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  1. Better question is who gets 3 or 4 flu shots every year?
  2. Won't the guide just let you use their baitcasters? And teach you a little sumthin about them to fish his techniques?
  3. 95% people over 50. The fact the vaccine doesn't stop the spread makes the mandates pointless.
  4. They say hemp in the article, but those acids I think are precursors to THC and CBD once you burn or decarb them, or maybe store/cure them. Idk though, I'm just gonna lick the trichomes.
  5. Gonna put some buds on a burger later instead of lettuce
  6. If you dry trim the canna brush works pretty well to get most of it off.
  7. I wouldn't, that sounds reasonable to me Unsuccessful search. Some atheists honestly claim that they have examined many of the arguments for the existence of God that have been offered and have found them unconvincing. Intellectual laziness. Others dishonestly mimic the foregoing. They claim to have examined the arguments for God’s existence and found them wanting. But they are lying. These people are intellectually lazy. They have done little or no examination of the many arguments. But they are embarrassed to admit that. So they tell themselves and others that their atheism has been honestly arrived at. But then the next one mocks people for possibly not doing enough research, calling them lazy and dishonest. This author seems to be assuming a lot about these lazy people he refers to. For some people the existence of god simply doesn't need to be examined, apathetic maybe, but these people are intellectually lazy because they can't write a paper on whether God exists or not.
  8. No reason to be sorry, these are all opinions. I'd be interested to know what science led you back to religion though.
  9. What does it say? What did I assume? IMO what someone believes, including myself, comes much more from instincts and emotions than it does from science and reason.
  10. and ya Harrison sucks, I wanted dexter to stab him every time he was loudly eating breakfast
  11. 96% of deaths in my state are over 50 years old, 90% over 60. The younger you are, the less beneficial the vax's get.