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  1. Location? Any pics of the reel seat? Thank you.
  2. Any Habs left?
  3. I’d take the NorthBar and the two Dahtahs…
  4. I’ll take it
  5. If it falls through I’ll take it.
  6. I could offer 325 shipped to RI.
  7. Good luck! I’ve been trying for months to find one! Lol. Everywhere is sold out. I can’t even find any of the rectangular ones either. Effing COVID!
  8. I respectfully offer $40 shipped. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. Ok cool thank you. Yeah the radar is an older one but it works. I guess I should get two GPS/Sounder Combos? This way they are all run separately but if one **** out I can split screen the other?
  10. Copy that thank you. Yes I should have explained that better. I plan on two screens at the very least. Maybe 3. Def two to start. GPS and Fishfinder on 1 and radar on the other. Then when navigating home or to the grounds just run gps and radar. Thank you.
  11. Hello, thinking about pulling the trigger on a 35’ Egg. That being said she needs all new electronics. I see Garmin has a nice all in one combo GPS, Fish, & Radar 9” for around 2500... w/o transducer... Simrad is in the same ball park I believe. The radar on the boat currently works and is in good condition, just old. I’d prefer to keep all the systems the same. Maybe this year I just get new gps/fish finder... run with the radar this year? Thoughts on which systems I should go with? Thank you.
  12. I’m looking for used to avoid full retail. I see sometimes folks are selling lots of used ones, so I thought I’d put an add up to see if there are any out there. Nothing pressing, just figured if someone had a handful they didn’t want, I’d grab em.
  13. Damn thank you. I got to them too late.
  14. Hello, looking for super strike darters to fish. Interested in all colors. Love to get a cloud or wonderbread please! I’ll take anything...
  15. I’ll take it. Please send me PP info. Thank you!