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  1. Your both right it does now that I’ve zoomed in. It’s funny I was out the same day in Eastern LIS and heard a boater comment that he thought I was crazy but I never felt unsafe. But I could be crazy
  2. The picture doesn’t look like what I’d consider slop
  3. Do you think a SIK is more dangerous for a beginner than a saltwater appropriate 28” ish wide, low seat SOT? All I’m saying is personally I feel a lot safer in my SOT but I guess it is just me.
  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with it either, but I do think a self rescue is easier for a beginner with a SOT, and his boat looks like it took on a bunch of water. Obviously there are a ton of variables, SOT's can sink too, but personally I wouldn't recommend a SIK to anyone going out on the salt.
  5. So I see 3 pings 5/20 around 10am off greenwich CT, then the next ping is on the south side of LI inside of Jones Island on the same day at 8 pm. So It must have swam the East River right?
  6. I like tomatoes like medium rare steak have no problem peeling a shrimp but for some reason I like a skinless dog...
  7. It can fill with water and sink, SOT if you roll you can just get back on. I’ve paddled both and SOT feels much more stable to me. Have been fishing my ocean kayak trident 13 for 4 years now and never felt close to going over.
  8. And in a SIK, not very smart for a first timer. I was out in CT on Sunday and it was a bit sporty but for sure manageable if you are used to it.
  9. 6 jars per case?
  10. Walking in to a massive fire and coming out unscathed holding some baby dragons wasnt very subtle either, but that isnt even what I'm saying, aesthetically speaking it is a great shot.
  11. Do they have a map showing where it was? nvm, found it, that is crazy he is waay up the LIS near greenwich.
  12. Why? Its a great shot
  13. I didn’t like it much writing wise but it did look good
  14. He talked in the video about how much it is going to change his fishing, mainly the fact that he can create and control his drift while fluking.
  15. Not surprising with those tits you got
  16. O maybe I’ll do a master for a soft plastic mold
  17. It’s pine what should I make
  18. murica
  19. You just seemed to be dismissing anyone that said anything other than, “yes I love large plugs and that is all I would throw”. Is it off topic for me to say I would use a “freshwater” sized plug because that’s what I’m confident in at this point? Like others have said, big baits can cull small fish, and big fish will most definitely eat small baits even with large bait around, there is no black and white answer to a question like this. Just recently a guy posted a 50 that he caught on a fly while there was big Shad getting beat up. My answer is bucktail or paddle tail because that is what I enjoy and that is what I find to work better in the areas I fish, and they will catch large ones too, even with 12 inch bunker around.
  20. Check your ruler
  21. Dead or alive returning them to the ocean was the right thing to do imo.
  22. Big wood helps to loosen
  23. So basically if you aren't throwing large wood you are a freakin loser.
  24. Jon didn’t get hit by any fire, he hid behind walls that the fire apparently couldn’t penetrate
  25. Remember when the zombie dragon took down the wall in 15 seconds? But I get what you are saying, somehow Jon could hide from the fire behind stone walls, but at the same time dragon fire can take down massive buildings. Also the 1 dragon left is drogon.