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  1. Might be both.Danny did a bunch in that style with the tailweight behind the rear treble. Musso wanted nothing to do with them because he was positive it wouldn't swim correctly. He was right. Cast like a bank sinker though. Darted like one too.
  2. And every one of us in NY stopped loading every cooler we had with anything over 16" to bring to market too. Keeping the fish of a lifetime isn't going to damage the stocks the way we did 40 years ago that's for sure.
  3. Yes. If you search umbrella rig frames on the 'net I'm sure you'll find a bunch.
  4. Drag your thumbnail across it. If it's Danny's(or maybe Bobby's?),you won't be able to dent it.
  5. The umbrella frame is what should be weighted,with the shad bodies(or whatever) trailing off of it unweighted. Just rig them on short leaders and whatever hook you prefer.
  6. That one's not what you would call a "regular Super Strike". And both eyes appear to be intact. Tough to find that one NIP.
  7. The smaller one is a 2 1/2 oz Hab's Nightingale,or a damn close knockoff. Great plug in the right conditions and the Lordship Blast was designed around it.
  8. Larry Frazier. Long Island guy that's been around for a lot of years,but I don't know if that's one of his because I can't remember what his tail wrap looked like. But,I do think that he ran a tail weight in those plugs. I also remember having 3 nights in a row when I killed on that plug in a green that he used to paint. And never caught on it again.
  9. I think the siwash rigged SS are 4/0,but I'm not positive. And I'm definitely not saying that the 6/0 is too big or heavy,it just sounds huge to me.
  10. A 6/0 on a 2 oz needle?
  11. I'd stick with the 2/0's myself as I think the 3/0 is too big for those plugs. And I prefer trebles front and back with no hair.
  12. Must feel real strange having your name thrown around and attached to everything,huh?
  13. I don't know about the Krocs,but the Spro Power Swivel is brass. Chuck one in a vice and hacksaw through it and you'll see. edit,: I just cut a Krok and it's steel.
  14. They're Tsunami Centros. The reason he went to them was because the barrel on the Spros are brass,and the barrel on the Centro is steel.
  15. Ahh yeah,I can see the color on the back now. Fish had some leverage on that one.