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  1. 100,000 signatures on a petition and 78% of his constituents in a poll want him to resign.
  2. I understand that Russia is getting a bunch of awesome T-34 tanks back from Laos.
  3. This applies to nearly every thread in here.
  4. Tedious. Yes.
  5. I have one gut hooked in the Desantis thread and I decided to just cut the line and throw him up on the bank to suffocate.
  6. Oh hello. How's things? Weather nice there where you are?
  7. I assume that's part of the plan when the talk about increasing diversity. They are the ones that issued the press release that was referred to in my post. What did you think they were talking about?
  8. Point a gun and pull the trigger while aimed at a living human being during the making of a movie. I guess I needed to spell it out. Sometimes I forget who I'm dealing with here.
  9. This is why Baldwin is being prosecuted. It sounds like no one was in control in HIS movie.
  10. Thank you. You just proved my point. Their bobsled team is struggling for the same reason. If the NHL builds some inner city rinks and provides some equipment things should improve in the ratio of minority athletes interested in hockey.
  11. It's a movie. Make believe. The idea that you can't point a gun at someone is ludicrous. He's being charged mostly because as the producer it is his movie/responsibility. The big question in most people's minds is why are they still using real guns?
  12. He's practicing. Endlessly.
  13. The Eagles have won 23 of the last 29 meetings. Before tonight.