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  1. I have seen some bass in deep water off boston 150-200ft, cough up small haddock.
  2. I know there are tons of posts and replies about "what's the best combo", but I am curious what people are using for rod and reel set ups when targeting bass from a boat in different scenarios. What are the best live bait, trolling, jigging, light tackle, etc. set ups for targeting stripers from a boat in each price range <250, 250-500, >500 dollars and why? I am almost always fishing with live bait and my 3 favorite set ups are; 7' pro blue MH 12-25lb matched with a cabo 60 with 50lb suffix 832, 7' 6" St Croix avid inshore 10-20lb mh with a saragossa 5000 with 30lb suffix 832, and a 7' lamiglass triflex 20-40lb with a shimano torium 20 with 65lb suffix 832. For less expensive combos I have always done well with an ugly stik and penn battle. So, what does everyone else have for set ups on their boat?
  3. The south shore was good by boat late may thru the first 20 days of June. Then it shut down big time and this hot weather has not helped at all to say the least. Not a lot of fish around the area right now... especially from shore. I would consider it to be dead. Macks are well offshore and hard to find after first light. There are a ton of pogies from plymouth to hull but very few bass on them when I have come across schools. Night is your best bet for something of size from shore and there is a chance at big fish. I watched a guy lose what was proabably a 50 one night last week from the beach.
  4. Fishing eels at night off a boat isn't something I wouldn't do as a beginner with minimal experience. Sunrise right now is around 505am. Even if you left the dock at 6 I think you would have a good shot at finding mackerel on the outer harbor ledges. Troll ledges with sabiki in 40-80ft of water and you'll find them. We had mackerel all day long all season last summer, mostly due to the blue fish being no where to be found. Live macks inside the harbor is pretty much cheating if you swim them by some structure. I fish the Boston and south shore and have caught 12 fish in the 25-35lb range and have many 30-38" fish so far this year, all on live mackerel. Doubled up on 45" fish at noon last week, so time of day isn't everything.
  5. Go outside the harbor to a ledge a mile out early in the morning (first light is best). Jig up macks with sabiki. Bring macks to a rock, rip, or river anywhere inside the harbor. Let the mack swim away from the boat on a hook with 40lb leader. Almost too easy to catch bass this way in June.
  6. Stop by Belsans bait and tackle located on the driftway just off the 3a rotary. Buy a couple lures and they will point you in the right direction.
  7. I don't believe there were tuna off Massachusetts, first week of May, with these water temps. Porbeagles likely bet, but 100% not tuna.
  8. I have 2 brand new in the box Finor Santiago 50s. Looking for $550 each, but willing to let both go for 1,000. DM and I'll send pics.
  9. did this sell? I am interested and located in MA.
  10. nice reels! would you do both for $400? I also have a 4 year old penn battle I can work into the deal...
  11. yes, all local. My friend has been doing well off the beaches in the mornings from shore around here too
  12. Boat fishing has been good
  13. Jake, I practice catch and release only... don't tell me how to manage a fishery... anyways, are the stripers in massachusetts yet?
  14. that could work, the drain needs to be atlas 15 inches high
  15. If he does not buy, I am also looking for a live well set up for my boat