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  1. Love the knuckles,but that pan is super sweet.
  2. If you're scared of the 55 duolok (some guys are),,find a shop that keeps the 54,or 55 coastlocks in their shop.Yes,they are a bitch,but won't come off. Or tie direct. Some of you guys are are putting carts before the horse. There's a lot more to working a tin than some of you think. The clips that most of you guys seem to be using are nothing more than ease of use,and they aren't reliable.Push comes to shove,tie it direct.
  3. I think every wooden lure builder,or repainter in the world would like to know more about that,unfortunately I'm as clueless as the rest. Bobby upped the game quite a bit though because I think his paint is based the same as his clear is. Danny shot oil based paints for the most part,while Beachmasters are much tougher to get everything off. I've tried to strip old ones with Rock Miracle paint stripper,and the pigment was just as tough to get off as his clear. It's pretty damned strong all the way through.
  4. Yes. The "mixed two parts together that were not designed to work together" are still used by his only apprentice.
  5. Linen? Even the oldest guys that are still fishing would probably only go back as far as 45# green spot braided dacron. But man,I'd love to hear from guys that went back to the linen days so please chime in!!!!! That would bring me back to somewhere else. Tarred snells too. Geez you guys are bringing me back to a real old day,and I love that.
  6. I don't know if Legakis tried to capitalize on his success,or made a lot of it up. Anything is possible. But,when a guy professes his preference for not talking,and then puts a book out,well. It almost sounds like Frank Daignealt. And I question guys like that all the time.
  7. Well,I get what you mean,but in all honesty,what we're experiencing now,is exactly the same as what we went through in the late 70's and early 80's. Not quite as bad,but pretty close.
  8. The Greek is pretty sneaky.
  9. Again,I'm probably just old. Jason had a reputation for catching a lot of big bass,and I guess I just don't realize that the young guys simply weren't around back then. Getting old is weird man,that much I can tell you.
  10. Wow. How can any Long Island surfcaster NOT know Jason Colby's name? Some of you guys surprise me.That's like saying you never heard of Al Bentsen. I'm a nobody on the scene,but gee whiz,I know who did what on the beaches and bridges over the years. Maybe I'm just old. (It's not me,but,Ken Hejducek says hello Jason.)
  11. There was no moratorium in the 70's. And ,yes you could go on forever,but it will only be on the internet and won't get anything done. You kids are going to lose it all because you won't do anything about it except talk.And talk is cheap.I'd feel sorry for you all,but you reap what you sow.
  12. Eeling has been a very lucrative business for many,many years. The big money is elvers and large for the food market. Striped bass bait is where the undesirable stuff all goes.
  13. Everybody's main market in the USA is largemouth bass.
  14. That weakfish color is killer. I just wish I knew how he reduced his epoxy finish to spray and set up right. Been trying it for years and always have problems. Bobby won't give it up either.
  15. That's amazing to me. The guys I know that fish 11' sticks won't throw anything but the 1M GSB. And the 10' guys all stay with the 120 1L. The 9' 1M isn't much of a player,but the 1L still is. Different strokes I guess.