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  1. There are definitely less big fish around than years past. Especially early in the season now.
  2. I caught a 37" inch fish on thursday there's some around
  3. Heard SWC had a lot. I have been out haddock fishing (south shore area) 4 times and have yet to see macks.
  4. I don't understand the push back. Obviously its not going to be a home run like game fish status, but I genuinely think a C&R canal would be a win and solve nearly all the problems people complain about on this site.
  5. My participation trophies are 50 pounders
  6. Yeah but lets be realistic the chances of gamefish status anytime soon is <1%. So why not meet in the middle and try to save whatever you can?
  7. Nope paid for the boat rods reels gear and gas
  8. What is wrong with special rules? Chesapeake has special rules why can't other areas have special rules?
  9. Never have fished it and don't have any interest, so go ahead.
  10. People are constantly complaining about the poaching, culling, and other blatantly illegal practices that occur daily at the canal. On top of that, poorly handled fish caught by people who think they are a legend for catching a 40lber in a place where bass would bite a hot dog if you threw it out there at times. A significant number of people on this site and in the fishing community want to save the bass, so why has there not been any advocating for a C&R canal? A C&R canal would 1) save thousands of big fish that feed heavily moving in and out of the canal from CCB and BB every year 2) reduce crowds because those looking for meat would fish elsewhere. Most die hard canal guys sound like they are in it for C&R anyways and not the meat, so why aren't people discussing this as an option?
  11. I actually had my best bass year. But, it was all entirely based on bait and when there was no bait it was a dead zone.
  12. All the canal guys love to talk about how they are conservationists who practice C&R, so why is there not a serious push to make the canal C&R only. This would discourage a lot of the poachers and yahoos from fishing there. A may/June closure would help, but good luck getting charter captains on board with that idea.
  13. Not that it's really a secret at this point, but everyone complains about big fleets and boat traffic. Then can't help themselves and posts a report when its red hot...
  14. Tuna? eating pogies? no chance u guys are crazy they only eat herring!