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  1. I was walking the dogs today and found it washed up in Port Monmouth. I find plugs all the time and a few times had people recognize them.
  2. I have plenty of physical space in my main panel but will I have any concerns with over loading the panel amps? The bottom breaker is what's going to sub panel i installed downstairs. I will do the same for a dedicated circuit to the 240v car charger but won't need the neutral. I completely forgot I already ran both hots down to the sub panel but this needs to be a dedicated circuit regardless and won't tie into the sub panel.
  3. The house is only 45' wide but the run would probably be about 60' maybe 75' at most.
  4. I was looking at the the Ford Mach E vehicles and if I bought one I'd need to run a 240v 50 amp line to install a charger by my garage door. My house is elevated and my main panel is up on the main level. I've already self installed a sub panel and outlets in the "basement" (not below ground). So running this won't be much different except the fact that it will be 2 hots and a ground instead of 1 hot, 1 neutral and ground. Q1. I know 50 amps calls for 8 guage but since I'm going from extreme ends of the house does length matter or should I go with 6 gauge? Q2. Can I use sheathed cable the entire run? Or sheathed cable from the main panel down to the "basement" then single wires in conduit? If both of these methods are wrong, what's the proper way This? This is the stuff I never know. Hooking it all up is no problem. I'm very familiar with electric in general. The Ford charger specifies not to use a gfci as one is built in and it would cause false tripping.
  5. The Night Shift - Sleeping while your Creeping
  6. There are no ceiling lights in my house and each room does have a switched half of an outlet. I wanted to do the same by turning that switch into a switch for ceiling lights but my attic is pretty much a crawl space and I know it will suck so I never attempted it. I recently replaced my doorbell transformer and installed new wired ring doorbells front and back and it was a nightmare in my attic.
  7. Lesco spreaders are like sore dicks. Can't beat em.
  8. spider mites
  9. Agreed
  10. 2015 I bought the night pass in the morning and the ranger at the station sold it to me with a straight face. I went back that night and was greeted with the signs. I haven't purchased a night pass since.
  11. I haven't been on the site in a while and just seeing this now. Google images definitely match. Thanks.
  12. The other day I saw a couple things like this floating around today I found this one and it stunk for a good distance around it.
  13. So I upgraded my 2014 Mak 2 star with the new 100% 304 stainless steel model. I posted my other one online and sold it the next day to someone from Long Island. The new one differences: --Upper grate slots (and grates) --Slide out grease tray replaces hanging bucket. --Lower cabinet with door. --Better casters --k style meat probes and upgraded firmware (much higher temps and reliability) --Roaming grill thermistor. (Old one was fixed) --Improved tool hanger -- Wifi module The decal on the door will be coming off. You can get all this with the all stainless steel lower half (pellet hopper, cold smoke/warming box, cabinet etc) but when you splurge for the all stainless model they include the 3 upper racks, 3 probes, and a cover etc. My old 2 star already been upgraded with the new flame zone and igniter.
  14. I had this decal in my garage for at least 5 years. Finally found a place to stick it.
  15. Thanks, for clarity I have strong background in electronics engineering and I'm also an industrial maintenance mechanic by trade so I work with 480 3 phase all the time. I'm just not not an electrician so don't know codes and practices. I wouldn't tackle electrical if I had any doubt in the safety of what I was doing.