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  1. yes, if not too expensive, thanks.
  2. if you can ship to France (with USPS for exemple), normally shipping shouldn't be too expensive, i would take your fly line ; ) if you accept paypal
  3. pm sent ; )
  4. thank you for your answer. i've just find this on a different forum: "Standard line weights for rods are as follows: 4wt = 120 gr 5wt = 140 gr 6wt = 160 gr 7wt = 185 gr 8wt = 210 gr 9wt = 240 gr" and compare to this coming from royal wuff website, about ambush fly line: "Size @ Length Grain Weight TT-4-F @ 18’ 195 TT-5-F @ 18’ 215 TT-6-F @ 18’ 235 TT-7-F @ 20’ 265 TT-8-F @ 20’ 290 TT-9-F @ 24’ 350" it's totally different :confused:
  5. Hello every body, i would like to have your advise as i would like to try cast D-loop or switch cast with my single hand rod (one is a sage 9" rplxi wt 9, and the other rod is a 10" Thomas and thomas wt 5) , i would like one ambush line for each rod , but i don't know at all what would be the appropriate number for a "true" wt 5 or wt9? i Can you please tell me which number would you recommend? Thank you for your help
  6. i made a mold with RTV (silicon) and i pour crabs with soft up to hard plastisol. i guess i have best result with medium plastic, i also tried with salt and even with corn flour added to the plastic (like into the "gulp") and put the crabs in a gulp pot. i made a second mold to get a more life like action, i will post picture soon;)
  7. Thanks for your comment, at the moment i only "fish" with it in my bathroom, i'm planing to go sight fishing seabass as soon as possible, but i'm quite confident as sometimes seabass are really full up with green crab, once i took one 3kg ( here seabass (dicentrarcus labrax) are smaller than stripped bass : ( .) with 15 off these crabs in its stomach.
  8. Hello, here is the first imitation of green crab, there are plenty of these overhere in Britanny France, seabass just love them. I'm quiet satisfied with my first pour, it can be perfectible but i think seabass doesn't matter:
  9. before to send the boat to the marine, i've checked the empeller, empeller is ok, but i found this broken piece in the lower unit of the engine ; i don't find any part like this in the chematic, any idea? i've also find a cut connection: what kind of trouble may occur with that kind of connection? thanks ; )