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  1. Not that it's really a secret at this point, but everyone complains about big fleets and boat traffic. Then can't help themselves and posts a report when its red hot...
  2. Tuna? eating pogies? no chance u guys are crazy they only eat herring!
  3. it's the only thing you can do when the fishing is at an all time worst
  4. Don't bother. Not a single bass under the pogie schools from the canal to boston
  5. Giants have been eating inshore across the state for a few weeks now.
  6. Anyone know where the bass have been? I've had such a tough year at the race on my dads regulator! atleast I don't pay for gas and get wasted on budlights to pass the time. Hopefully I can sell a couple commercial fish for some money, all profit since I don't pay for gear, boat, or gas.
  7. Do I have to hook the fish for you too?
  8. lol^
  9. The big fish moved in this weekend 2 fish ~40# 2 35# and a handful of 20-30# fish. All safely released.
  10. Everything other than the comments about there being a clear lack of big fish for the first few weeks of the season was all good fun. I bought my own boat and fishing gear, my dad's never touched a fishing rod in his life. If you guys are struggling to catch stripers this weekend I suggest you try and catch a sense of humor.
  11. My dad let me reel this one in. I estimated it to be 62, he said that it can be whatever weight I wanted it to be. the treble hook was so deep we had to use the fish for bait in our lobster traps. If you follow my fishing youtube page and instagram you can see videos of me fighting the fish.
  12. 57" 62lbs
  13. Just to put the size of that fish in perspective I am 5'6"
  14. 53" 52lbs