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  1. Mc in the backnon the yak, water temp 58-60 , big blues on so minnows and popper , small bass on shads. Check for fluke and they are here had a nice one @24”
  2. Out front Monmouth county 5:30am -11:30 am . 6 bunker 12 clams 0 bass, some bait came past was small and a lot of it . Tried to snag it but nothing , thried sabaiki rig thinking maybe herring but nothing. No clue
  3. I know that area very well and fish it more than any other spots I fish all from my kayak. I would suggest throwing some soft plastics , I like zoom fluke in white on 1/2oz jighead. Work the flat near the channels and any dock you see for early season resident bass. Spring is the best time to fish this area mostly because boat traffic ruins it after everyone gets there boat in the water. There’s good spots to anchor and chum for winter flounder with worms in the flats. Couple weeks it will be a spot for those spawning bass then the big ole blues
  4. That’s awsome
  5. Monmouth county , bottom of the outgoing me and 2 buddies went for flounder, clam chum and fished with bloodworms . All 3 of us got the skunk, game warden came to check on us while pulling out the boat. He said he hasn’t seen anyone catching flounder where he has been. Hopefully this warmer weather picks up the fishing
  6. I’ll be hunting for bass tomorrow afternoon, drifting worms, trolling tube and worm, and throwing some soft plastic for the kayak!
  7. In line spinner, whacky rigged senko, and one on a swimbait.
  8. Freshwater late afternoon today, lots of pickerel and 2 largemouth in three different spots. Spring is right around the corner!
  9. they are in
  10. For sure, march 1 st I’ll be hunting bass in the back and winter flounder
  11. Been on the mimi out of point pleasent twice, once for bass and another for fluke. Great boat , would go agian anytime
  12. Fished oc 9-11am finally got some fish biggest 18” but I’ll take it. Some on the metal some on the teaser. Was working on 6 straight skunks ,
  13. I’d just get some clams if I were you
  14. Out front in mc 3-5pm yesterday , threw metal with teaser, one very small fish. Constantly snagging mole crabs.
  15. Figuring out salinity levels and which are best for which fish