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  1. Got it, I am guessing the the splitting was a result of older spinfisher spools being diecast. They were later changed to machined aluminum ( not sure of the timeline for the change) like the 850 spool
  2. My original response was an attempt to offer advise regarding adding clearance between spool and rotor, this is something that is commonly overlooked. YOU are the one one who mentioned another modification that I, as someone who has worked with these reels for a long time for a lot of people had never heard of. There was no sarcasm in my response as I was truly interested in what advantage using a spool from a different reel would give someone.
  3. Har Hardly a millennial and never really cared about my post count. You might want to work on your reading comprehension, I never said I didn’t here of the reel, I said I had never heard of the paticular modification you mentioned. If you look back in the archives you can see plenty of threads by me and referencing me in regards to Penn Spinfishers, I have been known to do a mod or 2 myself.
  4. That’s interesting, never heard of that mod.
  5. More important than the slots is increasing the clearance between rotor and spool by removing .050-.060 from the bottom edge of the spool!
  6. I have utilized inlines for a number of the plugs I fish and in the beginning was always rigging the rear facing up. After a couple of seasons I concluded through my own experiences that the fish that swip at the tail ( typically blues and smaller to medium schoolies) and get hooked by the rear hook had it typically exiting through the top of the head often close to or inside the eye socket. While this resulted in s very secure connection I felt that I was causing unnecessary injury near sensitive organs. Last year I decided to change them to facing down and I do not believe it has caused me to miss/drop anymore fish than when they were oriented up, but the hook is kept typically to the inside or side of the jaw. I agree with needing to go larger, a lot of people reference John Skinners video as proof that inlines drop fish but I believe it was probably a sizing issue. You need to use the largest size that doesn’t effect action/foul. I have never experienced the same misfortunes using inlines as he does in his video.
  7. Thanks, ordered the same one, arrives on Monday!
  8. Not according to the dep, this is from 2019 CT DEP website
  9. Have been toying for a while about getting one. Really close yo taking the plung but some questions. What wattage do you all prefer, does brand name really make a difference, and what size/type container do you find best? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  10. “The ASMFC's Policy Board has some of the finest fishery managers in the country on it” Glad they are standing tough but the above quote made me chuckle!
  11. Pretty sure they are all made of 6061 aluminum so there should be no difference in “softness”. The only thing that would make one scratch easier than another would be the type of anodizing ( type ll vs type lll), but again I believe they all use type ll anodizing.
  12. It’s actually the the preparation of the machined parts that is the difference. Before anodizing the aluminum needs to be polished to a mirror finish to get a polished finish. The part prep pre-anodizing for the frost is a much less labor intensive process. I agree with the gold but was able to get a gold riptide at a steal and made it work by swapping spools and drag knobs with my black one. I am very happy the 2-tone effect.
  13. Fair enough, and well stated. My opinion stems from the current state of the Striped bass fishery. With stripers being classified as overfished and the powers to be refusing to take any meaningful action to rebuild them it falls on us, the actual stake holders to do all we can. You seem to take great care to minimize release mortality but unfortunately from what I have witnessed you are in the minority. I have watched shore fisherman releasing winter stripers with a summersault toss because they don’t want to get thier hands wet, watched the mosquitoe fleet of bass boats spend hours vertical jigging over huge schools of bass in 30 degree water doing their best to not become popsicles snagging as many as they get to open their mouths. I have been chasing stripers for the last 40 years, I have seen the lean years, the rebuild and now once again the decline, I just want my son the opportunity to fish for them with his son someday!
  14. No offense but doesn’t what you wrote above give a pretty good rational for NOT fishing them throughout the winter? Yet you talk about doing so and even switching to bait ( something you say you don’t like yo do and which also increases odds of mortality) when it gets really slow?
  15. No problem, my offer stands through the weekend. Good luck with sale.