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  1. How about just the yellow and black?
  2. Looking to buy some Habs needle’s... new or used... condition doesn’t bother me. Thank you.
  3. Sweet. Please message me your info for payment. Thank you.
  4. Whoops sorry. That message was for CEC, my bad.
  5. Yes sir, I’m gearing up to hop in the suds now. Message me your PP info please and I will send payment tomorrow am if that is cool with you. Thank you.
  6. I’ll take this if cec127 passes. Thank you.
  7. Lou would you take 150?
  8. Looking to buy a VS200 Spool, I don’t care about the color. Thank you.
  9. Payment was just sent. Thank you!
  10. I’ll take this for asking.
  11. I’d be interested in the reel as well. Thank you.
  12. I have a Thule set up. With cross bars as well...
  13. Thank you very much! I’ve caught lots of fish in the surf and in a boat. I just haven’t been able to land anything with a fly rod. Granted I started a little here and there this year. With work being me out west all the time I feel it is definitely something I need to learn/pick up! Hope you had a good trip. Talk soon.
  14. Hello All, i am going to be traveling to Whidbey Island For two weeks for work, I am going to have two full wknds out there... I am being an 8WT and 9WT set up with me... I am very new to fly fishing... wasn’t sure if anyone would be willing to through me some pointers and or some spots to check out. I started fly fishing this year, I head out west a lot for work now so I’ve been trying trout fish... I have gotten fish to rise but nothing to report as far as any catch and releases. I always go to a couple local fly shops and ask around and buy a cpl flies to try and get some information from some locals. I am being told the Salmon should still be running and Coho will be around as well. Thank you and tight lines.
  15. Idk the weight, it’s abojt 4-5” long