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  1. So how's an out of stater go about obtaining some of that Tropic Truffle
  2. Can't remember the name but I really like the beaver style bait they have, besides that one I still like the original rage tails better.
  3. Right on cue, tried a couple days ago and caught nothing, but they were there today.
  4. Sweet, I don't see why it wouldn't work, could cut throw a paddle tail on the back too
  5. that would be good too, this is more what I was thinking, with some plastic or pork/strip bait on the back.
  6. Looks like they could become a squid jig if you paint/add eyes, and throw on a silicone skirt.
  7. Tried one once and didn't really like it, cooked at the same time as some seabass and it didn't compare well, could be in my head though idk. Rather catch them than nothing though I guess.
  8. gulp stealing bastards
  9. From the grave Never been a fan but this is pretty good
  10. From a movie? Reminds me of stuff like Altered States.
  11. Also getting them, annoying little bastards
  12. That cold spell really shut them down, I also got 1 or none the past few outings. You out front yet or still in a river?
  13. That's pretty nice, does the showboat attach to multiple kinds of racks or only a Yakima rack. I have stock '02 4Runner bars.
  14. How is it gone? Can't post items here while they are posted elsewhere.