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  1. I am looking to convert one of my small recirculating livewells into a fresh water intake system. I jerry-rigged the existing setup to draw in water from over the was ugly and nearly impossible to prime but it was effective at keeping my larger baits alive even though my tankwell is relatively small (probably only 10 gallons). Now that I know it works I'd like to make it proper. I'm going to use an existing through hull fitting which went to a salt water wash-down pump (no longer working or ever used) as my water intake. Are there any pumps out there that would be effective for this application? Ideally something that I can plumb inline using 3/4" hosing.
  2. Sounds to me like I need to start catching some bigger fish... Thanks for the info everyone!
  3. So I was fishing today down in Newport and I ended up foul hooking both of the stripers I caught (25"ish). I don't think I've ever caught a striper on a foul hookup, never mind two in one day. Both came on a SP minnow, could this have been a factor? The only thing I can think of is maybe the fish didn't like the pattern but when coming in to check it out caught the tail hook while turning away... has anyone else ever had this type of thing happen?
  4. I love mine! Got the 4000 size this winter and have been using it all season, no problems whatsoever.
  5. That's gonna be one mushy piece of fish haha
  6. I saw this for the first time the other day, It does seem like the drone sort of makes it too easy. But then again I'm not so sure that this type of spotting would work for many species of fish...maybe on the flats, but thats about all i can think of.
  7. Thanks for the input everyone! I've decided to go with the Star Stellar Lite Surf Rod (7'6") as it is two piece. When I'm ready to graduate to the one piece game the Crowder rods look awesome along with the star stellar spinning and seagis...
  8. This was actually something I was concidering, but I don't really know much about the brands/models I should look at...the fenwick travel rod sort of stemmed from that initial idea after getting sidetracked a bit haha
  9. Hmmm, maybe I am getting that mixed up, I could have sworn my buddy said he got one in RI... I'll have to have him remind me.
  10. Looking to get a new lightweight, fast action rod to pair with a Penn Clash 4000 size reel using 15 or 20 lb line for schoolies, albies and smaller blues. Concidering Shimano Convergence or Compre, and possibly even a Fenwick Methods travel rod... It seems that the St. Croix rods are out of my price range as much as I would like to go that route... Any recommendations or favorite rods you folks have? I should also note that 2pc. is preferred.
  11. I'm not sure if there are any upcoming fishing expos but I was able to score a Dyna-King Vice a few years back for 150 just by talking to one of the exhibitors for a while. I would also second giving Bears Den a visit if you can make the trip, Scott will certainly work something out with you.
  12. I've never caught an albie before and would love to make my first one on the fly! I also recently found out that there are carp in Rhode Island so that's on the bucket list as well!
  13. I'm thinking I might try *carefully* bending up the stripping guide up a bit to make the 70 degree angle that the Fugi K guides have and see if that has any effect.
  14. I'll have to give that a try, I think I may have overfilled my spool a bit when i replaced my braid, maybe that is playing a factor as well.
  15. I prefer 50# on 30#braid as well. The heavier leader provides a nice handle when landing fish if nothing else.