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  1. Alan’s review is up. It’s a very interesting read
  2. Apparently it’s coming in black and silver
  3. Wow, big big. That’s awesome. Yeah I’m pretty set on going with the Saragossa
  4. Caught a bass last season with some really broken/ wavy stripes
  5. 100-200 lb range, with the occasional fish bigger than that from what I’ve gathered. I was thinking the 20k size, would love it if I could get away with a smaller reel
  6. I appreciate the help. Damn, 3.5 hours, did you get that fish to the boat?
  7. Great Name   ..>>>W/P        


     That a whole lot of great memories with them ………...even 4 days around the end of 2018 ><>>

    white perch 1.jpeg

  8. Awesome, I really appreciate the help
  9. Will do, you think its a big upgrade over the gosa?
  10. No worries. Which do you guys feel has the smoother drag? I only ask because one buddy had mentioned to me that his Slammer’s drag has a felt start up, where it there was a “pause” before the drag would get going. I figure it’s a one off issue but not sure
  11. Looking to get into some tuna popping/jigging this coming season. Being new to it and not sure exactly how often I'll be headed out there, I'd like to start off going with a mid range set up. Stuck between these two reels, looking for some advice on which to go with. Appreciate any help
  12. Yeah I agree, had a few seminars I really would've liked to see but not for over $100
  13. Alan Hawk posted some photos of it today on his site
  14. Have 3 proteus rods. The 8ft is an awesome rod like Scooby said, I use it from plugging to jigging to snagging and it does it all very well. Also have the 7 ft medium light which I bought for a lighter striper rod, like that one a lot too, just not so much as a fluke rod. The tip on that one is a bit too fast for my taste for bucktailing but as a bass rod it’s great. I’ve caught some decent bass on that light rod and it handled them well
  15. About 12lbs, released. Also had a ton of mackerel, found more mackerel than bunker