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  1. One in the back on the yak beautiful night got one on pink plastic
  2. Gotten plenty of spike weakfish jogging for flounder, my biggest was this past fall from the surf
  3. Got couple at dusk in oc in the back all on pink paddle tail
  4. Out back in the yak, paddle 14 miles ! 9 striped ones all dinks with one taping to 22” all on small white x rap water temp 55-51
  5. Out back in the yak in oc , outgoing water temp 51 two dinks on small white x rap in the channel 7 ft of water That was Wednesday went out yesterday and got the skunk
  6. I work at a marina we are open,
  7. Hit the sweet water in the yak Sunday, foggy but very peaceful, one largemouth and one pickerel both on worm rigged wacky. Some reason my fishfinder water temp was not reading. Will be out again in the salt soon
  8. Mantoloking also has temporary police order , no parking anywhere basically residents only.
  9. Out back in oc in the yak yesterday 6- into dark got the skunk water temp 52
  10. Out front in oc 5-dusk got the skunK temporary police order at my usual spots say no parking. I hope this doesn’t catch on. You still could acces the beach there but no parking.
  11. Heads up, they are going after out of state license plates, considering in non essential travel
  12. They are on the hunt for out of state license plates, they are considering it non essential travel.
  13. I saw same thing, only reason they were kicked out cause there from out of state. Jersey people should be fine