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  1. I have a wheelez cart with the large pneumatic wheels. I have a 2019 Outback and the cart wheels rub on the kayak when pulling. It looks like I need larger bumpers on the cart to raise up the kayak Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks
  2. I have this rod and really like it. A good deal
  3. MoCo 4-5:30 pm I short in the wash on SP Minnow
  4. I can do $2200 for the kayak without the cart. I will pay cash and pick it up. Let me know.
  5. For $2500 does all of the equipment in the original post come with it?
  6. While staying in a forest service cabin on POW island a couple of years ago I ran into 2 kayakers from Germany. They were out for 3 weeks and circled the island from Ketchikan. They said they barely made it past the southern tip due to currents and at one point were not sure they would. They had sit in ocean kayaks with full skirts and seemed pretty experienced. As others have mentioned, no browns on the island but you will see some blacks. I dont think you need the heavy artillery, bear spray should be fine IMO.
  7. Wed report. Fished the morning and afternoon session in NOC and SMOCO. Nothing for me and I didn't see anything caught. The other fisherman I talked to had zero. The water looked great.
  8. Back open. $200
  9. Price reduced to $230 shipped. The rod is $430 new. For those who havnt tried them, 2 handed overhead rods are great IMO. I upgraded to a $800 custom rod.
  10. Two handed fly rod. Very good condition. 500-650 GR $260 shipped
  11. MoCo yesterday afternoon. Tide still low, not much whitewater. Got 1 on the fly
  12. fished
  13. Fished MoCo tonight for a couple hours. nothing. I did see some bunker in close but no luck. My friend fished the morning with no luck either