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  1. How about lowes? Never mind I just noticed this is over a week old.
  2. Also i have no issue with them staking out the spot. I know there are many people who keep everything they catch there.
  3. I'm now renewed for 2018. Registration for 2019 opens on December 15th I believe it says.
  4. Yesterday when I came out of a trail and onto the street, a black pick up truck came wipping out from being parked hidden between 2 other vehicles and rushed toward me like I was a wanted felon. I thought it was local police and thought I was going to be harassed for trespassing since it is posted despite it being a popular fishing spot I fished most of my life. Anyway it turned out to be fish and game and he was asking me if I cought anything etc etc. He didnt ask me for ID but he did say he recognized my truck. (It was my first time at that spot this year so God only knows where else he patrols) Now today I got an email reminding me to register for saltwater fishing. I usually do every year as soon as it opens for renewal but somehow forgot this year. Was this email triggered by him running my license plate or is it just a coincidence and it's a wide spread email?
  5. It's most likely yours I found it in UB.
  6. I thought it smelled funny
  7. Had no hooks but did have a leader so obviously it was being fished. It's in pretty good shape to be out there long enough to rust the hooks out.
  8. Wow I have 6 of these rods I was considering posting since I spent over $40k on a pair of SeaDoos this summer and put fishing on the back burner but seeing you cant sell one with the tags on it for $430 I wont bother listing my barely used rods because I wouldn't even go that low. Good Luck with sale...
  9. Yes no problem
  10. I keep getting pop ups that my device is infected from a porn site. Normally I'd believe that statement but it only happens when I'm browsing this site.
  11. I only skimmed through and saw the dimensions requested hence the HM3. Do you want the lips to oppose each other (HDSD) or face the same direction (HDSE)? What type of materials do you want?
  12. SKF(dot)com/group/products/seals/industrial-seals/power-transmission-seals/radial-shaft-seals-pt/index.html?designation=6x12x2%20HM3%20R Edit: Above is the part. Just google: 6x12x2 HM3 R to find a place to order from.