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  1. Bone Jumpin Minnow
  2. I am a healthcare practitioner for one of the major Boston hospitals (I'm at a satellite site outside of Boston so luckily not in the mess down there. If **** hits the fan, I'll get the emergency call to head in down there). As far as your beard question, beards have been shown to be a carrier of different bacteria. In this particular case if there is airborne discharge, the likelihood of it remaining on your beard (assuming you're close enough) would be very high. Another issue with beards is their ability to fit over one's face. When I first went to work, our occupational health department requires us to get a proper fit for an N95 mask and require us to have no facial hair. In scenarios like the Covid situation, when I see a person wearing a mask with a heavy beard, it's basically doing nothing as there's no tight fit around the nose or mouth. So if you do decide to don a mask, a clean shaven face will allow for a tighter fit. ......Don't even get me started on the usage of gloves.
  3. May 7th for me up in the Cape Ann.
  4. Artichokes in Wakefield.
  5. Watch this 10 minute video, it shines light on a lot of things. I'll keep on driving my 2003 Silverado.
  6. My brother went out to UCLA for his Med school residency for the next 3 years. If it makes people feel better, California state income tax is 13.3% Californians pay about 47 cents in tax, per gallon of gas. My brother said there was a station that has the gas for $5.50/gallon. I guess if California wants to leave the US, they can go ahead and do it. The can rename themselves the Communist Republic of California.
  7. He would most likely need the actual lure. He was using little calipers and making a lot of measurements to get the exact shape of the plug.
  8. I still have a half dozen of the 5 inch Swimming Baitfish model. It's like top 3 best plugs that I always carry. My uncle is a master woodworker and he took some measurements of a few of mine. He's going to try to turn some in his woodshop. Is the peanut bunker version weighted/loaded at all?
  9. This might be a good resource for you to refer to when purchasing some adaptive equipment. Not sure what your disease is, but I remember OTW had something that was a rod/reel combo that you could manage with a single hand, designed specifically for a person with a disability.
  10. I have no experience with them, but you might want to check out Fliprocks. They apparently have different soles for different terrain.
  11. I believe harbor seals, but I haven't driven by the island in a few years. The thought of all those seals pisses me off.
  12. True. Dry Salvages is the home to a few hundred seals that roam Ipswich Bay. I'm surprised we haven't had more sightings.
  13. I would not doubt the one in Manchester by the Sea is a Basking shark. My buddy and I have been spotting them the last few years out there from late May through June. A few years ago I started a thread on here because I saw a large shark out in that same area. One of the SOL members sent it to Skomal who said it was a basking shark. It was a false alarm.
  14. I snapped my 10'6 3/4-4 above the ferrule casting a 2 3/8 SS Little Neck popper. It lasted a whopping 5 casts. I sent it back and they sent me a brand new rod.
  15. They're in Manchester. Had 3 after work today with a bunch other misses.