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  1. Agreed that fish would have grown. Weird stuff does happen though. About a dozen or so years ago my father, brother and I were fishing the Miracle Mile in Wyoming. Dad hooks up with a heathy rainbow and ends up popping his tippet. As he is leaving the hole he off handed tells my brother to get his fly back. Twenty minutes or so later my brother has moved into the same hole and lands a healthy rainbow with my Old mans purple cone head bugger square in the jaw hinge. No foolin.
  2. I was on the rapp Sunday myself. First time giving it a honest effort. Did okay but not as well as I’d like. Guy fishing the other side of a run from me was like 7 or 8 for every one of mine. That stung a bit but good for him. It was rather nice to show up to a popular spot and not be the only guy with a fly rod for once. Curious as how this week of rain and cold moving in will effect things but only one way to find out....
  3. Not quite related is. Every once in a while I will find floating jig heads. I know, bear with me. Like your standard lead jig head but foam, I guess it is a thing in the crappie / walleye crowd. They make a great hook for a bugger. The round shaped head is great. It floats but the body of the fly is subsurface. Fishes much quieter than a popper or sneaky Pete type head. Great for dead drifts in clear water on my local smallie rivers. That’s my favorite way to fish woolly buggers.
  4. Interesting. Learned something new today. Thanks. My head went to one of those lure color selectors that I used to see adds for in field and streams back in the day.
  5. Mkus, pardon my ignorance but what is the jump starter with a dial looking contraption in the second picture?
  6. This makes tonight better, thanks. Saw it in my local shop on Saturday but never got my hopes up for free streaming.
  7. This is an oldie. Lots of wisdom above. I own a TFO clouser in a 7wt. Bought it about 10 years ago after casting it in the parking lot of the the local shop. I was looking for a heavier rod to bring up to lake Eire and I must have been feeling flush that day....I did like how it casts. It's not a super rod. Not bad either. It's one I'll grab and rig with a popper for smallie floats occasionally. Seems to fit me better that way. Its not very fast, It's heavy, I attribute that to extra resin or whatever used in blank construction and sold/ marketed as "toughness". It's still been sent back for a section that broke. It think they are made with salt safe seat and guides. They marketed them as great for weighted flies and sinking lines but doesn't have the backbone I'd expect. I feel that with TFO you either love or loathe them. I'm a fan but that's a product of economy. Nowadays there are a lot of very respectable rods by more than a few manufacturers for less than $300. With a decent casting technique you can do a lot with what ever is in your hand. As chuck d said: don't believe the hype.
  8. I can't help with the RedTruck Big game but I own one of their Premium 8wts and love it. Consistently my go to 8. I bought it used and never could find much info on it. Looks like they never ran long and were replaced with the Diesel. Any way, I think they make a good rod. I feel fit and finish is above their price point, mine came w/ REC guides and very solid reel seat. Not stupid fast which I am a fan of. There you have it, possibly the worst rod review online. I'm with Brom on where to put your money. If you already flyfish and know you'll stick with it but are looking to increase your "range" so to speak buy used higher end gear. Also feel that I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't say check out TFO rods. Never been disappointed there.
  9. Tomato potato
  10. It really is. As an example: that water "quickening to a race" looks like lake chop to me. It's all perspective...
  11. Those are beautiful smallies, congrats. When I look at the original post picture ( or the other one with edited lighting?) I see a dark green / black back fading to a black lateral line and light belly. Smallies don't typically have the dark lateral line markings. Darker on top fading to a light bottom with molting (I don't know the correct terms, sue me) spots. I tend to see coloring differences in lake caught versus river caught smallmouth but the pattern is always about the same. Again, other than the barring on the checks, I just don't see it.
  12. Fish ID debates are amazing by the way.
  13. In case you're curious: Large mouth has 16 votes Smallmouth 15 Spotted or other hybrid 8 Undecided 5 And the long shot white perch with 2! I keep leaning more and more towards spotted. Google a few pictures and take a look. The very fact there is this debate tells me it probably isn't either of those two standard options And while you have the tab open will someone PLEASE find a picture of a smallie that looks anything remotely like that fish, jaw hinge be damned! I see the barring on the check but to me any other pattern resemblance ends there.
  14. Yes. I didn't want to give it away for those still playing at home. You're not the first to have done it. Or the last I'm sure.
  15. Byron, I have seen that before and the same questions always come up: is that intentional? How does it run? Genuinely curious.