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  1. Its like DEA with their drug bust photos. Its worth it for the picture lol
  2. May I offer $130 for the slammer?
  3. Try using rubbing alcohol and a cloth. Should come off.
  4. My buddies and I are going to be taking a trip to Key West from Maryland this January and I'd like some pointers. Currently I'm looking into the channel 2 and 5 bridges and hoping to catch anything I can. Preferably looking for gag groupers, barracudas, tarpon, yellowtail, etc. What can I expect to catch in January and how should I prepare? I'm willing to drive further down towards Key West if it seems to be worth it. We will be fishing all up and down the eastern coast of Florida so any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Yea... I happen to have one with perfect line lay which is why I wanted to keep it... but youre right probably best to swap for a new one
  6. I just got my vr50 today and there is a bit of play in the rotor as it moves back a little before locking up. I rather not return for a new one if I can fix it... has anyone fixed something like this before? TIA
  7. I checked out Lou's video and will try laying out the guides based off of the info you guys have given me and tweak as I go. I really appreciate all the comments, I didnt expect this much help in detail lol
  8. Strictly 30 lb braid. I've read various things online regarding this guide spacing... so basically 27x2.3(spool lip diameter) = 62.1"... So is this the direct distance from the tip of my spool shaft(at its highest position) to the first size 10 guide?
  9. I'm building a Rodgeeks 9', 1-4oz MF spinning surf rod and I'd like to try out a concept guide layout with Fuji KW guides. I'm pairing it with a Shimano Saragosa 6k (2.3" spool lip diameter)... and if you're not familiar, it happens to have a parallel spool to the blank. Choke point? Original plan was to just use the recommended layout on the Rodgeeks website, but figured might as well design it the best I can while I'm at it. The distance from the butt to the reel stem is 22"(already built). The current guides I have are: 30, 25, 20, 16, 12, 3-10s +10 tip top I'm willing to buy another guide or two for optimal performance. Thanks.
  10. Shimano stradic 5k should be a good fit. BTW, where can I find more info on the fuji concept spacing system? I'm currently building a 9' surf rod with fuji kw guides
  11. Follow up: Unfortunately, you guys were right... a number of things went wrong. Biggest one being the guide spacing... He used an 11ft guide layout on my 9ft rod although we had discussed otherwise initially... you can imagine the small gap from the stripper guide to the reel seat. It wont work well, esp my with Saragosa. Handle components also didnt turn out as expect... and there are other issues. I decided to just redo the rod myself... got rid of the winding checks and just removed all the guides today.
  12. I just got done removing all the guides and theyre cleaning up very well with DNA. I pretty much have the factory finish back. You think its beneficial to still coat in Permagloss prior to wrapping on guides?
  13. I've been really happy with my mhx inshore blank from mudhole. If you want cheaper, the same website offers CRB blanks for around $30
  14. I'm looking to re-space my guides on one of my rods and I want some opinions on how to remove the epoxy as cleanly as possible. Since the new guides will be spaced differently, I dont want scratches or marks from the previous guides on the blank. I saw a video on youtube where a guy uses a popsicle stick and denatured alcohol to remove any remaining epoxy after getting the guides off... it looked clean but it was on a bare carbon fiber blank(clear coated). Could this work on a factory painted blank? The epoxy used is procote FYI. Thanks in advance