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  1. I expect the folks caught in that polar vortex are happy to hear that.
  2. Mike, When I go out West on vacation I put my camping gear in a box and ship it to a post office near where I intend to camp. Once or twice this procedure has bit me in the butt, but for the most part it works ok. How much crap you can take and how heavy the crap can be has been steadily being more and more restricted and reduced by the airlines. I dunno if there are any rental options...Graveyard could prolly speak better to that. I buy bear spray every trip, and carry it if I think it necessary. I know firearms are a deal where you're from, but when I go on vaca a Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum goes along. I don't hike or fish with it, but it goes into my tent every night and is placed within easy reach. I DO NOT want to shoot a bear. I like bears. In many ways they are very much like humans. But I don't intend to get eaten by a bear, either. That ain't gonna happen. I always sleep in my tent with my .44 and a very big knife. As an aside ref bears, if you can, read Doug Peacock's book, 'Grizzly Years'. It is a fascinating book, providing a very interesting insight on both the man and grizzlies, and you will come away with a deep and abiding appreciation of bears. (Ed Abbey based his character George Washington Hayduke, in his book 'The Monkey Wrench Gang', on Peacock. When Abbey died, Peacock and a very few others secretly buried him out in the desert that he loved, at an undisclosed location, where people aren't allowed to be.)
  3. Mike, I have absolutely no qualms ref being 'retired', once that happens next year. I look at it as an opportunity to do all the things I like, as much as I like, whenever I like. And I don't particularly care what the government things about it, as long as my Social Security check will be deposited on time. I haven't noticed the government giving a flying flip what I think about them, so screw'em! :-)
  4. Just because you have other gear doesn't mean you have to use it. I would be more inclined to put it away in the garage or closet. It won't hurt a thing sitting there, and if you ever want to use it again, or get into a situation where you need it, it's right there. I tend to view fishing outfits and firearms like a golfer views golf pull out the one you need for any particular situation. And then there is my '.45 philosophy'...better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  5. You might have to throw in a gratuitous 'by your leave', as well.
  6. So Dick...what kind of rod and reel did you wind up with for throwing jigs at snook? You said it was gonna be a spinning outfit. I'm curious.
  7. Lots and lots of flies! And jigs, too! Looks like you are locked and loaded! Can't wait till you get there and we start getting your reports! It will be interesting to see how the spinning adventure goes.
  8. Those are some very 'fishy' lookin' flies, right there!!! You better cast out and hold on tight, cuz something gonna jump on those!!
  9. The 'Man got sand!!! Well done, good pics, great story, heroic perseverance!
  10. Happy New Year!!!
  11. Happy New Year!!!
  12. Yep, it's been right breezy lately.
  13. You talkin' about fish, or gators? Lol. Never heard of the crickhopper till here, just now. Just watched a few videos on it. I'll pick one up next time I'm at Bass Pro.
  14. Mike speaks The Truth.
  15. Good job! Nobody knows what you want and like better than you! Sure as heck beats an ugly tie or a weird pair of socks!