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  1. MorningWood - I purchased it on ebay
  2. Any idea who the builder is? Thanks in advance.
  3. looks like a lami s glass
  4. Hodgman neoprene stocking foot, Bootfoot are heavy, cost is less that $100.
  5. They are in my rotation, often they will raise fish nothing else has.
  6. I have a few salvaged form the 2021 floods Sore Thumb Nov 1991 Jones Beach WE2 Weakfish mid 1980's My twin brother and I .
  7. I wear Hodgman stocking foot waders ..
  8. Slaptail

    ODM dna

    I use the VS150 on my 9ft DNA the pairing works great.
  9. Bucktail Supersnax JR Atom 1.75oz CC Pencil Popper Mag Darter 7 inch SS Bottle Plug BM Eely 7 inch Loaded 7inch Redfin
  10. Does the apartment building offer storage units? Many buildings offer secured storage space in the building.
  11. Rocco, the 200 is a good reel for the 1201m.
  12. The Gen 2 VR reels have a stainless Steel shaft , The Gen 1 have a brass shaft.
  13. I just did the math from my log I'm at 75% catch ratio for 56 trips so far this year from March -Nov 2. The size of the fish over the past three years has gotten larger, in my local area we have been catching more slot and slot + size bass.
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