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  1. You have no idea what you're talking about. Check any shop on Long Island and I guarantee that $.16 is average. You didn't get gouged,and it's idiotic to claim you did while blaming a shop for your ignorance.
  2. $.16 a yard is average. Who did 300 for $30? Now THAT sounds like my kind of place.
  3. Ask him,he'll tell you.
  4. He probably sees all those lesser plugs with complex paint schemes going for big money,and figured he might as well do it too. I would think that's why the price went up recently,and that doesn't seem to be affecting the sales judging by what I've seen lately. Good for him. I can't think of any other wood lure builder that's been around as long producing the consistent quality and fish catching ability that he does.
  5. I guess Thalia was before my time SC. As were the gray,"Graylites". Mine were green.,a few years later.
  6. I absolutely agree with you on the ASMFC,. That's just vocal politics,and we all know what that means. But,I disagree that written letters are as effective as physical presence. It's just not the same. More people need to show up and make a stand. I understand that people today think that talking on a website means something,but the truth is,it doesn't.
  7. Barbara was always very considerate and ALWAYS wrote a thank you. Very cool memory Shag.
  8. I do tend to get excited ,and I apologize. But,unless you show up,written letters mean nothing. We have to show up in person,and practically threaten people with their jobs. Otherwise,we are dismissed as unimportant idiots. We can't have that.
  9. And if you WERE at the last Setauket meeting,then you should be ashamed of yourself Drew. Because you should have had my back.
  10. bull****. I was at every meeting and was outnumbered. You didn't show up to fight.
  11. Prinesberger was a pisser man. He was the guy that taught me how to press the pinion bearing,and gear,off the shaft without breaking it,right at False Bar.. Then,he decided to stop selling parts. He was a too funny. I loved him though. Barbara too.
  12. And if you aren't fishing 6 nights a week,then you might as well buy golf clubs,because you'll always be horrible at this game anyway. Being committed is first and foremost. Most of you aren't. This I know for certain,because I'm out every night from March till Dec.,and I'm almost always alone. Learn the game before you start crying that there's no fish. Yeah,it's tougher than it was 15 years ago,but that doesn't mean a damn thing. Just makes it harder. That's all.Want it easy? Go perch fishing.
  13. And on topic,Super Strike always ALWAYS promotes catch and release, as does almost every plug builder that makes a difference. Gibbs,Andrus,and a host of others. Maybe you guys should pay attention to what you're buying?
  14. Geez Pat,could you make it any clearer? These kids want it all handed to them instead of fighting for what's right. Let's just blame people instead of getting up and doing something. And whining on the internet doesn't count kiddies.