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  1. Took me a min to figure out the blue tile in the photo lol. But I have 9 or 10 reels.
  2. I was just looking into buying another bait caster and noticed the 2018 version of this reel (Calcutta Conquest) level winds when casting or letting out line. It's so annoying that mine doesn't and it will be even more annoying if I have one reel that does and one that doesn't (OCD issued) Edit: it now has a clicker too.
  3. Were talking about a reel that you crank by hand not a 5 speed gear box that's motor driven at 10,000 rpm for 24 hours a day. I'm pretty sure you can spit on it and button it back up and not have to worry about it. Any dab of grease that won't dissolve the material of the seals is fine. Read the label. If you don't know what materials the seals are then spend the money for "VS" grease.
  4. So I had this idea for at least 6 years and actually put it into a quick note to myself in 2015 as a reminder to build a prototype. Fast forward to today and I get an email of a product that is basically 100% what I thought up.
  5. Probably had a 5th of alcohol in his pocket that opened during the struggle. The alcohol most likely lead to the whole encounter.
  6. So the first ebay bottle (not my listing) sold for $450... still not a bad turn around.
  7. I didn't fish at all. Also unlike Cancun I didn't see any signs of life in the water at Punta Cana the entire week. In Cancun I saw different type of fish everywhere.
  8. I was going to ask the same thing. No complaints on my odm bag or belt here.
  9. I haven't read all the comments or other threads on the popups but this is the latest one making the site unbearable.
  10. About 10 years ago my older son was about 14 and into bikes so I bought him a GT based on my childhood memories. Turns out it was pretty much like the walmart bikes compared to what was modern. I eventually bought him his dream bike (an Aaron Ross bike) for about 800 bucks to only find out he sold it for pennies shortly after. I was pissed off. Anyway Aaron Ross is/was an awesome street rider at the time. The video starts out with a bunch of falls and crap but watch past that and see how smooth his style was.
  11. The first bottle in this collection is habanero mango. None of these are hot imo but that one bottle doesn't taste really good.
  12. If it's a 2013 with original tires he would probably feel an improvement putting 4 spare donuts on. Many people opt for lt tires on trucks that dont need them for replacements because the run cheaper.
  13. I'm not an auto mechanic and didn't read the comments but just switching from "LT" (light truck) tires if that's what you have to "P" (passenger) can make the world of a difference.
  14. I would assume the cloth wire is original and goes back to the breaker? Is it possible the red goes to a switch and comes back black to feed that outlet? I'm obviously not an electrician but that would be my first guess looking at the picture.