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  1. How would you rate its mechanical condition?
  2. Hmm definitely some good points. I would think disease could be tested for prior to release no? They shut down trout hatcheries for it. And we do already reduce genetic diversity to a certain degree through removal of specific size classes of fish right?
  3. Bit of a nagging question. It seems to me that stocking a portion of the fish that we remove from the ocean would be a good thing for fisheries. I understand that there could be plenty of issues with it, but I’m curious as to why it doesn’t come up as a potential solution, in conjunction with reducing harvest, as to fastening the time line for species recovery. We do it in freshwater, why not salt?
  4. 30lb j braid multicolor and it’s full so somewhere around 300 yards. I’m almost positive it’s just a loose bolt on the bail arm. I appreciate the offer, but lowest I’d let it go for is $495 shipped
  5. I would like to get $585 for it. I have the box and reel bag, but I can’t find the spool band that it came with. I may be able to find that. Cosmetically there’s bubbling in the paint which I tried to show, as well as some chipped paint from the reel seat. There are a few scuffs and small dings I’ve tried to show in the pictures as well. Mechanically the only thing I've noticed is that the bail wire has come a bit loose, hasn’t affected fishing at all, I was going to have Daiwa tighten that up when I sent it in for service this winter. I’m on Long Island and in NYC during the week so if you’re anywhere near there and would like to meet up to check it out that’d be fine with me.
  6. I have one I may be willing to part with. It’s been serviced each of the two past seasons since I’ve gotten it. I’d say it’s in 7/10 cosmetic shape and mechanically 9-9.5/10. I can upload some pictures later if you want
  7. Alan’s review is up. It’s a very interesting read
  8. Apparently it’s coming in black and silver
  9. Wow, big big. That’s awesome. Yeah I’m pretty set on going with the Saragossa
  10. Caught a bass last season with some really broken/ wavy stripes
  11. 100-200 lb range, with the occasional fish bigger than that from what I’ve gathered. I was thinking the 20k size, would love it if I could get away with a smaller reel
  12. I appreciate the help. Damn, 3.5 hours, did you get that fish to the boat?
  13. Great Name   ..>>>W/P        


     That a whole lot of great memories with them ………...even 4 days around the end of 2018 ><>>

    white perch 1.jpeg

  14. Awesome, I really appreciate the help
  15. Will do, you think its a big upgrade over the gosa?