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  1. There was no moratorium in the 70's. And ,yes you could go on forever,but it will only be on the internet and won't get anything done. You kids are going to lose it all because you won't do anything about it except talk.And talk is cheap.I'd feel sorry for you all,but you reap what you sow.
  2. Eeling has been a very lucrative business for many,many years. The big money is elvers and large for the food market. Striped bass bait is where the undesirable stuff all goes.
  3. Everybody's main market in the USA is largemouth bass.
  4. That weakfish color is killer. I just wish I knew how he reduced his epoxy finish to spray and set up right. Been trying it for years and always have problems. Bobby won't give it up either.
  5. That's amazing to me. The guys I know that fish 11' sticks won't throw anything but the 1M GSB. And the 10' guys all stay with the 120 1L. The 9' 1M isn't much of a player,but the 1L still is. Different strokes I guess.
  6. I wouldn't fish anything but Lamiglas. Weird that this is posted as most guys I know feel the same way. I bought my first 1321m's in the early 90's for $175 each. I bought 2 more last Fall for $220 each I think. Not much of a price increase for 25 years. They take a pretty good beating night after night too.
  7. One thing that I've observed over the years is a lack of education on conditions. Many guys throw the wrong stuff at the wrong time.This is by no means a knock on a persons experience,simply something I've witnessed. Darters always require a degree of current. Bottles need some bigger water.It's the little things that count and make someone successful or not. Most guys throw bucktails that are way too big too. The minnow swimmers can be deadly,or a bust depending on conditions. It's not that easy and it never was. Needles seem to have no action,and honestly,some suck. But the truth is some are absolutely deadly,especially in the right conditions. Pay attention to wind and current.
  8. That's a Gibbs. Got big water? Throw it. You won't be sorry.
  9. I'll defer to anybody else that's tried them. My opinion is that they stink.
  10. The big Mag Darter is a perfect example BrianBM. That thing is a pile of road apples.
  11. The "castabilty" thing is always funny to me. If the 5" plug is killing it,the goog thinks he can do it better with the heavier 7" version because it castes further,and thinks it will do the same thing. He's got waders,and a top and belt,but has no idea how to use them to his advantage because he thinks casting a bigger plug will produce the same results without actually pushing himself out into deeper water. The guy with the ratty old Rebel stays in the game because he puts himself into position.
  12. Might be both.Danny did a bunch in that style with the tailweight behind the rear treble. Musso wanted nothing to do with them because he was positive it wouldn't swim correctly. He was right. Cast like a bank sinker though. Darted like one too.
  13. And every one of us in NY stopped loading every cooler we had with anything over 16" to bring to market too. Keeping the fish of a lifetime isn't going to damage the stocks the way we did 40 years ago that's for sure.
  14. Yes. If you search umbrella rig frames on the 'net I'm sure you'll find a bunch.
  15. Drag your thumbnail across it. If it's Danny's(or maybe Bobby's?),you won't be able to dent it.