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  1. Any and all lures basically, but they seem to really love spinnerbaits and anything shiny/noisy.
  2. I can change line to whatever I want and not have wind knots, have used pp regular and slick, spiderwire stealth/invisicast, j braid, suffix, etc.. I’ve tried a bunch, not sure how people get consistent wind knots. Pull your line right to the roller every cast.
  3. Both chinese according to the Van Staal dude, his point is that if those were sold to you as american made reels, someone along the line is not being entirely truthful. Do "american made" Staals go for more money?
  4. Ever have phantom breakoffs with PP? I know a charter captain who swears the stuff is junk and won't let anyone use it on his boat, I find it frays up real easy but the slick is decent stuff. I use j braid on everything now and love it, soooo quiet. Seems most old school guys hate j braid, a friend of mine fished it one time and said nope, went right back to power pro just like you, and he is an old school type of guy.
  5. sign me up
  6. Thanks, ya I’m aware. They start moving up to my spots once the summer season closes, I fish in a kayak.
  7. I don't hunt, but my dad and brother do and I will happily take all the venny they don't want lol. Ice fishing for me, can't wait.
  8. Fish and mammals aint the same dude, I can clean a fish in 5 mins, and I don't need to rip its butt out to do it.
  9. So if I'm out blackfishing a week before it opens just for some catch and release is that legal, always felt like I would get called out on it if stopped by a warden.
  10. The large has worked fine for me for 3 seasons. Completely destroyed in a few months? Did you light it on fire?
  11. Having to display your license is ridiculous, where would you put it? Does your drivers license get displayed on the windshield of your car? I'm liberal for the most part and kill and eat fish all the time, I don't hunt but happily get venison from my dad and brother and help them grind and package things up, and I'll push deer for them once in awhile too. I also have a few vegetarian friends and they couldn't care less who hunts and fishes. Dumb generalizations seem to be why everyone hates each other these days. As far as the dog crap conundrum, pretty stupid. If you step in poop, man the eff up and wipe it off, the world isn't ending.
  12. Payment sent, thanks again.