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  1. I can't seem to find a 2019 one either, I've just been using what they have on the website (2018) for ice fishing season.
  2. Does it help much? Seems like it will possibly get in the way of fighting and landing fish too
  3. Wow that’s a lot of tolls, ya eff that. Am I the only one that thinks are roads aren’t that bad? When I drive north through MA,NH, and ME, MA seems like the worst ones to me.
  4. I'd take them at 35 shipped.
  5. Mine just sits outside under the deck and it has been fine for 4 seasons so far, but at the same time I only paid 500 bucks for it so I ain't babying it.
  6. I paddle and fluke fish all summer from an OK Trident 13, it isn't any harder paddling for fluke than any other kind of fishing. Like previously said wind is the biggest issue, I've gotten pretty good paddling one handed to slow me down, or put your legs in the water, or use a heavier jig. I haven't tried a drift sock because it just seems like a hassle, and if the wind is pushing me too fast it's likely it is too windy to be out anyway. Or sometimes the wind pushing against the tide helps you out. Everyone with a hobie seems to think fishing without peddles is so tedious and difficult but you should try it for yourself because I do it and still manage to catch plenty of fish.
  7. How are you all measuring cc's, with a cooking type syringe?
  8. Boo hoo, mass sucks way more to drive through, I have nightmares of the crazies in worcester and boston. Do we know where the tolls will be and how many of them? If they stay west of the River I'm cool with that, selfish of me yes but I just never drive that way.
  9. I mean I could go catch fish floating on an inner tube so nothing is a must, could just pick up the paddle for some reverse.
  10. Ya I have seen the parking lot packed before it’s a popular spot
  11. It kind of does break the bank but the astral v-eight is my favorite so far, very light weight and has lots of ventilation. Before that I had a kokatat bahia tour which felt much bulkier.
  12. I see 15-18ft boats launching there all the time, just don't go at dead low I hit bottom with the kayak sometimes.
  13. “Proper” bass gear is subjective
  14. It doesn’t need to be balanced. Balance doesn’t mean a thing when working a lure or fighting a fish.
  15. Dude 1-2 minutes is way too long you should have that fish in in under 30 seconds or it’s gonna die