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  1. Glad to see I' m not alone with my go-to cigar Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flore Fina, under $10.
  2. Thank you CaryGreene and all of the other expert contributors to this post and sharing your knowledge. I use both spinning and conventional ( mostly abu's 5000 to 7000 sizes depending on fishing situation). There is sometime truly sweet about hearing ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of an abu sing when casting.
  3. No question in my mind VS or ZB!! these reels are designed to take a beating in or out of the water.
  4. Crowd fishing is "the nature of the beast". I have experienced it at Montauk, along the Jersey beaches and recently in the CCC. I remember one time fishing for weakfish in Barnaget Inlet on the LBI side, we were lined up shoulder to shoulder and people were casting from behind us.. When there is an opportunity to catch fish in blitz conditions it will eventually happen. If you can;lt deal with it move down the line , that's what I do..
  5. Tiderunner
  6. Mark Catalano - Stamford
  7. I grew up fishing Spuyten Duyvil, bucktails , tins and poppers were the lures of choice.
  8. FYI the two unknown plastics are Magna Strike Predator
  9. Thank you Peter it was a true experience watching .
  10. For surf fishing beach lami 1201m and VS 250
  11. Thoughts and prayers!!
  12. Prayers for a speedy recovery.. STAY STRONG!!
  13. Here are a few more pics of the darter, a Bill Priesnberger Plug.
  14. Yes they are brass sinker eyes like Jack Frech used.. also notice the stamp on the lead weight behind the belly hook. I think Jack Frech used a stamp on the lead weights.
  15. Any idea who the builder might be of these two plugs?