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  1. Pylodictis, Thanks again, will do that!
  2. Thank you tony!!!!! Thank you vary much!
  3. PylodictisThanks so much for that info. It was almost exactly what I was looking for! Experience in the reels! Tony and Pylodictis, I will be looking into Clash. My number one problem is that there is NO (not even one) shop that sells PENN in the Philippines that I can find. I have done as much research that I can in my current position. When I do get back to the usa and I can walk into the store to make a final decision. However, I got exactly what I was looking for from Pylodictis, ACTUAL experience! One more question Pylodictis, keep the SSV or transfer all over to clash? (will run 2 light and 2 heavy setups) SSV 3500 being mid lvl
  4. thanks for the reply hanlon-surf. Don't forget that even though it is fresh water, there are LARGE fish. Some catfish being pulled out of this lake are 25lbs +
  5. Ya that's the place. I am moving back from the philippines to the usa and buying a house less then 2 miles from the lake near clinton. Fished there a few times with my father's gear, but now time to buy my own gear!
  6. Tony, Need a bit of feed back. Doing the product comparison on Penn web site and the weights are all over the board. The way it reads is the Clash 6000 is the lightest at 8.2. That cant be true, can it? http://www.pennfishing.com/compare?category=PENN-Reels-Spinning-Reels&pfh=1eb34b3b0d3207908d4be31f965b98aa
  7. Thank you for your response! I am really only considering PENN reels. I simply do not have time on the different options they offer. I will be sure to find a local store to test the weight and balance to find out what I like. My real dilemma is what PENN reels to decide on! I again only have used the PENN Spinfisher SSV 3500. The reason I only consider PENN is that after my year of research into reels, in my opinion you get more quality in the mid range gear with PENN (cant say anything on low or high end). The other reason is TONY, I know of no other company in the world that has ever responded to anyone in less then 4 min. To me the support team of PENN has won my lifetime business! I may not know the model, but it will be a PENN!
  8. Spinning rod
  9. Tony amazing response time and thank you! Can you tell me what current model it is comparable to? If not, I understand!
  10. Completely new type of fishing and I would like to know your choices for reels. I will be at truman lake catching Bass, Catfish, Crappie, and whatever else I can find. I have and think that the Spinfisher SSV is the best due to the watertight feature. However I want to know what others think as I have only ever used the Spinfisher SSV 3500. Thank you for all your comments!
  11. I got a rod in thailand for use in the Philippines. I am moving back to the usa and I need to get a value on this rod to know if I should sell it or ship it. I do not need a rude low ball but more of a performance/once was value. I know if it is a super old model or something like that, the value will be vary low and that will not truly help me decide to keep it or sell it. The best answer would be a comparable current model. This pole is a PENN offshore assassin babe, OABS702 A 7'0" Lure wt. 18-80g line wt. 10-30lb. I would not ask but I am simply out of ideas to look it up online.
  12. Always good to carry gear here, they dont have stock here to be able to buy anything good! EVEN HOOKS!
  13. So I am about to go to Hong Kong in less then 24 hours. I was wondering if I should spend some time fishing there. I will be with the wife and I have decided that this time, I am not going to bother for this 3 night trip considering that I am taking my wife to Disney land there. So I want to open this dialog for places in other countries where people might have fished. Example, I live in Cebu, Philippines now and I can tell you about my fishing experience. I can tell you what you need to bring or even offer suggestions on types of fishing there are here. For now, fishing locals that catch fish do not use traditional US fishing gear. Local hooks here do not even have eyelets. You can find some fishing gear here but it is cheap stuff good for one to three seasons max. Now if you want a unique fishing experience, bring some wet shoes that are good for walking on sharp rocks and some mud. Be ready to get wet and walk in the sea at night. You get a head lamp and a over sized fish tank net and during low tide, go catch crabs/shrimp/and some fish! You go out for around 3 hours and it is vary fun. The problem with here in cebu is that there are a lot of trash in the water and if you want to catch larger fish, you must book a boat! I am about to go out on a boat and take my first fishing trip late this month. So I will have a better idea of fishing here then! Give me you info! Where have you fished?
  14. jjdbike, This sounds a lot like my best friend. He asks me for advice and then he does whatever he wanted to in the first place! He and I are happier for it because he gets what he wants and i don't have to worry about him living with something he did not want! So maybe you should just do as my friend and go get it man! I think no matter the outcome, you will be happier that way! Dan, good looking truck!
  15. It sounds to me like your trying to convince yourself to buy the jeep even though you know its the wrong choice according to all your research. I can tell you i have never owned any of these, however my suggestion to you just by reading what you wrote is go with your head not your heart. Your heart says, i love the new jeep! The third option is that all manufactures have problems with new models. If you must have one, wait till they work out all the bugs! Look at the most reliable ones on the market, they are the work horses and all are produced exactly the same for may years like a van. SO give them time and let others that are in love with it make the mistake of buying it. 5 years of the same production run of that style and then read what people are saying. The new style was 2014. But that is just what I think! My only knowledge about Subaru is they seem to last forever, BUT they are expensive to fix almost anything because everything is on top of everything. So when you do fix it in the long term, prepare for a pretty penny. However that being said, I like what they offer. Facts: Forester: cheaper faster better mph better front leg room top safety pick more like a car driving Cherokee: More rear leg room more base horse power more gear ratio's (9 gear automatic) more like a truck driving Only a quick review!