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  1. Closing down. Thank you.
  2. Sold. Please close thank you Tim and Sol.
  3. All yours, second to last plug is a BM Torpedo. Sending you a DM.
  4. Sorry I feel what I am asking is more than fair. Gunna let it ride.
  5. Gunna keep this as a lot for now. Thank you all for the interest.
  6. Yeah it’s at the house, I’ll send it tomorrow. It’s a bunker jetty NIP.
  7. Sure. Sending DM
  8. All yours sending DM.
  9. WTT New CV Pikie for a Mikes metal lip… Mags, Eelys, Commanders, Big Bens, or Bullets… depending on plug could add more…
  10. I’ve got a Jetty… NIP
  11. RM lot used. 80 plus 5 for shipping.
  12. Used BMs… $115 plus 5 for shipping…
  13. Beachmaster lot… Bottom two are new… others have been carried, or thrown but in excellent shape! $130 plus 5 for shipping.
  14. I’m sorry, meant to say if Morning Wood passes… I’m sorry, got the seller and offerer mixed.
  15. If Ipgots passes I’ll take it for this. Please and thank you.