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  1. Ha! I picked a terrapin up out of the middle of Ocean Ave in Sea Bright last week and drove him back to a swampy spot in Rumson. I DARE you to beep the horn at me while I'm blocking of the entire road to pick up turtles. I dare you.
  2. Bill always had his Roll Your Owns. lol
  3. Good man, good poster. Dude loved his surf fishing as much as anyone I've ever met. Could always be found during the fall in the Sea Bright - Sandy Hook area. He will be missed.
  4. You don't understand, it was all the defense. Eli had nothing to do with it. We're not even sure he suited up that day!
  5. Eli deflowered your tender tuchus and every one of you front running Pat's fans remains butt hurt to this very day. The 72 Dolphins laugh at you, the Giants and their fans as well.
  6. He stole your team's shot at immortality. The whole world was watching. lol 18-1
  7. Good old Eli, straight to the HOF for that one. Crazy that he's retired and Frank is still waiting for a winning season with his Redskins.
  8. Not exactly true. I think they instituted a policy banning me from replying with nothing but obnoxious pictures. I admit to having a talent.
  9. Dogface.
  10. It's true. lol
  11. Correct. The Audubon Society's ultimate goal is to make the entire upper third of the Hook theirs for what they deem appropriate. When they are out there with their binoculars, surf fisherman are only disturbing their experience and view. Nice to see the general public get screwed the way the fishermen have been but nothing will change until it becomes a matter of money and right now the money is coming from the birders.
  12. Good to see that everyone here is safe. I thought of this thread when I read about that roll-over wreck. Back to ruling the internet for me I guess.
  13. Look at that crowd building!
  14. This is going to be great.