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  1. He was probably talking retail, saltx will likely be cheaper on eBay too.
  2. Your point?
  3. What are the correct terms?
  4. The ironic thing is that most of us are “landlubbers”
  5. Enlighten us Sherlock
  6. perch
  7. Fish don't only bite at a particular tide, every spot is different. Most of my spots I like to fish the end of flood, slack high, and then the beginning of ebb. But I fish when I can and sometimes you can be surprised, saw my biggest blitz of the year at dead low tide this year.
  8. Same for me the past 3 trips, I think I'm calling it, bring on the ice.
  9. I use 10-15 lb braid with a 12-20lb leader and it goes through the guides decent just need to make sure you cut the flouro tag nice and close, 25 lb and up may be a struggle getting though. I almost want to say it is slightly on the mod/fast side but definitely closer to fast, I’ll try to get a pic of the bend later.
  10. I have a 7' med/fast shimano zodias and love it, very versatile. Can throw small 1/4 ounce jigs but also does well with 1/2 ounce, it was my main finesse jig setup last spring, but I ended up using it for a lot of stuff. I even caught gluke and blackfish with it, impressive backbone for such a small rod.
  11. Don't put the heat on?
  12. Max 20 min drive to my spots, most only 10, always put them on first, I could see it being uncomfortable with a long drive though.
  13. I don’t know for sure, did you see my question mark?
  14. What’s the catch and release mortality rate, 8%? So for 1000 fish he potentially killed 80 of them.