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  1. I’ve tried some knock offs and other styles but just keep going back to them, no other material feels as good
  2. No prob, no damn fishing shirts on sale though I was hoping to score some blood and guts shirts for cheap.
  3. The Columbia link takes me to the vac sealer
  4. Plenty of robins, only 1 small seabass all day but we weren't really on seabass ground, also that was a few weeks ago so I'd imagine the seabass are filling in more now. The next week we got a freakin hole in the gas tank so I've been shore and kayak bound since and struggling (basically getting the same as bmawds), except for 1 nice 25 inch from the yak and yesterday I got my first 20 inch keeper from shore.
  5. Ya ya last night I had had a pretty crazy one, bazooka took care of em
  6. That’s what I was thinking, 10 rounds should be enough
  7. Heron kept mentioning the 10 round limit so I was just curious how many he went through to take out 2 of them.
  8. I barely even watch baseball lol, just the playoffs, my gaskets are in tact.
  9. Did the article mention how many shots he took?
  10. I might get some pro-cure to try with them, as-is they are nasty oily and smell like rubber, but do have good action.
  11. I tried this stuff and can't catch a thing with it, switch back to gulp and get immediate bites.
  12. The numbers don't support baseball so I just concede and agree it is a piece of crap boring game? I don't give a s hit about trends or economics or strikes or any other bull. The downfall of baseball imo is cable tv, people under 30 just don't have it, including me, and it is really hard to stream games for free or even with a cable login. The MLB does something called local blackouts and it sucks.
  13. Lots of black people play football don’t you hate them too?