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  1. Mine is still in the car...October 13, last timeout, caught one small mackerel but it felt great to be out on the water..
  2. "The worst is when they are submerged at high tide or the buoy is not indicative of the anchor line and they eat expensive lures one after another." I could not have said it better...started kayak-fishing that area 20 years ago and once "donated" a Penn 345 GTi reel.
  3. From my kayak I trolled a 4" Gulp bait on a light freshwater worm hook, one afternoon in Little Harbor, New Castle NH - it was spring too early for any fish. I heard a strange sort of high pitched sound about 75 ft. behind me - did not feel much of a tug on the line, but when I reeled in, I only had half a hook. One summer night, I heard breathing behind my kayak from Goat Island Boat Launch and across towards Spruce Creek - I finally turned on my head lamp and looked back, there was seal just staring at me.
  4. Thanks SaccoStriperFisha and Roccus7...very interesting about the red sea moss and worms. I fished that area with my son the previous day and noticed fleas on most of the fish.
  5. Boat ...Ogunnquit - he said it was heavy....and released it.
  6. Orange-ish in color...sorry the original was under exposed.
  7. Myy son emailed me the photo of this 9 lb. fish he caught today with a "Crippled Herring" & released ....any idea what it is?
  8. Funky psychedelic color scheme is not my cup of tea but this Pungo was discounted $300 off list price. Sale of my Pungo 140 + paddle recovered enough $ to purchase this one at our local LL Bean Outlet Store. I do miss the extra length of the 140, I guess open water ventures are a thing of my past.
  9. After 20 years of paddling Pungo 140's, due to my age & recent surgery, I downsized to a Pungo 125. Still planning to fish at night, but not far from the seashore, I made a "stern deck". No need to drill any holes in the Sit-in kayak: PVC post, with thin/light plywood, it slides over & under the comb - no bungee needed, seat rests against it. While paddling, I can easily switch the light on/off by reaching behind me. In daylight hours a flag fits inside the post. Light is a Kayalu Kayaklite. My original "bow deck" (seen in my avatar) lasted over 12 years, similar construction but was bungeed to the hull - the rod holder/deck combo held onto a 43" striper...but my running light had to mounted with a Scotty base, screwed into the hull.
  10. Today's another day...but all that freshwater does not help. If the wind does not kick up, I might give it a try during the daytime into evening.
  11. Cory emailed me ten years ago, I did not find the message until yesterday and did know what had happened to him until today. https://poststar.com/lifestyles/announcements/obituaries/corbin-taylor-hunter/article_97b53b04-18cf-547b-b6ff-58fde115cacd.html
  12. Sgombro: Last year we toured a number of European countries, my first and only time traveling other than to visit family. We inadvertently got duped into traveling with a strange vegetarian cult group. My weight was 150 before the trip and after 3 weeks, it dropped to 135. My wife being lighter than I, it was a bad scene. Then I found "Sgombro", canned mackerel in Catania, Sicily and it was delicious. In Venice, Quarto d'Altino, we were by ourselves part of the time and ate fresh tuna with arugula and pistachio at Vecio Decimo, a neighborhood restaurant - we were the only customers who were not local residents. $witzerland, the fish in their fish and chips was freshwater perch - didn't have a chance to try it.
  13. Unfortunately she does not.. I have to say, of all her sisters, I think I got the best and I'm lucky, including the fact that she has not tired of eating fish over the twenty two years of our marriage. During trips to Colombia, her country, in the slightly cooler regions we have visited trout farms. Delicious rainbow trout from cool mountain brooks - much better than my mackerel. Not coming from a coastal nor rural setting, I am amazed how well she adapted to living in New Hampshire. Her city has more than 3.1 million inhabitants while NH has 1.7 million. My other sister-in-law who lives in Aruba cooked fresh caught Wahoo and Barracuda for us - better than mackerel. We have had friends and family visit us from Colombia and Aruba and an Argentine family I met back in the 1970's - all are amazed by New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine - our home is small, but as we live 45 minutes from the NH coast, the city of Boston and a little than an hour from the White Mountains, all our visitors get a modest but good tour during their stay. Some even get to fish.
  14. Yes it looks like a train wreck...but we don't eat hot dogs, pork, pastry... The remaining eyeless skulls and fish bones were recycled as fertilizer.
  15. You should have seen the pile of bones & fins after my wife finished - not an eye was wasted.