines. I dunno if there are any rental options...Graveyard could prolly speak better to that. I buy bear spray every trip, and carry it if I think it necessary. I know firearms are a deal where you're from, but when I go on vaca a Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum goes along. I don't hike or fish with it, but it goes into my tent every night and is placed within easy reach. I DO NOT want to shoot a bear. I like bears. In many ways they are very much like humans. But I don't intend to get eaten by a bear, either. That ain't gonna happen. I always sleep in my tent with my .44 and a very big knife. As an aside ref bears, if you can, read Doug Peacock's book, 'Grizzly Years'. It is a fascinating book, providing a very interesting insight on both the man and grizzlies, and you will come away with a deep and abiding appreciation of bears. (Ed Abbey based his character George Washington Hayduke, in his book 'The Monkey Wrench Gang', on Peacock. When Abbey died, Peacock and a very few others secretly buried him out in the desert that he loved, at an undisclosed location, where people aren't allowed to be.)
  15. Mike, I have absolutely no qualms ref being 'retired', once that happens next year. I look at it as an opportunity to do all the things I like, as much as I like, whenever I like. And I don't particularly care what the government things about it, as long as my Social Security check will be deposited on time. I haven't noticed the government giving a flying flip what I think about them, so screw'em! :-)