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  1. I've been using FINS Wintamer 20 -50lb test and have had no issues..
  2. Ahh brings back memories buying bait from the pet shop. I grew up in The Bronx 225st & Broadway , the Marble Hill section near Spuyten Duyvil were we fished. As a kid I would ride my bike down to the Inwood section in Manhattan somewhere around 207st to buy sandworns at the pet shop there. I think 1 dozen worms cost $1 back then,
  3. I agree that there is a pelagic species of striped bass. I also have experienced an decline of the inshore striper fishery along the SW CT shoreline over the past 4 years. We have been catching a fair amount of schoolie bass 16-26 inch but few in the 26-36 inch size.
  4. Thanks again Mike for rebuilding my two Kennedy Fischer rods, great job as always. The dusty rose is nice touch. I'm looking forward to putting a bend in that one.
  5. hysterical truly talented chunker!! love this video
  6. The blue and silver wrap looks great Mike!!
  7. The blue and silver wrap looks great Mike!!
  8. Sorry for you loss Tim..
  9. I have a custom built lamiglass from mid 70's
  10. Mike, Thanks for rebuilding the rod and as always you did a great job !! As you know I christen the rod over the past three days catching a bunch of schoolies. Mark C. .
  11. Most of the leaks I encountered have been in the area were the boot is joined to the wader for both stocking foot and boot foot waders.
  12. use google translate
  13. Ditto.. I purchased two VS' s from the BST forum. Not to say every transaction will be the same.
  14. Interesting question.. A friend of mine wears stockingfoot waders with a pair of muck boots. He drilled drainage holes in the soles 'of the boots. Works for him.
  15. Crush the barb with pliers